What's Next?

What’s next


Democrats can not name a single thing the Resident Joe Biden has done.

But I can;

On his first day in office Biden closed the Keystone pipeline. That act alone killed three million American jobs and destroyed America’s independence from the OPEC oil producing nations.
The next thing they did was to cancel all oil fracking contracts. They also closed and canceled several oil drilling contracts in Alaska.
The second thing they did was to cancel all construction on the border walls. And then of course they opened up the borders to anyone in the world who managed to get across the southern borders.

So far in his first eleven months in office Joe Biden has allowed two million illegal immigrants to enter the country. They canceled immigration contracts with Mexico.

The Democrats have taken full advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic. (“Never let a good crisis go to waste”). Using the covid-19 virus excuse they have restricted air-line travel and diminished American’s free rights to travel across State lines. Using the Covid-19 as an excuse they have demanded that all government employees plus all US Military personnel to take the vaccines.
As a result several thousand members of the US Military have resigned or left the service by refusing to take the experimental vaccines.

Afghanistan; While Americans were all tired of fighting this war, the Biden administration pulled the biggest Military blunder in world history.
They abandoned our allies in Afghanistan. The result of that was the Afghan Military collapsed and within a week the entire government of Afghanistan fled the country. They abandoned Bagram Air Base and left billions of US dollars worth of military arms and weapons behind. The result of that is that the Taliban now has more US built Apache helicopters than most or our allies around the world.
When they pulled our troops out of Afghanistan they abandoned thousands of Americans, left stranded in the country and vulnerable to terrorist attacks and murder by the Taliban.
But they not only abandoned Americans and several thousands of our allies, they also left several computer databases containing the names and locations and resources of all the Americans and Afghan nationals who had been working with us over those past 20 years.

We have not seen nor heard the full repercussions of this Afghanistan blunder as yet. One thing we can be sure of is that our allies and friends will never follow us into war again. And our enemies will never fear us again.

Mean while back here in America the Democrats and the Biden administration have launched a full fledged war against American citizens, our economy, and against our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.
At the same time that they turn a blind eye to the terrorist attacks against many American cities by the Antifa and Black-lives-matter anarchist groups, this administration has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars locking up and prosecuting people who entered the peoples’ house at the Capital on January 6th, 2021. They refuse to prosecute or to even charge these Antifa and BLM anarchist groups with any crimes what-so-ever. But several hundred American citizens are in prison.

Once again using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse they have blocked all foreign shipping container ships from unloading cargo. This is causing mass shortages around the country.
Between these eleven months in office these Democrats and this Biden/Harris administration has created oil and gas prices to nearly double, food prices and inflation are all in the rise. Terrorist attacks by groups of anarchists and Communist/Marxist agitators are allowed to run rampant without fear of reprisals nor prosecution.
And at the same time this Biden/Harris administration wants to eliminate our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves and our families.


All of that and much more in only their first eleven months in office.
So my question is, - - What can we expect next?

What’s Next?



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  • Let us talk about 2nd Amendment Rights.     That thing was written by the several states to protect the right of their organized militia to fullfil their duty to be a member, furnish their own weapons, buy ammunitions, and form a organized unit.    I wasn't really written to allow an individual to apply that claim....unless the state laws provided that all of the people are members of their militia.  United States law has sidestepped original intent by allowing the issue to be resolved by the States of the United States.

    That is why United States law is so ambigous about this issue.   And...if the feds step in and change weapon laws it would probably not violate the intent of the 2nd Amendment.  The Supreme Court could only say it  is controlled by state law and be technically correct.   Someone like Biden could push this issue and create a lot of problems.   What to expect next....an attack by the socialist on the 2nd Amendment.   The defense by United States nationals is stronger state law.   The defense by Americans in a common law and federal law recoupment and setoff in federal court.  

  • About Keystone.    The last time the democrats did something like this gas prices went way up.   That was not all bad news.   The State of Texas,  Oklahoma, and Louisiana started a giant boom (because of their reserves).  They became giant booming economies at the expense of the rest of the country.   Even now they are hiring, raising wages, starting to drill again, etc.   When the other states became aware of it they put so much pressure on the feds that the problem was resolved.   This problem will probably resolve itself shortly because of this reality.  Increased production on existing lines (where right of way exist) will resolve a lot of this and create jobs rebuilding existing pipelines.  However this is a classic case of "law"(bidens decree) inpairing the obligations of the contracts.

  • Biden helping China.   What China did not want is another Korea where free enterprise was in direct conflict with Communism for everyone to see.    Pulling out left China a free hand to keep this from happening.   If the United States had supported a Korea type solution China would have probably ask for their money back from the bidens.  He could not have helped China more then he did.   Right now China is trying to eliminate everything in Asia that shows chinese people how to improve their life.

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