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When I asked my colleague the Army Colonel why he thinks Obama is doing this, the reply I received from this lifelong soldier and Army leader shocked me.


Paraphrasing him, this is what he told me in a nutshell.


He said, most branches of the service routinely engage in war “games” and come up with strategies and tactics on how to handle every type of military conflict and scenario that can be imagined .  One of the big new battle scenarios being actively discussed in the military recently is how to handle civil unrest in the U.S. and fighting in the streets.  What will the Army do if called in to fight armed civilians in the streets of the United States?  How will that urban warfare be conducted?  Will troops be able to fire upon other American citizens when the troops take an oath to protect American citizens?


He said many in the military are discussing the very real possibility that Obama will attempt to stay in office beyond two terms.  It is being speculated that Obama will do this by declaring a state of martial law.  The easiest way to declare martial law is when there is massive civil unrest and riots throughout the U.S.  Thus, it is believed that Obama, and his regime, will intentionally create a situation of massive civil unrest.  Some believe he has already started to implement that strategy by forcing Obamacare on everyone (when the populace did not ask for it and less than 300 people in power voted for it). Perhaps the Obama Administration is not too concerned over the totally dysfunctional Obamacare web site and the additional fact that millions will be dropped from their existing insurance policies which they already had and liked.  The Obama Administration may not care if getting health care becomes more difficult and more expensive because it is all leading toward civil unrest.  It is believed by some that Obamacare will only get worse and worse, and then in 2 to 3 years when people have a very difficult time getting medical treatment for themselves or their loved ones, people will get enraged.


Moreover, it is being speculated that around the same time when the frustration levels over Obamacare are hitting a critical point in 2 to 3 years, there will be a “glitch” in the welfare payment (or EBT) payment system.  The tens of millions who rely on EBT handouts to sustain themselves will be cut off.  The overwhelming majority of the EBT recipients are Black.  The Obama regime will then blame the “glitch” on the Republicans, i.e., Republicans froze government spending which “forced” Obama to suspension of EBT payments. (Obama will intentionally drive spending up and up uncontrolled knowing full well that one day the Republicans will be backed into a corner and finally vote for a freeze in spending.) Obama will create heightened racial tension by telling everyone that the White Republicans are racially motivated and did this to hurt the Black community.  This manufactured racial tension, combined with  growing tensions over the then-collapsing medical coverage due to Obamacare, will result in race wars and civil unrest.  People will take to the streets.


By the way, you should know that my colleague, the Army Colonel who is telling me all this, is Black.  He specifically commented, and outwardly expressed his embarrassment, about how Blacks have become so dependent and enslaved by the welfare system and the Democrats that it would be very easy to create civil unrest and race wars merely by cutting off, or dramatically hindering, EBT payments for only a month or so.  He believes that most Blacks, who have a misguided sense of entitlement, will then take to looting stores and rioting.


Once the race wars, civil unrest, and violence becomes pervasive throughout the U.S., Obama will declare martial law and take over.  Elections can, and will, be postponed under martial law.


My colleague noted that this possibility is clearly being analyzed and discussed inside the military because such a martial law strategy is nothing new.  Tyrannical and dictatorial leaders in the past have done the martial law strategy many times.  He noted that dictators such as Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler did basically the identical thing.  He went on to say that one of the most recent examples of this strategy was when Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines from 1972-1981 due to civil unrest.  The Philippines had democratic elections up until that time.  When martial law was declared, the Philippine constitution was suspended, its Congress dissolved, all elections were suspended, and Marcos remained in power for years beyond his elected term. The alleged “terrorist bombings” that occurred in the Philippines, which lead to Marcos declaring martial law, have always been questioned and never proven to be the acts of actual terrorists.


He concluded by saying that many believe this is the real reason behind the purgings of military generals.  The older members of the military, and especially its generals and leaders, tend to be more conservative and they believe in the Constitution—and following the Constitution.  Thus, a tyrant and dictator needs to get rid of these military leaders before a state of martial law is declared if the rising dictator wants the military to follow along and do what the dictator says.   Due to the loss of many experienced military leaders the past few years, the military is now being run and guided more and more by younger, inexperienced leaders. The type who won’t really know what to do if martial law was declared.  Moreover, he noted that there is a growing mind set throughout the military now that every soldier needs to keep quiet and just follow along with what Obama says and wants to do or you will be fired and your military career ruined.  Again, I was told this is nothing new since removing strong military leaders in advance of declaring martial law is a historically-proven element of a rising tyrant and dictator.

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    • Arrest seems too 'nice' of a punishment for this pos. 

    • Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple...

      Winston Churchill      1935

      So much was plainly obvious that even the blind should have seen the RED FLAGS of DANGER !!! But nothing was done, because those who spoke up were silenced by those who were dead from the neck up and who screamed the same Zombie like phrases " RACIST ", " BIGOT ", people being ruled by fear of ridicule, always remember, the vast majority of Liberal Minded people are brain dead to begin with, those who do have some form of brain activity, tend to be of the intellectual variety according to their own idea of intellect .... One cannot hold an Intelligent Conversation with a Liberal due to the very fact that Truth to them is like a Crucifix to Dracula, it terrifies them !


