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Thanks for Being Our Friend and Partner in the Good Fight against the evils in our Nation.


On The Fourth of July, Join Millions of Us As We Will "Feed The Beast, NO MORE!"

On The Fourth of July

For Years we have been supporting folks with Billions of our hard earned Dollars, 

who in uses those fund to destroy The Moral Foundation of America.

The United Saints of America


“Taking A Stand!”

The Rich, The Famous and The Powerful 1.5% of The Nation, Controlling the rest of us! 


In Keeping with K.I.S.S. method - Keep It Simple Saints! 

For NOW! We are only Targeting 7 Major Corporations and Their Sponsors (Call for Our Official List)

Our Official Statement to be Mass Shared on Social Media Simultaneously! 

"We’re a Network of Judeo-Christians, Conservatives and Patriots Taking A Stand!

We Will Not Support (Financially) People or other Entities, Corporations or 

Sponsors of Media that Kills and Degrade LIFE and our Traditional Family Values. 

We uphold the tenets of The US Constitution in the spirit of The Founding Fathers"

WE NEED HELP with Your Prayers and Support! 




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  • I don't actually buy low and sell high, more precisely I buy low and purchase goods high, or just hold long. I think of Bitcoin less as an investment and more as solution to the Rothschild problem. So I support the Bitcoin economy wherever I can.

    You can obtain Bitcoin in three ways. 1, purchase it. 2, accept it for your goods and services. And 3, get a mining rig and mine it. 

    Purchasing, with the greatest convenience but less anonymity, use a service like Coinbase which you register with your bank account information. They follow all the know your customer and anti money laundering regulations. Or, for trading Bitcoin on the dips, use instead one of the exchanges which also interface with your bank account. That experience is exactly like trading stock.

    More privately, you can use services like Localbitcoins through which you can set an appointment with a private trader who will meet you in a public place for an anonymous cash transaction.

    Selling is done through the same methods. Or just purchase goods and services as I prefer to do, and support merchants accepting cryptocurrencies.

    There is always a fee for services like this. However, when purchasing goods and services you'll often get a discount through bitcoin, stretching your buying power, while avoiding transaction fees.

  • Bitcoin was created by a developer, or a group of developers, working anonymously under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Once the white papers were published and supporting technology was roughed out, "Satoshi" vanished from the project, leaving it up to others to carry on. Since its beginning, Bitcoin was an "open source" community project, meaning the entire code is open to the public to audit and for developers to add improvements.

    You can watch for Bitcoin to show up in the corner store, but it hasn't happened yet in America. It has happened in Japan and countries in Africa.

    How secure is it? It uses the same level of encryption as your bank uses for online transfers. The Bitcoin blockchain itself has never been hacked, but companies using badly designed applications for bitcoins have had problems. For instance, a company called Mt. Gox used parts of code borrowed from an online game that had tokens within the game, and built an online exchange for trading bitcoins. Being the first exchange, they were soon handling millions of dollars worth of trades daily, until the software broke down under the sheer volume of transactions. Many millions of dollars worth of bitcoin went missing. Later it was discovered these clueless geeks had named their bogus business Magic The Gathering Online Exchange, Mt. Gox, after the game they used to spend all their time immersed in! And from which they "borrowed" that piece of code. Huge fraud, and they are facing prison time. This is why many people think Bitcoin itself failed, but it was this early exchange that bit the dust.

    Bitcoin is entirely decentralized, meaning there is no one central place to attack it. There is no Kennedy or Lincoln to take out, and no central server to shut down. Instead, there are thousands of servers in private hands. Each server holds a complete copy of every transaction since Bitcoin was invented. The system is indestructible, with no point of attack available.

    Google "where to spend bitcoins" to see some of the lists. I like gold and silver too, but they are harder to use for payments, and I wouldn't want to carry metals, or for others to know I possess it.

    • Moses thanks for that information.... Looks like Canada didn't fair well with their governments answer to the Bitcoin by introducing the "Mintchip" although it never got operational a few years ago, from what I've read their whole premis and delivery system was differant from Bitcoin and was still government control which is what the U.S. will try to do in the future. The Bitcoin has taken off in Canada in fact I read they rolled out the first Bitcoin ATM. Just goes to show that the popularity of Bitcoin is growing and these Nations governments are trying to get back their consumers which shows the validity of the Bitcoin.
  • It is also time to stop believing in phony controlled politicians..Like Trey Gowdy..He is no more than a smooth talker..He has and will do nothing with Benghazi..Guaranteed folks do not count on him for anything...He is all talk and a complete PHONY..He plays his part quite well...SELECT COMMITEE...HA HA HA..What a joke..

