Obama Confirmed Ineligible for Office?

 By JB Williams  Thursday, April 29, 2010

Were ANY of the Founding Fathers “natural born citizens” of the United States?

No… they were not. Not even one of the Founding Fathers was a “natural born citizen” of the United States of America, even though some of them had indeed been (native) born on what would become U.S. soil.

None of them were “natural born citizens” because all of the Founding Fathers were born prior to the existence of the United States of America. No one could be the “natural born citizen” of a nation that did not yet exist.

America declared its independent status as a sovereign nation on July 4, 1776, breaking away from England and British rule. But the United States of America was not formed until September of 1787, with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. The Founders had no choice but to exempt themselves from Article II—Section I—Clause V of the Constitution they wrote and ratified. But there would be no other exemptions or exceptions from that moment forward.

So, how could any of them become President of the United States?

The Founders made this possible with this portion of Article II—Section I—Clause V; - “or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution;”

They included a grandfather section in the clause pertaining to constitutional qualifications for the office of President, - A ONE-TIME exemption from the “natural born citizen” requirement for president.

They clearly separate themselves “citizens” from others who had to be “natural born citizens” in order to hold the office of president. Citizens, who were not “citizens” at the time of the Adoption of the
Constitution, would forever after need to be “natural born citizens” to
reside in the Oval Office.

Excluding citizens at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution, who shall be eligible for the office of president?

“No person except a natural born Citizen”

We know why they had no choice but to exempt themselves, but why did they exempt only themselves? What was so important about “natural born citizen” status that they made it possible for only a “natural born citizen” to hold the office of president after the adoption of the constitution?

What did the Founders mean by the term “natural born citizen?”

As with all written laws or contracts, they are a collection of carefully chosen written words of known specific meaning or definition. Any time you study documents, you must use definitions of words as they existed at the time the document was written, as words occasionally change definition over time. In the case of a document as important as the U.S. Constitution, it is vital that we have the proper meaning or definition of those words at the time of the writing and ratification of the document, in order to properly interpret the document.

I am using Webster’s 1828 First Edition Dictionary to define the written words, as it is the closest I have access to for the era 1776-1787.

The word BORN is defined by this dictionary as“To be born, is to be produced or brought into life”

This word is simple enough and few people want to debate what the word means.

The word Citizen is defined by the 1828 Dictionary as“The native of a city, or an inhabitant who enjoys the freedom and privileges of the city in which he resides; the freeman of a city, as
distinguished from a foreigner, or one not entitled to its franchises.”

This word is also widely accepted and seldom debated. However, ONLY as it relates to the current resident of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, there seems to be great confusion over the meaning of the word “natural,” as it relates to whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally eligible to be president of the United States.

Yet the word NATURAL is no more complicated than the words born or citizen.

Clearly, due to the Founders grandfather clause, any “citizen” could hold the office of president at the time of the adoption of the constitution. But after that, “No person except a natural born Citizen” could hold the office of president, or vice president for that matter.

The word NATURAL is defined as follows, in the 1828 Webster’s dictionary“Pertaining to nature; produced or effected by nature, or by the laws of growth, formation or motion impressed on bodies or beings by divine power. Thus we speak of the natural growth of animals or plants; the natural motion of a gravitating body; natural strength or disposition; the natural heat of the body; natural color; natural beauty. In this sense, natural is opposed to artificial or acquired.”

Natural (Pertaining to nature - In this sense, natural is opposed to artificial or acquired)

Born (To be born, is to be produced or brought into life)

Citizen (The native of a city, or an inhabitant who enjoys the freedom and privileges of the city in which he resides)

As these were likely the actual definitions in play at the time these words were drafted into the U.S. Constitution, this is most likely exactly what the Founding Fathers meant by these words.

As a quick aside, for those having trouble with Obama’s alleged birthplace, it is only the term “NATIVE” which refers to place of birth.

Native“Conferred by birth; as native rights and privilege - Pertaining to the place of birth; as native soil; native country; native graves - One born in any place is said to be a native of that place, whether country, city or town.”

