Which is worse, Obama’s Brown-shirt Communist army, or full and total Government control?
We can ask the Federal Government to step in and stop Obama’s terrorist Army. His OFA, ANTIFA, BLM, and that other bunch of anarchists. The Federal Government would be more than happy to disarm them all. But at the same time they would also disarm all of the rest of us too.

There would be a total Government crack-down on all weapons, all protests, any activity the Government “Agents” deemed to be “Unapproved” activity or behavior.

The other alternative is that we sit back and tolerate these anarchists and Communists attack our citizens, chaos in our cities. Burning, looting, death and destruction. We can accept that as our “New-Normal”. We can simply let them do what ever they choose when they choose. Anyone walking down the street or driving may be subject to attack. Your wife and kids may be attacked at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. Your houses and business can be burned down, neighborhoods burned and looted. And if any one of them is shot then the whole community could be subjected to a terrorist assault.

We can all in the Federal or State Government and they would be happy to confiscate every weapon they can find. They would be happy to enforce a total ban on all firearms. They would enforce a total lock-down on all demonstrations, any gatherings that exceed a certain number of people. Any one that is not wearing a mask, or anyone who appears to be carrying a concealed weapon would be arrested and charged as a potential domestic terrorist.

Good-Bye Freedom.

There is another way. The way we have always handled things like this.
You want peace in your communities, safety for your family, freedom to travel, to go shopping, or for what ever you chose to do. We can do that without initiating any kind of Government enforcement. We don’t need the Federal, State, Or even our local Governments to enforce peace.
Read the Second Amendment again, this time pay attention to what it says.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the Security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

The Second Amendment grants We-The-People the right to protect and defend our own communities, WITHOUT Federal or state Government intervention. We don’t need the Federal or State Governments to enforce anything, especially any form of gun controls. Federal or State Government control is worse than any anarchists and terrorists attacks. But we can enforce and control those too. The only thing we need the Government for (if anything) is to pick up and bury the dead bodies as we stack them up in the streets.

It’s not up to the Federal Government to provide us with safety and security in our neighborhoods and our cities. In fact we really don’t want them too. We don’t need them, and we damned sure don’t want any of their Government controls and regulations. The best thing the Federal Government could do is simply get the hell out of the way. WE will handle these anarchists and terrorists ourselves. .

It’s up to YOU to decide which one you want. Do you want total and full Government control?

Do you want to allow these terrorists and anarchists groups to run wild, unchecked? Should you allow them to burn our cities, rape and kill your wives and daughters, kill your children any time they want too?

Or do you want to take control of your own communities? Do you want to enforce the peace and security for your family and your neighborhoods? We can do that, and we can do it without calling in any Federal, State, or even local Governments.

It’s up to YOU.

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