The boiling frog

The boiling frog


As the entire world knows president (cough cough) Joe Biden mumbles and fumbles his way around the White House, he is not really running anything, much less the country. The people who are actually running things in Washington DC are the same group of oligarchs and ‘elite’ traitors who were running things from behind the scenes in the Obama administration.
We have all heard and we are all familiar with the chronicles and theory of the boiling of a frog. If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water he will instantly jump out. But if you place a frog into a pot of cool water and then turn on the burners, that frog will stay there until he is boiled to death.

While most American’s simply sit back and enjoy the warmth of the water as it heats up, some of us are aware and able to recognize that American is gradually being transformed into a very very nasty Communist third world shit hole that in the end will resemble Venezuela or communist Cuba before it’s done. The republicans in the US house of representatives is (thankfully) finally embarking on impeaching this idiot Joe Biden. But can we depend on anything improving if and once he is gone? I think not. Those who are “fundamentally Transforming America’ into a communist state will remain in control behind the scenes. Next up to be impeached from this Biden/Harris/Obama administration will be Merrick Garland, (US Attorney General) and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, (director of Homeland security).
However the removal of these few people from power and authority will in no way constitute draining of the “Swamp” in Washington. THAT will require much more and much heavier drastic measures if America is to survive.

To those who are oblivious as to what lays ahead and to what awaits them if we don’t take drastic actions soon I can only remind them of what the Russian people went through after Joseph Stalin took over in 1917, and also what the Chinese people suffered when Mao Ts Tung took over China in the 1960’s and 1970’s

Stalin murdered an estimated 50-60 million people and Mao killed 70 million of his own Chinese people. Life in these countries today is not pleasant nor comfortable for the people who manage to survive.


Life in Communist “Utopia” countries under the so-called ‘Elites’ and rulers is anything except pleasant and comfortable. Freedom and liberty is expressly forbidden. Criticism of the rulers or the rules and regulations can get you a quick and final death penalty. Freedom of speech or the right to protest is none existent. So as too is the right to own property or your own home. There is no such thing as owning your own business. The government owns and controls everything – EVERYTHING.


(As a side note; The Washington Post recently ran an article saying about the newly elected Republican Speaker of the house Mike Johnson – “He’s a Christian Nationalist – Be afraid” )



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  • I believe we have a hint as to what this new speaker is all about with his latest comments on any Biden impeachment. That RINO believes there is nothing there. 

    Both parties are busy turning up the heat on the pot of frogs.

  • I think he's IN on impeachment, going to do it. But they are taking too damn long.

    No need to wait until next year. Get it done.


    • Did you read the article I sent you? The GOP has duped conservatives again with this new speaker. My personal opinion is this new speaker is a RINO and a CHINO (Christian In Name Only). I trust NO ONE in D.C. or my state capital.

      Bottom line; this nation is on the verge of collapse and there ain't a damn thing any of us can do about it, short of full blown rebellion, and the vast majority (99%) are too cowardly for that action.

      The frogs are hard boiled now.

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