War in Ukraine

War in Ukraine;

Contrast Putin's speech with Zelensky's today: "Very soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine. And someone won't have any. We won then. We will win now. And Khreshchatyk will see the victory parade – the Victory of Ukraine!"




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  • PFA, Where the hell are you???

    Am I the only one left here??


    • My respects to Oldrooster. I see that not many people today are interested in the topic of patriotism. But I'm ready to keep in touch. Today I am watching everything that is happening inside Russia. The processes taking place in Russia today are reminiscent of the formation of Hitler's Germany on the rails of aggressive Nazism.Official State propaganda sows the seeds of hatred for the fraternal Ukrainian people. Not so long ago, our grandfathers fought in World War II together. In cold and wet trenches, cartridges, bread, medicines and vodka were equally divided. And together they died under bombs, bullets and shells of enemy Nazi soldiers. But today there are forces that benefit from shedding the blood of innocent victims. Putin and Zelensky are just pieces on a chessboard.This game of chess is played by the same people who play the game of the Covid virus! They have one goal - unlimited financial enrichment, enrichment by any means. By their actions and influence on ongoing events, they bring down and raise the exchange, oil and other financial markets at the right time for them. They know when to sell assets and when to buy them.In fact, this is an international criminal group - a syndicate. The struggle of individual citizens in individual countries against this evil will not bring positive results. To date, there is an urgent need to create an international organization of patriots. Americans, Europeans, Russians, Ukrainians, and patriots of other nations - it's time to unite. We must organize to resist the new world order.Enough words. It's time to move on to action. The threat to the world is more real than ever. I appeal to everyone who feels responsible for what is happening. It's time to organize a personal meeting, look into each other's eyes. It's time to unite our national human rights organizations into an international one, and get a global legal status. Develop an action plan and fix it on paper with our signatures and seals. I understand what difficulties we will have to face and what forces to resist.
      But just to sit and be silent, it means to betray the names of all who died defending freedom, it means to cross out all the good and great that humanity has done in its history. If you agree with me, then let's agree where and when we will organize a personal meeting. It could be Geneva, Washington DC, Moscow, Frankfurt, or any of the cities in the world that we choose. I look forward to hearing!  Sincerely, Evgeny Zhukov. 

      • Thank You Evgeny for checking in on this. At least it tells me that there is someone out there that is still reading these forum boards. It gives me reason to continue and try to keep this system open.
        The world events and the events going on here in America are precisley what Col. Harry Riley predicted when he started this forum system back in 2004. This Patriots For America forum site has been a place for true American patriots to voice our opinions and to try to alert others around the globe about things that have an effect on all of us. Not only here in America, but as you so aptly stated it, events such as we are watching play out today will have long term consequences on everyone around the world.
        Adolph Hitler was a power hungery crazy maniac, But in the end he was no where near as dangerous as the crazy maniac Vladimire Putin of Russia. Add to him and the dangers he presents the facts that Chairman Xi of China plus the traitors of the American Communist party here in America, and all of this adds up to a real and extremely dangerous set of circumstances. Together their ultimate goal is the complete and total annihation of the United States of America.
        The goal of instituting a "New-World-Order" and implimenting a new "One-World-Governance", dictated and controlled by some unknown groups of unelected beurocrats is completely unacceptable and completely ailien to our Constitutional Republic.
        The only way something like that could ever be implimentd is to first destroy everything here in America.
        THAT is what they are saying each time someone in Washington utters the phrase "Build-Back-Better".
        Every time resident Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or anyone else repeats that phrase people should know and understand what they are really calling for.
        They are calling for the complete destruction and elimination of all things American, starting with our US Constitution.

        I find it very difficult to understand why the people who are still registered here on this PFA forum site have not been more active in trying to figure out how we, America, can stand and fight this evil.
        We do NOT have to simply sit back and accept what they have planned for us. We CAN fight back.
        but only if we become engaged in the battle.




