In 2016 I wrote a post on this site titled HOW CLOSE ARE WE TO A CALL TO ARMS. Its 4 years later and hear we are. We have a president that actually keeps his promises and does what he says he's going to do.

      President Trump is the greatest president in my lifetime. Many don't like his bombastic stile or his forceful way of speaking. I am one of those people who didn't care for his tone. I thought he was just another rich guy wanting more power. I was wrong and i'm very happy i was wrong.

       America is at a crossroads now. The lines have been drawn between good and evil,and right and wrong. America needs true Americans to step up now and prepare for battle during  the election. We need to also prepare for battle in the streets and in the country. No matter how the election turns out,their will most likely be trouble. I pray that i'm wrong in my assessment but I don't think I am. We are probably one shot away from civil war just as it was in 1861.

      I don't know how many here are preppers and you may think i'm some kind of nut and that ok. In my area,we(mostly family)began preparing and communicating with other groups and families. By doing this we are forming a network of like minded people in hopes of protecting our homes and family's. 

     These are suggestions,you do what you think best. Time is running short and when things run out in the densely populated areas of the country, people will move outward so running is not the answer. Stay strong and never give up the fight.

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Thanks Lawrence, You're absolutely right on your assessment.
I just had a black friend tell me that he and his whole community were set-back by Trump's style, many of them don't like the way he address things. But he also said that once they figured it out they realized that Trump was NOT trying to give them a fish, he was trying to give them a fishing pole.
A very interesting analogy by a good Conservative black man who voted for Obama in 2008. (BTW - He also admits that was a big mistake.)



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