Do we truly love America or are we just paying it lip service?

As a US Marine veteran, I pose this question because no offense most Americans do not know what the cost of freedom and liberty entail. We live insulated mostly from the outside world. at least until recently with neighbors to the south getting a free pass from Uncle Scam. Only knowing about the world courtesy of our sanitized and agenda consumed multimedia outlets.

We don't even have to ask the question is there a vested interest in illegal shmnesty and open borders? The Cintra corporation who was to begin construction on the Trans-Texas Corridor and ultimately the NAFTA Superhighway for now has been thwarted. Former dishonorable President Bush II was to benefit financially from the breaking ground of this project. He was going to sell out YOUR brithright, YOUR heritage, YOUR country! That's a traitor!

Tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of families and communities would have been relocated or eradicated like a disease courtesy of eminent domain. Thus, would have precipitated a series of actions in motion resulting in the impending collapse of the American dollar and the death of the republic known as the United States of America as we know it!.

For now, that will not happen but ...

However these people are slugs and cockroaches and they are not going away that easily.

So what do we do next? Well we can sit here and worry about our country's future and be paralyzed by fear or we can take that fear of what we dread most become mobilized, empowered and remind these crooks in DC that nothing is stronger second only to Almighty God, the Will and the Resolve of the American people.

This is OUR country, NOT theirs. Not Barney Frank's, Nancy Pelosi's, Harry Reid's, Chuck Schumer's, or Chris Dodd's to name a few.

If we're going to fret about a little opposition and hurt feelings then frankly our forefathers wasted a lot of blood and sacrifice for nothing. Are we men and women or are we wimps?

Get involved in the process wherever, get mobilized and stand with your patriotic brothers and sisters as we proceed to give DC Hell incorporated.

Remember, evil prevails when good men and women see trouble but sadly stand aside, allow and ignore its warnings.

Those of you who are military veterans, we took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Unlike DC, we actually meant it. Unlike DC, we actually embody courage, honor, sacrifice, and integrity.

It's time to lead the charge ... it's time to bring our country back in line with the tenets of the founding fathers wishes and edicts.

No more compromises! Demand accountability and transparency from your government. Make them VERY uncomfortable!

Stop apologizing for being judeo-christian. 85% of us ARE! It's time to wake up!

Wake up America!

Say I will no longer apologize for being a patriot. Patriotism is NOT a four lettered word.

It is time to truly say "God Bless America!" AGAIN!

I welcome any and all of your comments ...

Respectfully submitted,

USMC Veteran
Houston, TX

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You're entitled to your opinion, Jim. But let me point something out to you. If these scumbags had their way, Al Gore would have become president in 2000 and the shreds of liberty still faintly intact now would be gone. You could not even scarcely recognize that this was the US. I see a different view. I see a populace getting pissed off at the overinflated buffoons running our country. I see a population mobilizing and getting involved in the political process like never before.

For instance, I see people pushing legislators for change, holding them accountable. I see patriots showing up at the Texas State capitol over the next couple of months showing legislators a face to the opposition of illegal amnesty and immigration and demanding change and accountability.. I see us winning.

That's getting involved in the process. That's STILL using what shreds of rights, freedoms and liberties we have left to good use.

By the way, the system still works, Jim. The previous election shows the country is anything BUT apathetic thus, taking your fatalistic viewpoint on the state of the Nation and flushing it in the toilet. Now, we just have to steer the system back to a process that actually works for the nation.

Don't tell me what is going on is pointless and academic just because you don't see the cause plastered on the evening news does not mean there is no resistance and thus, no hope.

Remember how the American people melted down the US senate switchboard to without hesitation say NO to comprehensive immigration reform? That did not happen by accident.

Will the journey be difficult? Yes. Resistance? absolutely. But nothing worth having is ever easy.

Our entire existence as a nation is a miracle. We have history of being the underdog. Of being out manned, out gunned and out supplied.

So what should we do? Listen to Jim? Go home tell our families it's all over boo hoo we're a bunch of wimps and we've lost our will and resolve to fight? Because that's the only way we can lose

OR ... do we put our noses to the grind stone and go out and do all we can and kick asses and take names and trust God for that which we cannot accomplish by our efforts alone?

So, if you're easily insulted, thin skinned and whiny then please stay home in your easy chair and just worry yourself senseless and afraid of your own shadow while the patriotic men and women go about trailblazing once again in efforts to retake our country from the neo-con freaks.

Bottom line, we either have a 100% chance of failure if we sit and do nothing and be comfortable in our soft tyrannical world like they want or, we give ourselves a 50/50 chance at least by doing something other than wasting the opportunity our forefathers gave us.

The question is ... what do you choose?
Exactly. It won't be easy but, it's far easier to defeat a dispirited foe who gives up rather than a determined foe who says you will have to conquer every last one of us to win.

That's what the Afghans told the Russians in the 80s conflict there.

Much to prepare, much that needs to be done and much that we can still do.

Well put. My apologies for any misunderstandings in your original post.
Mr. GHOSTRIDER .......... THIS IS A FRIENDLY................ "ALABAMA" yer Confederate Pal,

and I approve of your message .......and platform...........
cuz, you are a 110% ... Patriot Max........ this I know for a fact.....

