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15 December 2013


If you think our Congress-members, our Military Leaders, the Judiciary, and the MEDIA aren’t aware of the Obama’s gun-running to our enemies  (i.e. lending aid and comfort) in Benghazi, just listen to this 3 minute clip by Rep. Trey Gowdy as he rips the media for covering up Obama and Hillary’s treasonous acts of fraud, dissembling, deception, and deceit.


It has been over 6 weeks since he challenged the media at a major ½ hour press conference – to answer these questions:

1.    Why was Amb. Chris Stevens in Benghazi the night he was killed?

2.    Why were we the last flag flying in Benghazi – after the British had left and the Red Cross had been bombed?

3.    Why were repeated requests for additional security denied again and again (by Obama and Hillary)?

4.    Why were no assets allowed to be deployed to help?

5.    Do you know if the ‘president’ called any of our allies and asked for help?

6.    Why was Susan Rice picked to go on the talk shows to promote the excuse of a ‘video’ – instead of SOS Hillary Clinton?

7.    Do you know the origin of the mythology of the spontaneous reaction to a video, and how we got from no evidence of that (the video) to being the official position of the administration?


He concludes with this: The media has a responsibility to investigate and report these questions!


“I’m not surprised that:

a)   The ‘president’ called this a ‘phony scandal’’;

b)   SOS Clinton asked ‘What difference does it make’;

c)    Jay Carney said ‘it happened a long time ago’!”


“I’m just surprised at how many of you BOUGHT IT!”


Here it is 6 weeks later, most everybody knows that answers to those questions:


1.    Stevens was there to facilitate and cover-up ‘gun-running to our enemies’, al Qaeda, in Libya;

2.    Same answer as # 1;

3.    Same answer as # 1;

4.    Same answer as # 1;

5.    NO! Obama obviously did not and would not call any of our allies to ask for help, due to Same answer as # 1;

6.    Susan Rice had less to lose than Hillary, once the lie of the video mythology was discovered, due to Same answer as # 1;

7.    The origin of the video mythology was obviously Obama and Hillary, due to Same answer as # 1;


… but neither the Congress nor our Military Leaders nor the  Judiciary nor the MEDIA has done or said anything about the acts of Treason of lending aid and comfort to our declared enemies in the declared ‘war on terror’, by our putative Commander in Chief, known by all to BE THE ONLY ONE who could give the STAND DOWN order not deploy assets to rescue those former SEALs from death at the hands of our ‘aided and comforted’ enemies!


Not until a majority of patriotic Americans become aware of the awesome depth and breadth of the corruption and treason that has engulfed our government and our nation will we have any hope of restoring our Constitutional Republic.


We all must be Paul Reveres now, to spread the word to those remaining Americans with an ounce of patriotism left in their blood.



In Liberty and In Truth.


Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution

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  • Here is my answer:  There is and should be an American Spring, but I will highly suggest, we take arms with us to Washington and if the government decides to use the military, I would rather be arrmed and ready to use those arms against those that choose to fire on American Citizens. Better be ready than Dead. I choose to fight if it gets dicey....

    • Or as the old saying, "Better to be dead, than Red"....

    • Clois......The "back-up" must be armed but those of us that launch an AMERICAN SPRING should be armed with our bodies and no weapons.  If the government becomes violent, then katy-bar-the door as the "back-up" becomes involved.

      • Harry, you are 100% right.  We need three divisions.

      • Harry, 

        Of course there are going to be disagreements about 'going armed' or 'not armed' and both sides have valid arguments. However, I agree with you. My reasons has to do with knowing how Leftist turds would use any event to their advantage. First of all, lets say that we can muster over a million Patriots to go to D.C. fully armed, that would be the perfect opportunity to force our side into a shooting match. Not only would they end up taking our weapons away, many of us would get killed, and they would definitely use the event as a media 'show and tell'. They would call us all dangerous right-wing zealots trying to force our ideology on a free people blah blah blah... and many stupid people will fall for it.

        It's best to leave your firearms* with someone you trust back home and come to an "American Spring" only with our bodies, with loud voices, and millions of copies of the Constitution. * NOTE: Getting all firearms out of your house while you attend any "American Spring" event is just staying one step ahead of the Feds. You not being there would be the perfect time for the Feds to come and take EVERYTHING you own.

        We are officially over-due for an American Spring!

      • Col. Riley........  I agree, we need to be unarmed to maintain the "Moral Highground." However, we should have a backup plan in case we run into a "Broken Arrow" type situation..  I have no problem taking a few lumps and bruises to get our point across, but if they start lighting us up it would sure be nice to know we have some serious support waiting in the wings.........

        • Point well taken Richard.........

    • We can not tempt Obama to fire on us - if we have back up in case it turns violent, I am all for it. 

  • I am torn right now; In my heart, I know I have to go, but on the other, my loyalties are for my disabled wife, who will not have any help on the farm, neighbors are all liberals, selfish, un-reliable. They will not organize as a group, they talk, but we know how cheap talk is. They know things are bad, but they are looking for someone else to do the dirty work, so they don't have to get their hands dirty. So I am conflicted, so I guess I will just have to see where the spirit takes me for now.

  • WE ARE LONG OVER DO , WE ARE LONG OVER DO , WE ARE LONG OVER DO , THE TREASON IS SO DEEP IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT SEE , THOSE WHO CAN'T SEE IT ARE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY DON'T YOU AGREE ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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