Where Does Loyalty Reside?

Where Does Loyalty Reside?

Are US Armed Forces members capable of resisting the Communist takeover of the country? They show no signs of uniting in resistance. Officers in senior positions parrot the Party Line as if they believe the Communist doctrine


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  • While this article offers no resolution to the question, it is none-the-less a very good article.

    How can there be a civil war when both sides claim to be fighting for the same thing", To save the nation.
    The answer to that question is simple, someone is lying. WHO ?
    To answer that question all we have to do is look at the records, Don't follow the rhetoric, follow what they have actually done.

    The Biden administration rigged and stole the 2020 elections.
    They have used their power and authority to imprison thousands of Americans.
    They mis-use and abuse their authority to destroy the American economy, cut off oil supply, shut off the Keystone pipline.
    And they are determined to jail their primary political opponent (Trump) one way or another.
    They ignor and violate the US Constitution at every turn of events.

    Trump on the other hand opened up America's vast oil reserves and exploration, production.
    He appointed new Supreme Court justices that adhere too and honor the US Constitution.
    Trump has said that he wants to restore the power and authority of government back to we-the-people, not Washington elites and burocrats.
    There are many more possitive things that Donald Trump did while in office, too many for me to list here. But all you really have to do is look at their real records not just what they say or claim.





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