  • Barbara... Bitcoins were invented on October 31, 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. When Bitcoin was invented it's worth was $10.00 it went to $1200.00 in a year before crashing to $500.00. Today the prices fluxuate widly. If your crypto code can be hacked your Bitcoin is lost forever, it's not like a credit card where you can reort it stolen and recoup you money. There is a lot to know about this cryptocurrency, I suggest you go on line and research it for yourself as it is too broad a subject to post on this site. Good luck.
    • Michael, I appreciate that you're helping,  but where do you get your information?

      In its early developmental period in 2009, a single bitcoin was worth a fraction of a penny. During those days the developers requested someone send them a pizza while they worked, and the bitcoins they traded for that pizza are worth over $10 million today. 

      The record high Michael mentioned happened much later in December 2013, at a value of $1147.00. Then Mt. Gox failed, and scared the market. It's currently around $270 and climbing again.

      Your "crypto code," whatever that is, cannot be hacked. Perhaps Michael means your password can be guessed. You might think you're being clever with a password like MaryHadALittleLamb, but with that one your account would be empty in about 90 seconds. A lot of bitcoin has been stolen this way. You must learn how to create unique, secure passwords, and NEVER lose your password or your bitcoins are unrecoverable. 

      It's true Bitcoin is distinctly different from credit cards. There is no charge back available, which is one reason shops can offer better prices, since they don't have to cover credit card charge back fraud which adds about 6% cost to most transactions. And just like using cash, there is no one to help you if you screw up and pay the wrong person.

      Best advice: it's often repeated that you shouldn't put more money into bitcoin than you're willing to lose. And yes, you should read up and study first before investing.

      • My source comes from reading various Bitcoin sources over the years. True bitcoins have made millionaires. Also millions and millions of dollars have been stolen. Mt. Gox did make investors nervous. My biggest problem is its volatility. All the investors I checked with dont reccommend it as an investment. Do you agree that the government is currently moving to regulate it? the government is getting more and more involved because of the ease and anonymity of moving vast amounts of money, they say because of things like Silk Road they need to regulate it but that's in my opinion just an excuse to control it. Freedom of currency apart from the government is the last thing they want. Thousands of businesses are taking
        Bitcoins from exotic car dealers to Zappos. There are computer hackers running codes 24/7 to try to hack your code. The thing I do like is that there is a limit to the amount of Bitcoin that they are going to produce which will cause Bitcoin to maintain or increase it value, unlike the dollar where the federal reserve just prints money out of thin air cause it's value to decrease. I also like the fact that Bitcoin cuts out the middle man and fees are "0" or small when used.
        I see electronic currency as the future of currency. I think if a person reads up on it they can figure out the pluses and the minuses. My dad told me when I was young, "Son don't bet more than you can afford to lose". I'd use that same ideology with Bitcoin. I invested in the Iraq Deniar with family members before I had time to thoroughly research it, now I think I own the most expensive toilet paper in the world!! Luckily I only purchased a few million worth so I'm not in the poor house. If you want a good laugh go to any of the Dinar websites and read what those who are pumping you to buy Dinar are saying. " today is the day it's going to revalue were all going to be millionaires" that's been going on everyday since I bought it almost 8 years ago. So whatever you do, do your homework first. Nuf said.
        • Michael, knowing as much as you do about Bitcoin puts you in the top one or two percent. I ask people all the time and only about one in ten have even heard of it.

          • I know most people are ignorant about this new currency which isn't really new. I have a question. Today Bitcoin opened at $269.65 and closed up at $271.53. I haven't been tracking it but I'm going to h cause I'm going to get involved, I think I've done enough research. My question is you said you buy low sell high which is the way to do it, when you go to sell do you have a problem selling? Is their more demand from individuals or buying services? When companies purchase is there a fee, if so how much is it? Any help you can provide is appreciated.
  • The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is a Democracy (de facto) Laws of man. The Republic is a de jure under Common Law under God'd Laws. You will not find Democracy in the Constitution, Federalist Papers or The Articles of Confederation.neither the Northwest Territories. Nowhere do you find Democracy about the founding of our Government of The Republic for the United States of America. Notice Lower case For the Republic and upper case for the Corporation. Stop wondering and start studying.  The information I have is this page you can find the books at Amazon.  Another book to read is "The De facto  Government of the United States.  

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The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have…
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