      The Quotations Page: Quote from Sir Winston Churchill
      "Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency…
    • Nothing will turn this around until Americans have been pushed to the point that they are suffering greatly, only the will they act. Obamadeath is not going to be catipult, cutting off the blacks from their food stamps will be. It is sad but true, the majority of blacks have willilngly enslaved themselves to libs , it is also true that the most violent and unlawful sector of society are blacks, they care not for law. Note, thousands of blacks are Americans, so this statement is not inclusive of a color, it is inclusive of a sector of society , a cultural sector of society, a destructive sector of society. I support the Colonel, but, I honestly think he knows what I know, it is going to take a trigger event before Americans will take real action. I will say, I also know, the thug in chief attempts to stop his removal by declaring martial law, the people will then do what they must to perserve freedom and those obstructing freedom will be dealt with accordingly.

      • When push comes to shove...Americans WILL shove back.

        8143172471?profile=originalBut if we wake up enough people, early enough, to see what is happening, how obama is manipulating things to his advantage...just maybe we can prevent (not likely) or shorten (likely) the battle to reclaim our Free America from the claws of a man who would imprison it.

        Our solidiers know this..... Freedom is worth dying for.

        Now we have to remind American civilians of that same ideal.

    • Obama doesn't need to "throw out" our Congress. He castrated them with his mighty "pen" and they have been crawling around looking for their balls ever since. Congress is an annoyance to Obama right now. Not a threat.

      We all know what has to be done. But (I hate the word "but" as it leads to an excuse for inaction usually) We need a LEADER right now. It is because the current "leader" Obama is NO advocate for America, and basically a THREAT to America,  we effectively have NO leader to fall in line with and focus on direction to get done what needs to be done. Millions of Americans are willing to support change, but we have no idea how to take the first step. We need a LEADER of the people. We need another 'George Washington' to save us from our own tyrannical "president" (lower case 'p' intentional)

      I vote Dr.Ben Carson, and whomever he aligns under him. Right now he is the only one I can see. Listen to him speak. He has the WISDOM, and the COURAGE of his Convictions.He is NOT a politititian, but feels COMPELLED to save our Freedom and our great nation for the children that come after us. He is a good man. He speaks plainly....without a hisssss in his words, like Obama. Please listen to him particularly closely after the two minute mark. I feel we need a leader that can MOTIVATE ordinary Americans to resolve and committ to getting what needs to be done , done. And because I beleive his motivation is 100% altruistic and partriotic. he genuinely feels this is the time to correct our government and put it back on track with what our Founding Fathers laid it out to be. Please...give him a listen, with your mind, and your heart. Because people know what to do. They need to FEEL the confidence this man's commitment brings to that effort.

      Anyone have other people in mind & why? 

      Dr.Ben Carson warns of Martial law & no 2016 election


      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
      • So far, I am with you on Dr. Carson.  My only real concern is that he has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the barrage that will come his way immediately upon his statement of intent to run.  He seems to be a very mild-mannered gentleman and if he is not strong enough, he will drown or be run over.

        • I strongly beleive he can. He has fortitude within his own character. Real fortitude that is not reliant on anybody else propping him up. He came up from extreme poverty to make himself a world renowed Pediatric Neurosurgeon. He knows what it is to strive against impossible odds and he has the courage, steadiness and resolve to address issues openly, right to Obama's face. Please watch the entire video. I know it is long, but there are times interspersed where he talks about problems related to Obama's handling of this country. Pay attention to Obama's face while you listen to Dr. Carson speak. Especially at the 17 minute mark. Carson  and Obama can be seen for who they are...it is easy to see the differences. Obama's smile sinks low when he is forced to listen to truth.

          Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present   http://youtu.be/PFb6NU1giRA

          To answer your question, 

          Dr Carson Talks About Backlash He Faced After Prayer Breakfast - On Hannity - YouTube

          • One problem I have with him is that he supports amnesty and that is a big one!

            • He once said this to someone who asked him about side issues. He said:

              America is a huge boat we are all on.

              It is heading for the waterfall. It is going ina direction that will surely destroy.

              The drop off crest is approaching quickly.

              We need to work together to get it turned around, to keep it from going over the falls.

              But that is hard to do when everyone keeps looking over the side rail and worrying about the barnacle problem on the hull.

              He said it better than I, but that is the gist of it. He said America has to WAKE UP, see the danger our country is in, before we go past the point of no return. People have to work together and let the smaller problems ride for now. Our country is so great a danger from Obama right now, and people are still squabbling about the barnacles when their focus should be reversing the direction the ship/country is going in. 

              I hope I didn't offend you, it was not my intention. But smaller issues have to take a back seat back. People say "Oh no, it can never happen here, we won't let it". But it IS happening here. And people just don't want to see it. ALL the signs are here. At this point I get kind of discouraged and wonder if the wake up call is already too late. I would make a LOUSY citizen of Islamic-America. I would kill as many as I could before I got killed. That's about it.

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