Is Barack Hussein Obama a “Natural Born Citizen” of the United States?  Although NO authenticated evidence has been offered to support the claim, those who claim that Obama was born in Hawaii would be claiming only that Obama is a “native born citizen” of the United States. As
“native born citizen” is NOT the requirement for president in the Constitution, this is an argument of no real consequence.

Being born in Hawaii would make Obama a “native born citizen,” but not necessarily a “natural born citizen” of the United States.

Even if we accept the notion that Obama was “native born” to Hawaii,which was a U.S. state at the time of Obama’s alleged birth in August 1961, we would only be accepting the notion that Obama is a “native born” citizen, not a “natural born citizen.”

If Article II—Section I said - “No person except a native born Citizen”shall hold the office of president, an authentic birth certificate from Hawaii would indeed solve the problem, although no such birth certificate has ever been offered by Obama. This terminology would have qualified some of the Founders as well, without the need for a grandfathered exemption.

However, “No person except a natural born Citizen” shall be eligible for the office of president.

As a result, a Hawaiian birth certificate would not be enough to qualifyBarack Hussein Obama, II - as eligible for the office he currently holds. Something else would be required…something more.

Obama supporters shouldn’t feel unfairly singled out however, as withoutthe grandfather clause, no Founding Father could have held the office of president either, and they were all white men. In fact, all white men would have to meet the exact same requirements as Obama today. Article II—Section I mentions nothing about color or race.

What is required to be a “natural born citizen?” In a word, nature… as in, natural law, or as the 1828 Webster’s dictionary puts it—“Pertaining to nature; produced or effected by nature, or by the laws of growth, formation or motion impressed on bodies or beings by divine power.”

WOW!—“impressed on bodies or beings by divine power.”—“produced or effected by nature, or by the laws of growth”

In terms of “nature’s effect” on human beings, what we know is the reproductive system and time honored natural laws pertaining to“birthrights.”

Webster’s 1828 definition establishes birthright as—“Any rightor privilege, to which a person is entitled by birth, such as an estate descendible by law to an heir, or civil liberty under a free

Such as, a child inherits his/her father’s name automatically at birth, as well as heir to his fortune and his citizenship.

No man-made laws are needed. In every civilized nation on earth, the“natural born child” automatically inherits their father’s name and all other related birthrights upon birth, with no statute required.

If Barack Hussein Obama’s father had been a legal citizen of the U.S. atthe time of Barack II birth, Barack II would enjoy not only his father’s name, but his citizenship in the United States as well, and no man-made law could block his birthright to status as a “natural born citizen” of the USA.

However, Obama’s father was at no time a citizen of the USA. He was atall known times in his life, a citizen of Kenya, which at the time was still under British rule.

Barack Hussein Obama II father was a legal citizen of Kenya. As the“natural born” son of Barack Hussein Obama I, Barack Obama II is the “natural born citizen” of Kenya, which is why his family, friends and the press referred to him as “Kenyan Born” all the way up until he decided to run for the office of president.

From that moment forward, Obama, his friends and the press has deniedthat he was a “natural born citizen” of Kenya, and claimed that he was a “natural born citizen” of Hawaii.

But here’s the problem—Even if Obama was born in Hawaii, a “native born”citizen of the United States (which has yet to be proven), he was still the “natural born citizen” of his father, and Kenya.

This would have made Barack Obama II a “dual citizen” of both the USA and Kenya.

And this is why the Natural Born Citizen clause exists in the U.S. Constitution.

Barack Hussein Obama is the poster-child for why the Founding Father’splaced Article II—Section I—Clause V in the U.S. Constitution.

Dual citizenship means dual or divided national loyalties. That’s whythe qualification for the highest office in the land is “natural born citizen.” An individual with NO reason for dual or divided national

It is on the basis of this research and further research into the history of the term “natural born citizen”—that I wrote The Bottom Line on Natural Born Citizen and make the claim that DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office.

