Citizens for the Constitution;

15 December 2013


If you think our Congress-members, our Military Leaders, the Judiciary, and the MEDIA aren’t aware of the Obama’s gun-running to our enemies  (i.e. lending aid and comfort) in Benghazi, just listen to this 3 minute clip by Rep. Trey Gowdy as he rips the media for covering up Obama and Hillary’s treasonous acts of fraud, dissembling, deception, and deceit.


It has been over 6 weeks since he challenged the media at a major ½ hour press conference – to answer these questions:

1.    Why was Amb. Chris Stevens in Benghazi the night he was killed?

2.    Why were we the last flag flying in Benghazi – after the British had left and the Red Cross had been bombed?

3.    Why were repeated requests for additional security denied again and again (by Obama and Hillary)?

4.    Why were no assets allowed to be deployed to help?

5.    Do you know if the ‘president’ called any of our allies and asked for help?

6.    Why was Susan Rice picked to go on the talk shows to promote the excuse of a ‘video’ – instead of SOS Hillary Clinton?

7.    Do you know the origin of the mythology of the spontaneous reaction to a video, and how we got from no evidence of that (the video) to being the official position of the administration?




He concludes with this: The media has a responsibility to investigate and report these questions!


“I’m not surprised that:

a)   The ‘president’ called this a ‘phony scandal’’;

b)   SOS Clinton asked ‘What difference does it make’;

c)    Jay Carney said ‘it happened a long time ago’!”


“I’m just surprised at how many of you BOUGHT IT!”


Here it is 6 weeks later, most everybody knows that answers to those questions:


1.    Stevens was there to facilitate and cover-up ‘gun-running to our enemies’, al Qaeda, in Libya;

2.    Same answer as # 1;

3.    Same answer as # 1;

4.    Same answer as # 1;

5.    NO! Obama obviously did not and would not call any of our allies to ask for help, due to Same answer as # 1;

6.    Susan Rice had less to lose than Hillary, once the lie of the video mythology was discovered, due to Same answer as # 1;

7.    The origin of the video mythology was obviously Obama and Hillary, due to Same answer as # 1;


… but neither the Congress nor our Military Leaders nor the  Judiciary nor the MEDIA has done or said anything about the acts of Treason of lending aid and comfort to our declared enemies in the declared ‘war on terror’, by our putative Commander in Chief, known by all to BE THE ONLY ONE who could give the STAND DOWN order not deploy assets to rescue those former SEALs from death at the hands of our ‘aided and comforted’ enemies!


Not until a majority of patriotic Americans become aware of the awesome depth and breadth of the corruption and treason that has engulfed our government and our nation will we have any hope of restoring our Constitutional Republic.


We all must be Paul Reveres now, to spread the word to those remaining Americans with an ounce of patriotism left in their blood.




In Liberty and In Truth.


Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution

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This could also be long and drawn out, so the intent should be to plan an EXTENDED stay..... no point in leaving this time until the first level of "the goal" is accomplished..... remember they have clueless thugs in many agencies and capacities.....

That's the plan Tish.  We hope for a massive display for a day or two and then a residual of a million or more.......for as long as it takes.


It would help with the "clueless thug" contingency, if people carried signs which state the entire list of our grievances against our Government. We can use the signs for instant educational tools. Plus the signs would be helpful when the media shows up and they try to embarrass some of our people by asking point-by-point questions. Then all they do is point to the signs. Or as a famous comedian used to say... "Here's your Sign"!

When we get OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING web site up and running there will be a page that has many slogan suggestions for signs right out of the constitution, bill or rights, Declaration of Independence, Bible, etc..........not all encompassing but ideas..we will need many signs.

I,m all in for doing what must be done to restore our great country, it seems as though we have exhausted any and all means of negotiation. If we have not then we need to turn more stones over before spring sheds new light on a world in desperation for what once was a constitutional land of laws and order as stipulated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights  established at ground zero in 1789.

