Constitutional Emergency

  1. Hello: I congratulate you on being concerned about our deteriorating Nation. However I find your organization also ignores my suggestion to respectfully ask our President to return sanity and resign. I know it sounds stupid but consider these 2 things. A. Who really came up with and presented the idea of a Constitution and how many people and for how long did the idea float around in peoples heads before someone got serious and challenged the King. B.. If some group signed on to an open letter laying out the harm that President Obamas policy have done to all people, Black people as well, and got the letter publisized it could easily start a snowball effect that could FORCE our President to resign.
  2. If it is true that the thousands of Illegals that Obama released, instead of deporting them, murdered 19 American people I believe that 19 coffins (with a picture and the information about the dead American and how and whpo killed them) should be stragecially placed IN THE WHITEHOUSE in places where our President and his family would hhave to walk around the coffins so that they could see what his (President Obamas) misguided policies do to this Nation. I would also recommend that 19 large silouettes of the dead victums be wired onto the fence around the Whitehouse for Obama, his family,  and all visiters can see the results of President Obamas misguided policy. 

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