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  • Thank you for clarifying the constitution. I wish more U.S. government teachers would explain this to the students.
  • JB Williams has nailed the "natural born citizen" question, clearly identifying Barack Hussein Obama II an illegal occupant of the White House. Obama is a fraud, usurper, who has committed perjury, and God only know how many other crimes, in his self-serving goal of committing every conceivable evil to bring down America.

    Our task is to increase unending pressure to bring Obama on criminal charges, impeachment or whatever it takes, in front of the United States Congress, United States Judiciary, the blogoshphere, and every American citizen we can reach to do the same. Particularly send this information to Glenn Beck glennbeck@foxnews.com in fact flood him with "truth" in that what he says we must do

    We can greatly support the removal process of Barack Hussein Obama II on November 2, 2010 by sending his "attending court of jesters" and political apparatus into retirement.

    The longevity of the United States depends on bringing to justice, Obama, his minions, and ridding America of this near fatal destructive cancer.
  • You will also find in the Constitution references to "The Law of Nations". This is not just some term bandied about by the writers, but rather a book entitled "The Law of Nations" written by The Swiss juirist Emer de Vattel (1714-1767). In this book, Vattel states almost exactly what is said in this article about a Natural Born Citizen. In fact, records show that George Washington checked this book out of the library when the Constitution was being written. Records also show that he never returned it. Talk about a late return fee! This book is also used in a lot of defining terms in the Constitution. Anyone who is going to quote or reference the Constitution should avail themselves of this book. Copies can be obtained for less than $15. The Constitution...Read it, study it, know it.
    • Fred..........JB Williams has referenced Vattel's writings extensively in his research.........that's why JB's words are"almost exactly" as you suggest...........thanks.
      • To Harry and Fred............I have been telling anyone who would listen that this is the REAL crux of the matter!! Why IS so much emphasis placed on his birth place, when it's immediately evident from his citizenship that he is NOT eligible to be president????

        This is so frustrating for me. Those stupid people in congress and the ones who pushed for his candidacy are totally ignorant of the requirements of our Constitution. Obama himself, the Constitutional scholar that he is, should have known that he was NOT eligible. Or did they know? Is that WHY he is a constitutional scholar, of questionable merit I would say.


        Our country has been taken away from us right under our noses. Thanks for keeping the vigil.

        • I think it was less ignorance than deliberate treason; Obama is Soros' boy and he{ Soros} bought the Presidency for Obama because he's been grooming him for it, to do exactly what he is doing to the US, for decades! The lack of action by the Congress and Court are what give me to believe the position WAS bought, and that they're not acting because they're complicit in the buying/selling right up to their beady little eyeballs! I think you could even say they're standing on the 5th Amendment by their LACK of action on the issue.
          • Yes it is deliberate treason, here is proof

            I often wondered why 2 summers ago in August that "they" were playing "Jingle all the Way "

            and the other Tim Allen Santa Claws "christmas" shows in the middle of the summer, and "they" ran it as a marathon, "christmas in the Summer" or something to that effect. It was christmas in the summer for the elite that year because obama was in place, the false messenger

            Well until you realize that all the "conspiracy theories" are actually happening, you will not see the true evil taking place right before our eyes.

            Yes obama is Soros owned puppet and this is shown in Jingle all the way. Watch the show if you can, it has lots of hidden meanings. Sinbad can be related to obama and "Arnulled" as himself, "Turboman" or the next usurper up at bat when obama is done destroying the constitution.

            Soros is from old Europe, Barvaria/Austro-Hungary, a Khazarian Jew. Arnulled is also from "old Europe", his father Gustav, was in the Nazi SS under Hitler. So in effect as you say sandra, they have been at this for decades, and in secret societies, they have been at it for millenium. He (soros) bought the presidency for obama, but in reality, it is really meant for Arnulled, I feel. After listening to Dave Emory speak on the "Swartz"enegger family, you will understand that the Hungarian "Soros" litterally translates into "Swartz" in english.

