The US should stay alert. Iran has attacked Israel with hundreds of missles and drones.
Fortunately most of them were shot down before they even reached the Israeli borders.
But the Ayatola Wack-O has also pledged to attack America.
And Joe Biden has allowed millions of people to enter the US without any type of screening or checks to see who they are or where they may be coming from.
The US Government has no idea who these people are nor where they went.




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  • I no longer feel safe in the country I was born in thanks to all the illegals roaming our land. That IS what we need to be aware of as individual citizens on a daily basis.

  • The US should also be aware of any "Fasle-Flag" attacks perpetrated by this Biden/Obama regime.
    As they have said many times, "Never let a good crisis go to waste"
    They will use this Iran/Israel war as an excuse to clamp down on the American people. Expect more gun-control executive orders and threats.
    And they will attempt to blame anything that happens next on the American people, They will try to Blame president Trump for anything they can.

    • Yeah they are pretty easy to spot these days. They never go after the ones doing bad, they instead turn in and go after U.S. Citizens claiming its for our own safely. I don't like their type of boot on the neck safety they dish out. 

  •  President Biden told Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call on Saturday that the U.S. won't support any Israeli counterattack against Iran, a senior White House official told Axios.


  • Good morning, friends! Happy to see you're still with us, Old Rooster! An internet friend of mine in CA said 4 of his spec ops buddies have been called back to active duty. Things are heating up for sure! As Rodney said, we don't have the gas or ammo for a hot war. Thankfully, I've not seen any of the marauders spreading thruout the country - the benefits of living in a teensy, tiny spot on the map way out here in flyover country. But I've seen quite a few when I go to Norfolk to do my shopping. And most of the clerks have to use translation apps on their phones nowadays. 

    Just The News: “Multiple drone attacks have been launched against Israel, conducted by Iran, according to reports. 

    “BREAKING: Iran launches attack against Israel using dozens of drones, four U.S. and Israeli officials told me,” Axios reporter Barak Ravid wrote on the social media platform, X, according to the New York Post and CNN. 

    Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari has, in response, announced restrictions for civilians. Educational events have been restricted, according to The Times of Israel.

    The restrictions are valid through next week at 11 p.m. Restrictions have also been placed around Gaza.”


    "Egypt announced the closure of its airspace, joining Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria." 
    Richard Grenell 
    "Donald Trump had Iran broke. Joe Biden gave the Iran Regime hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, credit and cash. Iran is now attacking Israel with Joe Biden’s money."


    Iranians celebrate after attacking Israel from all sides with suicide drones, missiles and rockets
  • Just The News: "The United States helped Israel shoot down most of the hundreds of missiles and drones launched in a brazen attack by Iran that moved the volatile Mideast closer to a larger regional conflict. 

    President Joe Biden declared late Saturday night that the United States would stand by Israel as he summoned G7 allies to an emergency meeting to discuss next steps against Tehran after a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “At my direction, to support the defense of Israel, the U.S. military moved aircraft and ballistic missile defense destroyers to the region over the course of the past week,” Biden said in a statement.

    ”Thanks to these deployments and the extraordinary skill of our service members, we helped Israel take down nearly all of the incoming drones and missiles,” he said.

    Iran on Saturday launched the air strike against Israel, sending the drones and missiles towards Jerusalem and elsewhere in retaliation for Israel's recent, deadly air strike on an Iranian consulate in the capital city of Damascus. 

    Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said Saturday evening that most of the drones and missiles were intercepted, with minor damage to an IDF base.


    He also said warplanes intercepted over 10 cruise missiles alone, outside Israeli airspace.

    Israel's emergency service says 10-year-old girl severely injured by interceptor shrapnel in the attack, reports CNN. 

    The cable news network, which has a reporting crew in Israel, says  the Iran mission has told the Untied Nations the attack retaliates for Israel's attack on Iranian consulate and "can be deemed concluded."

    A senior U.S. official told ABC News that as many as 500 drones and missiles were launched with bulk of them will be coming from Iran, but others coming from Iraq, Syria, southern Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen. 

    Biden left his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Del., amid early reports of the attack.

    Booms and air raid sirens sounded were heard across Israel in the unprecedented revenge mission that pushed the Middle East closer to a region-wide war.

    The attack marked the first time Iran has launched a direct military assault on Israel, despite decades of enmity dating back to the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, according to the Associated Press.

    UN leaders and others were swift to condemn the strike, with France saying Iran “is risking a potential military escalation,” the wire service also reports."


    Israel-Gaza live updates: Biden calling for G7 meeting after Iran's 'brazen' attack
    Six months after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on Oct. 7, the Israeli military continues its bombardment of the neighboring Gaza Strip.
  • Just The News: "Members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard reportedly seized control of a container ship linked to Israel on Saturday. 

    According to an Iranian outlet, the ship was seized around noon on Saturday near the Strait of Hormuz, which provides the only passage from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean.

    “Sources have reported that the vessel is the Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, a container ship associated with London-based Zodiac Maritime,” the outlet states, adding that “Zodiac Maritime is part of Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer’s Zodiac Group.”

    Members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard reportedly rappelled down from a Soviet-era Mil Mi-17 helicopter, according to The Hill. A Middle East defense official provided video of the attack to The Associated Press.

    The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations is investigating the incident.

    Americans have been warned to avoid traveling to Israel and troops have been moved around to different positions in the Middle East.

    On Friday, Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets from Lebanon towards northern Israel, resulting in the IDF firing back with airstrike attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon."

    IRGC Seizes Israeli-Linked Cargo Ship - Politics news - Tasnim News Agency
    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy seized a cargo ship affiliated with the Zionist regime in the Persian Gulf on Saturday.
  • Just Tnew News, 4/13: "Hezbollah, the Iranian backed militia and terrorist group, fired dozens of rockets from Lebanon into northern Israel on Friday night, with some being intercepted, some hitting open areas and others falling short into Lebanon. 

    This attack, in which no Israelis were killed or injured, came as the country is anticipating strikes from Iran or its proxies in retaliation for a strike in Syria on April 1, allegedly by Israel, that killed several Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members, according to The Times of Israel.

    Prior to the attack from Hezbollah, President Joe Biden vowed to stand with Israel and defend the country against Iran.

    "We are devoted to the defense of Israel. We will support Israel and help defend Israel and Iran will not succeed," he said, according to The Hill.

    The Israel Defense Forces announced that the military responded with airstrike attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.

    IDF Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari vowed that “Iran will bear the consequences for choosing to escalate the situation any further,” according to the New York Post.

    The Defense Department has not yet made a statement about the recent Hezbollah attacks." 

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