READ it all but please notice the yellow highlighted areas and the reasons FL Dept of State turned down hiring this company in 2008. 
Many Americans are beginning to fear voter tabulation fraud in Nov. 2012!
Also contact your local Supervisor of Elections, Congressman, Senators & State officials.

Written on April 10, 2012 by Ann-Marie Murrell


Here’s another of those quiet, subtle, but very dangerous little stories that has somehow slipped past all the mainstream media outlets.

The United States of America has a brand new private VOTE COUNTING company that the Obama administration has personally handpicked.

The company is called Scytl and it is based in Michelle Obama’s most favorite vacation spot, Barcelona, Spain. 

Forget the fact that Barack is once again providing jobs for people in another country; there are much bigger fish to fry in this story.

According to the “About Us” section of the Scytl website


Scytl is a worldwide leader in the development of secure solutions for electoral modernization.

 Scytl was formed as a spin-off from a leading research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This group, funded by the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology, has pioneered the research on e-voting security in Europe since 1994 and has produced significant scientific results, including 25 scientific papers published in international journals and the first two European Ph.D. theses on electronic voting security, by Prof. Joan Borrell and Scytl’s founder Dr. Andreu Riera (in 1996 and 1999, respectively). This research group also participated in the first Internet binding election in Europe (i.e., the 1997 election to the Presidency of the IEEE IT Spanish chapter).

 Scytl has customers both in the private and public sectors. Some of these customers represent leading references in the electoral modernization market (e.g., governments in Spain, the USA, France, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, Finland and Australia) and are pioneering new electronic voting applications. Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in multiple projects worldwide, some of which represent breakthrough projects for the electoral modernization industry.

So what does this mean for all us non-European voters here in America?

According to Michael Savage

, “[T]his critical component to a free election, the transparent tabulation of votes, will not be handled by individual precincts but by a company over which we will have little control…The problem is that once the votes are merged, it will be impossible to go back and check their integrity at the local level.  It is very likely that this is the final step in Barack Obama’s corruption of the voting process.  It has the promise of enabling him and his cohorts to control the outcomes of federal elections with no accountability.  On top of that it’s one more step toward a global government.”

There are no Americans on the Board of Directors of Scytl—but CEO Pere Valles once lived and worked in Barack’s old stomping grounds, Chicago.  From the Scytl website:

Mr. Valles joined Scytl in March 2004 after spending most of his professional career in the United States. Prior to joining Scytl, Mr. Valles was Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of GlobalNet, a NASDAQ publicly-traded telecommunications company headquartered in Chicago. Mr. Valles assisted GlobalNet in becoming one of the leading providers of Voice-over-IP in the world and was instrumental in the successful sale of the company to the Titan Corporation

, a NYSE defense company. At GlobalNet, Mr. Valles was responsible for designing and executing the strategic plan that led to an increase in revenues from US$ 25 million to over US$ 100 million and brought the company to profitability. Previously, Mr. Valles had worked as Senior Manager for KPMG
‘s Mergers & Acquisitions group in Los Angeles and Miami providing financial and strategic consulting services to private equity groups and corporations involved in acquisitions in the United States, Latin America and Europe. During his career at KPMG, Mr. Valles actively participated in more than 20 transactions in the telecommunications and technology areas. Mr. Valles has a bachelor degree in Economics and a bachelor degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and a MBA (summa cum laude) from Indiana University.

In 2008 the Florida Department of State looked into using Scytl’s remote voting system

but turned it down.  Their reasons:

Our findings identified vulnerabilities that, in the worst case, could result in (i) voters being unable to cast votes, (ii) an election result that does not accurately reflect the will of the voters, or (iii) disclosure of confidential information, such as the votes cast by a voter. The extent to which these vulnerabilities could actually be exploited in the ODBP is beyond the scope of this report given our lack of system context. Secure handling and audit of the Voter Choice Records may defend against some or all of these vulnerabilities, but these procedures were not available for review.

We identify three findings of particular significance: 

  • The use of supervised polling stations provides significantly better protection against voter coercion or vote- 
selling than is present in some other absentee voting systems, such as voting by mail.
  • Two copies of each vote are stored: one electronically, and another on paper as a Voter Choice Record. This pro- vides redundancy that is not present in existing vote-by-mail systems. If the electronic votes are well-protected, then they can enable audit of the paper records in ways that are not currently possible.
  • After casting their ballot, each voter is given a receipt that is intended to give voters confidence that their votes were “Counted as Cast”. These receipts do not achieve their stated goal of allowing voters to “independently verify that their ballots have been correctly accounted for.” These receipts might indicate that a vote was received and decrypted by the county (a property not typically provided by current postal voting systems), but they do not provide assurance that the voter’s vote was correctly recorded.

Also interesting to note, one of the organizations on “Scytl Partners

” tab is Oracle
, a major supporter to all-things-Democrat
.  And another Scytl Partner is a spooky “global governance” organization called
 Check them out.  Yikes.