Keep the Fires stoked up and the Flag held High...Son.........cuz, WE GOTCHA BACK BROTHER

Thank you for your service.

Since November 4th I have had the feeling that the entire election has been a sham. I mean, a two year senator with no real background, gets elected? Who are they kidding.

Since the day after Robert E. Lee's birthday, and for anyone reading this who is mentally challanged that date was January 19th and converted to MLK day by the liberal carpetbaggers, but I digress. Since last Monday I have been having ominous thoughts. The nuggets and drones have been led down the primrose path by the Democrats and Republicans alike. That is the only answer to what has been elected to our country's leadership.

We have a President who gives his first official interview to an Arabic broadcaster. We have a Speaker of the House saying that the funding of family planning organizations, read abortion organizations, will help our financial crisis. We have a tax cheat as the head of the IRS. Where is this country being led?.

I've had to put my Jack Daniels up on a top shelf. Only two bottles and I don't have any cheap stuff. But then a tumbler of Jack, in my state of mind wouldn't be a good thing.
I understand your frustration, Jim. My question again is are you involved in any group, cause. Are you emailing, calling your congressmen. Calling in to talk shows about subjects you hold dear or are you just aimlessly complaining?

There's lots of groups that are looking for people who are frustrated and irritated.and fed up with the US governments lies. Use your anger to good use. Don't drown it in a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Use what liberties we still have to the fullest extent.

Nothing with having is ever easy.
I can't speak for Jim but I agree with him. The fact of the matter is, if EVERY American realized what was going on, figured out that the Political "Parties" are in it together and it's a false paradigm, figured out who was behind all this and called their Senators everyday - then what? You have a MASSIVELY powerful and entrenched enemy that is not going to just realize that the Americans know what's going on and hand the reigns of power back over. The process of "getting involved", talking and trying to get people to realize what's going on is ABSOLUTELY essential. However, I don't see it as the solution itself, I see it as the amassing of numbers for the only true and inevitable solution - physically and forcefully, quite literally, TAKING the Nation back. I don't remember ever hearing of an enemy who far outnumbers and outguns an enemy giving up because the smaller force said so; no matter how loud it was screamed.

The system will not allow itself to be corrected through the means it used to amass power to begin with. Just ain't gonna happen. You're talking about an enemy who controls the money supply WORLDWIDE - read my "Chess and Checkers" piece. It's going to be a fight - literally.
God Bless your heart, Ghostrider. You've tasted the fire. I, after 20-plus years in the military service of this country has also seen the great and the fallen--the best and worst.
I am asking you, Soldier, if you would join with me in re-activating the militia groups that were everywhere in 1994-95? Check with your local gun dealer, he should know who the old timers were who helped to organize the militias of 1994-95. When we put a force upon the plain that the Federal Government could not dismiss. They said that we were no more influencal to the direction of the nation than a spit in the ocean. . . They laughed at us, calling us "wannabees". Well, I just wannabee free and left alone to raise my children and grandchildren in the liberty and freedom I enjoyed.
You are influencial! You have credibility and the scars to show that you served.
USE THEM.... contact the militia leaders still living in your area to spur them once again to standing up.

Co-Founder Michigan Militia
Thank you Norm and much obliged to your service in the Air Force as well. I have a friend who's dad is retired USAF. I'm not one to advocate violence in anyway but, there is a reason why our forefathers said militias were not only a good idea but, demanded to properly maintain a republic. Now we know why.

Australia has stricter gun control and they have more robberies, burglaries and murders across the board.

Having blind faith in your government will get you killed that's the bottom line.

I'm already in US Border Watch, Norm and I have many in that group who are armed to the gills.

Just saw my country looking unrecognizable on a May Day in 2005 and I went to a rally and then and there I joined once I saw the breadth and depth of the lies we were being told about what was really going on here. I couldn't walk away. I took an oath, once a Marine, always a Marine!

Thanks for your encouragement, Stormin' Norman! :D

Semper Fi!
Unfortunately 5% make it happen, 10% watch it happen and 85% wonder what happened....

"But war, in a good cause, is not the greatest evil which a nation can suffer. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things: the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing is worth a war, is worse. When a people are used as mere human instruments for firing cannon or thrusting bayonets, in the service and for the selfish purposes of a master, such war degrades a people. A war to protect other human beings against tyrannical injustice – a war to give victory to their own ideas of right and good, and which is their own war, carried on for an honest purpose by their free choice – is often the means of their regeneration. A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. As long as justice and injustice have not terminated their ever-renewing fight for ascendancy in the affairs of mankind, human beings must be willing, when need is, to do battle for the one against the other." John Stewart Mill
Well until, the savior comes and the new city sits upon the mount in Jerusalem, I offer my lamentations unto he who is, pray for guidance and protection and will give unto ceasar what is his....seems in order to do that I must keep my powder dry!
Funny that Reagan was responsible for the largest peacetime military buildup in U.S. History. Apparently, those weapons still serve a purpose in that fight.
"A military build up that forced the U.S.S.R, a benevolent communist dictatorship to give up its effort to dominate the world" - Exactly my point. Would that have happened without the weapon buildup? The force we see now driving the American people to buy out every gun store from Houston to Harrington is going to serve a hell of a purpose in the coming fight.



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