Constitutional Emergency

The Fabian Window, the image depicts how the Communists plan to tear down the entire world structure and then rebuild it in the image of what they prefer.
Pay attention because the Democrats in Washington have just announced that this new Coronavirus pandemic and the funding bills that are trying to make their way through Congress are just the perfect opportunity for them to do what they want. NOW is their chance to completely destroy America so they can "Rebuild it in the image that THEY want.
THIS was Barack Hussein Obama's dream.

The Fabian Window;

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I am beginning to see a nasty trend in our political systems.
Every time there is a Republican elected as President of the USA, there is somehow mysteriously some kind of world disaster.

George HW Bush, it was Saddam Hussein invading Quat and the Golf war, Desert-Storm.
Then George W Bush, 9/11

Now Donald Trump, Coronavirus and the pandemic. Massive stock market crash. Now the MSM wants to call it a recession even though the economy is still doing better than under Obama.
This is a very disturbing trend.And it can not all be pure coincidence. These 'Disasters' are manufactured, deliberately to happen under a Republican administration.
NO - It's NOT the Republicans that are creating these disasters, it's the Democrats and Communists.

But it is all manufactured.

Yes , the wolf in sheep's clothing on the shield .  The Democrat party of today is a tool of Saul Alinsky .  The ETWG Catholic channel had a great show on this last night 03/29/2020 about Saul Alinsky .

The way I see it;
Donald J. Trump only THINKS he is the President, Yes he won the election in 2016, and YES he was inaugurated as President of the USA. The 45th President. But the person who is still acting like he is President is Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is running a shadow Government with the aid and assistance of half of Congress and half of the federal Government agencies, like the FBI and CIA and NSA. The Saul Alynski - Bill Ayres crowd and the Chinese Communists are helping him. Add in a few of Obama's left-over's like Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, The Muslim Brotherhood and the American Communist party and we've got a pretty good idea of what is really happening, and who is doing it.

Joe Biden is out, he's too stupid to know what's going on. But Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, John Brennan, Mueller, and Hillary Clinton all know what is going on.
If Trump was smart he would use this Virus lock-down as a way to lock them all up. Including half of the msm media along with them. There's plenty of room for all of them at GITMO.

Here's a link to the latest CDC numbers on the Coronavirus spread around the country.



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