For almost two years we have been asking the questions that are at the forefront of the article that i have just read, and since the assault in Benghazi i have many times asked this question " Where was General Betrayus " during the murders of Ambassador Stevens and the seals.what was the General doing and what role did he play. During all the press coverage and the hype about the phony video he ( Betrayus) has simply been silenced and like Hillary he has gone into hiding. It may be a very long stretch, but sometimes to catch the big fish, we have to start catching the little ones first.

I could be 100% wrong about what role the General played during Benghazi or after, that,s my two cents on this but it,s something that has been bothering me for a long time.

I will do my part, just let me know when.......Joe Patriot Sanchez !!.

Ok, just for you Twana, I will comment.  Though I believe you and many others already know where I stand on this.

The quick answer?  YES.  We need an "American Spring", albeit that I hate coining a phrase used by insurgents.

Now the tirade:

We have failed as a nation.  Period. 

Claiming to be enlightened, having once had a wonderful education system; we have also become numb to real issues that affect us.  Most sheep living in our borders are more concerned with Monday Night Football, the NBA or NASCAR, than their rights.  In fact... to take this a step further, MOST "Sheeple", are so ridiculously "Constitutionally-retarded" that they don't even know the difference between a Right, a privileged and an entitlement.  So before we go further, allow me to expound upon each of these.

An Entitlement is; those items such as monies, food stores, shelter or other "trinkets" that are handed out by government, which are not earned (to say through working or laboring in exchange for said item) by the individual receiving it.  Many today, even in the workforce, feel they are somehow "entitled" to things that they have not earned.  This may be extended time off, extensive smoke breaks, not following the rules of the company.  Others (not all, but most) who receive freebies from government, are like the kids in Iraq and Afghanistan, or even the Balkans, who chase the HMMWV's through the streets, expecting "Joes" to toss out candy or water or other items, because some ding bat from the last rotation screwed up and started feeding the wildlife.  Our government creates Entitlement... they use it, twist it, pervert it.  And those who have come to expect it, are too inundated with it, to know they are being used; or are too ignorant to understand that this too, will one day run out.

A Privilege: Is similar to an entitlement, except that it is often earned.  Having served our nation, while in uniform, was a privilege of mine.  I did not have to do it and when I swore in, and moved out for Basic Training, there was no guarantee that I would make it.  I had to cause that to happen, through determination and hard work.  Driving an automobile, is a privilege.  You have to work to make money, to buy a car and to pay for your license.  Now this may not be the best example, but you get my drift.  Some would argue that we have the RIGHT to travel; though true... God gave you legs (most of us) and no one restricts that mode of transportation.  If one acts stupidly, those privileges may be take away.  Earned, but not guaranteed.

A RIGHT:  Is God Given.  When you are born, as is stated in the Declaration of Independence, man (kind) is born with certain "inalienable rights", meaning that no other human being has the RIGHT to take these from another human being. 

In our Bill of Rights, certain articles, spell out the limitations placed upon our government; such as, the right to free speech, religion and the press.  The right to assembly.  The right to keep and bear arms or to be secure in our homes and on our person, from ALL unwarranted searches and seizures. Though there is o guarantee of being able to own a firearm... in which I mean you have to EARN money, to buy a firearm... your right to own one is your own.  Having a job, is the privileged that provides you the ability to purchase one.

This last definition, is what the ignorant masses have been mistaking their "entitlements" to be.

As for the American Spring?  It is well over due.  When I say we have failed, I don't just mean Conservatives (because all liberals will read this to be the case) rather, I mean ALL Americans have failed.  This uprising has been overdue for more than 3 decades.

Liberals fight so hard to disprove Conservatives... Conservatives get upset with the liberals... each of them wanting things "their way".  But here is the beauty of our Nation's history and Constitution... you can all have what you wish, if you are willing to work for it and do not attempt to deny the rights of others.  Wow, how profound! 

I. for one, can fill my bunkers with arms... and ya know what?  They will never do harm to anyone, who does not first try to do harm to me.  My neighbor may choose to remain unarmed, and while I find that to be completely absurd, I support his right to do so. 