        • Thanks Oldrooster! Like you, I am not going to build the walls of a concentration death camp for present and future generations, nor am I going to silently watch as it is built by the townsfolk around us, at the behest of the ruling elites.But unlike us, whose mind is free in its choice, most of those around us are enslaved by the stereotypes that the media dictate to them. They think and act as they are told from the TV screens and from the pages of newspapers. Can this be changed? Yes, you can. To do this, you need to take your wonderful quote - "We do NOT have to simply sit back and accept what they have planned for us. We CAN fight back.but only if we become engaged in the battle.", put it in a golden frame. This quote should be placed at the beginning of all newspapers, at the beginning of all movies and TV shows, this phrase should be taught to children in educational institutions. It will take many years, and people will wake up. As the founder of materialistic dialectics, Karl Marx, said,An idea becomes a material force when it seizes the masses.” It is by this law, with rare exceptions, that humanity lives and develops...In the meantime, our struggle for freedom and a brighter future may be like Don Quixote's struggle with windmills. Alas, this is reality today, without makeup and crooked media mirrors. Once again, I want to thank you for speaking the truth, thank you for not giving up, thank you!I think that in this place the poems of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin will be needed - "The sower has gone out to sow his seeds.Desert sower of freedom,I left early, before the star;By a pure and innocent handIn enslaved reinsThrew a life-giving seed -But I only lost timeGood thoughts and works...Graze, peaceful peoples!The cry of honor will not wake you up.Why do the herds need the gifts of freedom?They must be cut or sheared.Their inheritance from generation to generationA yoke with rattles and a scourge.Many patriots all over the world shed their blood and gave their lives for those people who do not feel gratitude in their hearts, for the sacrifice made by patriots for these people!

          Hoping for the best! Sincerely, Evgeny Zhukov.

  • "We do NOT have to simply sit back and accept what they have planned for us. We CAN fight back. but only if we become engaged in the battle."

    MARXISM - Communism are totally diametrically opposed to American freedom and liberty. The two cannot co-exist together.
    Marxism, Communism and socialism are systems of complete total control of litterally everything in the land; E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
    The people will own and control nothing. Including control over their own lives.
    The Marxists have taken over America for now. They control all branches of our federal government, our news media, social media, and our elections.
    Democrat fool Shelia Jackson Lee (D-Houston TX) said that "Barack Hussein Obama's legacy was that he left them a system whereby we will never have another Republican president again".
    We witnessed the results of that in the 2020 elections.
    Yes - They are planning to do the same thing in 2022 and in 2024. But we do NOT have to accept what they have planned for us. 
    The people of this Patriiots For America, (the PFA) and others MUST get involved. Quickly. The systems employed by the Communists to rig and control the elections must be exposed. And it MUST be stopped, immediately.
    I - Like many many others, swore an oath to Protect, defend, and preserve our Constitution AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTICS. By any means necessary and at all costs. No price is too high to pay or to suffer.
    American freedom and liberty, our Constitutional Free Republic MUST be protected and preserved or surely we will all die and freedom around the entire world will perish forever.
    Elections fraud must carry a stiff penalty. Everything from imprisonment to charges of high treason. YES that includes the death penalty if severe enought. No price is too high to pay, but rigging and controling our elections MUST be STOPPED.
    If that includes the "News" media then so be it.
    No doubt the FBI and CIA will be paying me another visit for saying this. Am I threatening anyone? If that's the way they want to take it then so be it. But I intend to do what ever I can to preserve, protect, and defend the American Constitution against ALL enemies foreign AND Domestic, so help me GOD.


    • Ukraine is NWO controlled it is a moral sewer .Money Laundry,Drug cartels , sex rings , and illegal bio-weapons labs where if one bug gets loose it could kill millions of people.

      Not only does the NWO control some of our USA politicians and Banks it controls some of  our Law enforcement. They are well in place everywhere

      • These NWO people are the ones we need to expose and go after first, then go after the politicians and law enforcement controlled by the NWO tyrants.

  • I'm still here. I believe we have no business in Ukraine. Everything I've researched leads back to the Neo-Nazi influence presense in Ukraine and the corruption that is the Zelenshyy regime. We (PFA members) need to stay out of this one and oppose the foreign aid being sent to Zelensky and his Nazi pals, but TPTB are going to do whatever they desire.

    I still say and will die, if necessary, continuing to call on the dismantling of the corrupt U.S. federal government and restoring our government in strict compliance with the Constitution as intended by the founders by any, and all means necessary, even full out rebellion against the present U.S. government. I also expect another visit by the corrupt thugs known as the FBI.

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