            Listen to Dave Emory from 2003
            Pump this - The Swartzenegger file
            • I didn't know a lot of this about Schwartzenneger, but I can't say I'm surprised; he married into the Kennedy clan who are also part of the oligarchy, and as crooked as they come. You know what they say about "birds of a feather" . In psychology, they don't call it that, but they'll tell you that dysfunctional people and functional people are mutually repellent. Comes out the same . Soros is NOT his true birth name; he's a Hungarian Jew, and the name Soros was adopted to hide him from the Nazis as a 14 year old kid; can't recall off hand what the original family name was, at the moment. This guy lived with a Nazi official in Hungary as his godson or some such and watched as his people were being slaughtered in the holocaust, without lifting a finger; then later came to the US and used our Capitalist system to become obscenely wealthy, but somewhat shady means, and is now trying to tear down the very system that enabled him to become so wealthy, apparently so others can't also gain the power of wealth, and aspire to better lives as he did and achieved, out of pure hatred and malice. This is a person who if he ever had a soul it's been dead since the early '40s at best. He learned about human evil from experts; Hitler on one side and Stalin on the other of his homeland, and evidently learned it all too well.
  • Third National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate
    College Records and Muslim religion 9/30/10 today!!!

    WHAT: Internet powerhouse Andy Martin will announce his Third National Conference
    on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate, College Records and Muslim religion

    WHERE: 909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station, New York
    (under the "909" canopy in case of rain)

    WHEN: Thursday, September 30, 3:00 P. M.

    MEDIA CONTACT: GENERAL: (866) 706-2639 CELL (917) 664-9329

    (HONOLULU, HI) Obama author and honorary Hawaiian "Ali'i nui" Andy Martin will convene his Third National Conference On Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate, College Records and Muslim religion in Honolulu beginning November 9th. Martin will hold a New York City news conference September 30th to announce the Honolulu convention. Martin says the American people increasingly disbelieve Obama's profession of Christianity. Martin has been credited by some in the alternative media with swaying public opinion to take a more critical look at Obama's religious roots as well as triggering growing concerns about Islam in America. Almost one hundred million Americans now believe and follow Andy Martin's questions about Barack Obama's family origins. Martin is known as the "King of the Birthers" because of his relentless efforts to seek release of Obama's original, typewritten birth certificate.

    Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will announce a Honolulu conference on Obama's missing birth certificate, college records and Muslim religion

    Martin was the first person to offer a coherent timeline during the 2008 presidential campaign for Obama's religious and radical associations, on Sean Hannity's America


    "The Internet Powerhouse"

    Andy Martin

    Executive Editor

    "Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct"







    (NEW YORK)(September 29, 2010) ContrarianCommentary.com's Executive Editor, Andy Martin, will hold a New York City news conference Thursday, September 30th to announce his Third National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate, College Records and Muslim religion. Martin's new national conference will be held in Honolulu.

    "Yesterday (September 28th) Barack was at it again, claiming to be 'Christian,'" Martin says:



    "Well, the American people don't believe him. They believe me.

    "My original 2004 column on Obama's Muslim religion may have become the single most influential piece of opinion journalism in print, broadcast or internet media. One writer credits me with being one of America's most influential political analysts and the man who became the harbinger of America's changing attitudes towards Islam:


    "Why have I been so right over the past six years, and why has Obama been so wrong? [This release is Part One of a Two Part analysis (Part Two will come Friday, October 1st after our September 30th news conference)] I have been scrupulously honest in searching for the truth and seeking to find the facts about Obama's family history. It has not been an easy journey.

    "Obama refuses to release his original 1961 typewritten Hawai'i birth certificate. Why? Why are Hawai'i officials hiding this historic document? Why is there no plaque commemorating the 'birthplace' of Barack Obama in Hawai'i? Where was he born? Who was the doctor? All missing.

    "Last year I predicted Obama would suffer because of his machinations, and he is.