There are many, many reasons for all of us to be concerned about Obama’s choice in vote-counting this November—yet no one seems to be up-in-arms about this other than Michael Savage and a handful of Internet bloggers.

Goodbye ACORN, hello Scytl…

Please be email friendly.
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I find this threatening.

THIS COULD BE UN-CONSTITUTIONAL,  is there some place that this could be check out? 

This is a blatant disregard of our sovereignty. When you give up control of something so sacred as our voting system to a foreign entity, it’s has disastrous consequences written all over it.

Could it be that a foreign company might have a bias in one political direction or another? You better believe they would and could manipulate votes to their advantage. Obama was in cahoots with the Russian Pres. and luckily we caught it on an open mic, but what have we missed in Obama’s other private conversations? What you don’t know can kill you.

Michael it statred in 2008 when we allowed a FOREIGN born muslim to become our first dictator...welcome to obamas America please check your weapons and rights at the door and proceed to the tsa collection area for further instructions before your compleat  body cavity search and pat down by the pervert of your choice 

With Spain counting the votes Obama will take over and finish killing America to make it like the middle east and Africa... There you have the elite and they are above the law and what is left is Slaves to them....

I didnt think of this, BUT i knew he would find someway to rig the vote. He knows, just like we do, this is a VERY IMPORTANT year. Theres no way hes going to go quietly into the night!

Just knowing that Obama picked the company is enough to say not only say NO, But HELL NO, ARE YOU CRAZY?  Would a professional sports team ever, ever let the other team pick the umpire?  If nothing else we all know that the Obamas can't be trusted.  If you can't be trusted in small things you can't be trusted in anything.  Kind of like hiring a professional bank robber as bank President.  I wouldn't hire Obama for anything that requires personal integrity and honesty.  Time after time he has shown that he is a professional Con-Artist, an habitual, and compulsive, in your face liar.  He will say one thing one day and the exact opposite the next, without so much as the bat of an eye.  Even if called on it, he will either ignore the question, or shamelessly repeat the lie!

I just goes on and on.  The criminals have completely taken control of the federal government.

EMAIL address for Federal Election Commission oig@fec.govFORMAL COMPLAINT OF USA ELECTION PROCEDURE

I've just learn that an OVERSEAS COMPANY (SCYTL) has been given the job of processing our 2012 election votes. This VIOLATES our open election requirements to make our election trustworthiness for ALL. This behind the scene, the recording and counting of the votes is a BIG concern of ours. This process has become an unholy alliance of state election officials, voting machine vendors and TRANSNATIONAL MEDIA CORPORATIONS to seize the process from the OPENNESS OF THE PUBLIC. Where is the openess of having a Spain company SCYTL have control of counting of our elections. WE THE PEOPLE want this looked into and want feed back from ur department for future legal action. We demand our constitution right to fair and open elections to the public, Action must be taken by your department before the election rather than forfeiting the votes of 2012 election from our court actions. We will no LONGER except an election where the consent of those who COUNT THE VOTE is the rule or whatever despot has cheated his/her way to power. I want a response back from ur department into a transnational corporations seize the process away from the openness of the public.

Sign ur name location, state and ur email address REQUEST RESPONSE BACK!!!

ALSO email ur state governor, and secretary of state (they handle voting in ur state)




I have gotten feed back from other who use The are owned by google and and Obama supporter also. NO MATTER what snopes says I encourage u to send a complaint that I have made for u. The trueth of the matter is our elections have not been open to the public since I have been voting. This deprives our right to PUBLIC ELECTION and goes against the principle of the public nature of American elections. It's not open to US Citizen/voters because their is NO PUBLIC EXAMINATION. The principle of public elections emerges from our BASIC LAW, the Constitution's voting provision Article 1, section 2 ,clause1 also article 1, section 4, clause 1 and the 17th amendment. WE CAN NO LONGER BE SILENT ON OUR RIGHTS & FREEDOM. I encourage u to send the email i posted prior.

Take a deep bretah Patriots. This is seen as another usurper method of taking the UC citizens down the road to ruin. Until we hold Holter and the Justice department accountable there is no justice nor liberty in our land. We have been highjacked folks and the elite will not let anybody deture their efforts. George Sorros and his ilk have us by the short hairs. Obama and the elite house and senate know as long as they continue to support the illiterate masses with hand outs many the of us patriots seeing this treasonous take over will see the end without a shot. Gather together with those you love and can to be close to and prepare. The time of social unrest is at hand. With the media and government pushing for a RACE WAR we will fall. It is evident that the military is not going to come to our aid in support of the constitutional public so protecting what is ours will be violent. The money for the elite is too good to stop it. I do not understand how the few elite think they will get by scott free while they sell our nation down the road. Pray for an answer and pray often for direction to safety. The time is now and the evil in charge is taking us to slaughter.. I am afraid.

If this is accurate, then another indication of Congress abdicating their congressional election/vote responsibility. There is nothing in the Constitution that I can find that gives the President or the Administration any authority or role whatsoever in election processes. Obama is not called a usurper without cause.




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