Who do these people think they are.

Who do these people think they are.


President Donald Trump is facing four civil and federal criminal and civil law suits.

The New York city civil case against President Donald Trump.

I want to know who in hell do these people think they are.
Where do these people think they live ? NAZI Germany ?, Beijing China?, Moscow Russia?, Caracass Venezuela?


NO – THIS is The United States of America.
These types of abuse of power by government and justice system officials is precisely what the US Constitution was designed and written to prevent.
These people, the prosecutors, judges, and attorneys, are abusing their powers and their offices to persecute and to prosecute not only President Donald J. Trump but also including any and all of his followers and anyone who has ever worked for him or is in any way associated with him.

These attacks against former President Donald Trump and others are not only abuse of power and misuse of their authority and their offices but it goes far beyond that. This is all completely unconstitutional and is completely and totally against all American values freedoms and liberty.
These far-left-wing “Hate Trump” “Hate MAGA” liberals are weaponizing the US Justice system to indict and prosecute anyone who opposes their Fundamental Transformation of America.

They are using the US Justice system to send a message to the American people, “If you resist or oppose us we will come after YOU next”.


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  • I don't care whether you like, love or hate Donald Trump. The politics of the Biden administration, Barack Hussein Obama, Valere Jarret and Van jones is pure Communist Nazism. This is fascism at its worse and not seen since the 1930's from Nazi Germany.
    It is their stated goal to bring down and completely destroy and eliminate the United States of America.

    Federal prosecutor Jack smith is now accusing Donald Trump of being the most dangerous individual in America. He (Smith) claims Trump is a menace and a danger to America. He (Smith) has requested that the judge should revoke Trump's rights to freedom and that she should lock him up immediately.  Together they have imposed gag orders against Trump to the point where he can no longer even run his campaign for reelection in 2024.
    In complete violation of his civil rights to freedom of speech they have already fined Trump $15 thousand dollars for "violations" against those gag orders.
    They will do anything to silence him and to prevent him from winning reelection in 2024.

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