    "My columns and my book and movie have led almost 100 million Americans to question Obama's origins. Two years into his presidency doubts are growing, not slowing, as I predicted in 2009.

    "Yesterday Obama was at it again, saying he is a Christian. Well, to paraphrase the immortal phrase of the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen, 'President Obama, I know Christians, and you're no Christian.

    "Let's analyze what Obama said on Tuesday.

    "First, Obama obviously felt the need to have the phony question about his religion planted at a political meeting. His claim that the question was spontaneous is nonsense. Obama poll tests everything in advance. There is no spontaneity to anything he does. Everyone who was in the New Mexico back yard was vetted by the secret Service and they were screened in advance. The American people are no longer being fooled by Obama's bogus photo ops.

    "Second, Obama claimed he came to Christianity 'later in life.' When will he provide a specific date when he was baptized?

    "In my own denomination, the Episcopal Church, you can only become a Christian through Holy Baptism:


    [Look under "To become an Episcopalian"]

    "So when Obama was baptized? Is there a baptismal book with his name in it? Is there a certificate? To date he has produced nothing to verify his conversion to Christianity.

    "I also have a great deal of experience with conversions to Christianity. In the Episcopal Church we get converts from other Christian denominations as well as occasional converts from other religions such as Judaism. So I know 'converts.' Obama exhibits none of the usual attitudes of a convert.

    "People who convert to a religion pay special attention to theology and preaching. Obama claims he 'converted,' and then ignored the sermons at Trinity United for the next twenty years. Convert? No.

    "Obama gave his daughters Muslim first names after 'converting' to Christianity. Convert? No.

    "Christians universally celebrate Christmas; I suspect Michelle Robinson Obama's family celebrated Christmas. The Obamas do not celebrate Christmas. Ironically, even the most loosely attached Christians flood churches at Christmas and Easter; Obama does not. Convert? No.

    "For me, my faith is my life. I seriously doubt that anyone would make that statement about Mr. Obama.

    "The bottom line: Barack Obama is not a Christian. He is still a Muslim as we will discuss further on Friday.

    "Obama's 'religion' became a major public issue three years ago. Since then, the more Obama has 'explained' who he is and what he believes, the less the American people believe him. That is an extraordinary record of retrogression by the Great Speechifyer.

    "My writing in 2004 inadvertently created a political movement that now approaches one hundred million Americans who doubt who and what Barack Obama is. It is not an exaggeration to say my 2004 remarks became the most powerful and influential opinion column in American history. People believe me because they know that despite my political differences with Obama I am completely honest and impartial when dealing with Obama's personal life. I just search for the truth and am constantly trying to find the facts.

    "That is why our latest and largest national conference on Barack Obama will take place in Honolulu beginning on November 9th. To continue to find the facts and to search for the truth about Obama.

    "We'll have new sponsors and offer new opportunities to examine Obama's Hawai'i 'roots.' Obama's staffers will be paying close attention to our meeting. His thugs are always on our tail. Be there," Martin says.

    Martin plans to post registration details for his Honolulu conference after his Manhattan news conference Thursday. To receive email updates on the Conference please send a request to: contact@StopObamaCoalition.com

    Andy Martin on Sean Hannity:




    ContrarianCommentary.com Executive Editor Andy Martin

    Internet powerhouse Andy Martin will announce his Third National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate, College Records and Muslim religion

    909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station, New York(under the "909" canopy in case of rain)

    Thursday, September 30, 3:00 P. M.

    GENERAL: (866) 706-2639 CELL (917) 664-9329
    Contrarian Commentary | “The Internet Powerhouse”
  • Barack Hussein Obama II was born August 4, 1961 at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

    There is no way he is a 'Natural Born Citizen' as required for the office of President by the US Constitution. We need to demand Congress fully investigate all matters related to Obama's eligibility and, if justified, remove him from office.

    See the following: WasObamaBornInKenya.com

    Poster, Demand Congress Investigate, Color.pdf

    1961 Kenyan Birth Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II, Copy.pdf

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