DHS Chief Janet Napolitano claims the US Mexico border is as safe and secure as it has ever been.
But I just had a friend that works down around the region of the south Texas border tell me that illegal immigrants have been shooting at US workers in an attempt to kill and then steal their vehicles. In several cases illegals have been found to 'bait' the roads with woman and children in attempts to get US workers to stop and offer assistance or aid. Once a worker stops he will be instantly overrun by 30-40-50 men hiding in the brush along side the road. They are not just taking the vehicles and leaving the workers on foot and abandoned, the workers are killed. In one case two workers stopped to talk to someone going in the opposite direction and both men were killed in a matter of seconds. But the real problem is that these illegal immigrants are not all Mexicans. Many thousands of the people coming across our borders are what is known as OTM's, (Other Than Mexican's.)
Those people are from all over the globe, but mostly from Middle Eastern nations. They are Arabic Muslim illegal immigrants and they are vicious killers. The Obama administration knows this, DHS Chief Napolitano knows this, Congress knows this. And yet nothing is being done to stop it or even to slow it down. Instead Napolitano says we - The American veterans and oath keepers are the enemy and pose the most significant threat. This sounds like a self-full filling prophecy to me.
If you live, work, or drive anywhere the southern US/Mexico border, do NOT stop to pick up hitch hikers or to help people along the roads.


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