In a civilized society, no person may carry out an act which deprives another of their Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights.  But we have been veering away from being civilized for many years now.  It is for this reason, that our Rights were forever enshrined in our Constitution.  These are our emergency contingency plans. 

Everything that was expressed in the video and commentary, that this response serves testimony to, is on the mark.  We have seen time and again, people, that our government officials (Democrat or Republican) sway with the breeze on their vote.  When all the while, their spine should be steady, backed by a resolute Constitution; unwavering.  How many times has just this current administration, lied, dodged the truth, covered up fact, covertly abused their power?  How long would you take this abuse?  Wives... would you take this from your husband?  Husbands.... conversely?  Then why do we allow our elected officials to run our lives so? 

Why do we allow the Government to weaken our standing in the eyes of the world?  Why do we allow them to play chess with the lives of our sons and daughters?  Why do we allow them to steal from us what we work hard to provide for our families and loved ones?  Why?  Because we have failed.

I have never been one to say "it's over man, we're screwed!"  But I have seen plenty of sheep who would call themselves Patriot, post just such things.  My friends... it is never over.  Even if every last Patriot perished in the coming struggle, do you really thing that there is no more hope for freedom?  What matters is whether you (and I am speaking to each individual out there reading this)... whether you, have the testicular fortitude to do what is right; albeit unpopular in the eyes of most sheep.  Do you think for one instance, that the farmers that stood on that bridge, 19 April 1775, came to the decision to open fire, easily?  Do you think that the oppressiveness of the Crown at that time was more so than that which weighs upon our nation now?  If you said yes to either of these questions, you will be remanded to remedial American History Training, immediately.

  • In 1775, a ][][][% tax was levied, leading to disgust amongst the people.
  • In 1775, only ][][][% of the population supported any idea of Revolution.  Most were neutral sheep, while near 20% were Torrey Sympathizers.
  • In 1775, the Government sent troops to perform mandatory "Gun confiscations"... Leading to the battle which would later inspire R.W. Emmerson to write the Concord Hymn in 1837.
    • By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
    • Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
    • Here once the embattled farmers stood,
    • And fired the shot heard round the world.

What prompted our ancestors to commit to such an act as this?  It never ceases to amaze me when talking to people on this topic, what they will come up with.  Some would say they were brigands, outlaws who refused to accept any authority over them.  Others find the opening acts to the Revolution to have been near Divine intervention, necessary at that time; while yet, others may state that though our forefathers were somehow justified in their actions against tyranny, our generations living now, are somehow exempt from ever having to witness such acts.  I wish I had a dime for every time a person has told me"(sure it happened then and it will happen again, but it will not happen in my time)".  This, my friends, is becoming the legacy of the generations inhabiting this planet now.

Our Grandfathers, were "doers", builders and warriors.  They worked hard, loved ferociously and played even harder. They had insight... now, we have liberalism, progressive-ism... more ism's than one can fathom.  Our culture is base upon selfishness.  It is the "me" society.  And we have allowed this to progress through the idea that we should somehow tolerate everything.  I say, excuse my rudeness, but wrong is wrong and if you ideas hold no meaning, then no American should be forced to accept them.  At the point that anyone in government ceases to realize this, then I hold that they should no longer hold authority over any office in this land.

Clois wrote and I concur, that we should continue to petition, protest and seek judgement through courts, while the option is still available.  We must resolve; however, that should our voices and moreover, our Constitution continue to be ignored; if those who were elected to uphold their oaths, feel the desire to continue to tear our nation apart and reduce Americans to a form of slavery and despotism; if they feel the need to violate our homes, our sanctity and our persons with violence to enforce their treasonous edicts... then force should be met head on, with force and we should not cease until we have reached the LOA (Limit of Advance) and all tyrants are removed.

I agree with you regarding the "Spring" name.  If I recall correctly it was either the Prez or the media which first labeled the protests in the middle east "spring" this or that.  But who were those protesters wanting to put in place?  Muslum brotherhood, al Quida supporters and other terrorist, fanatical islamist and thugs.  I think this protest being planned is righteous.  We have the right to demand our country be returned to its foundational principles. We aren't seeking our government be turned into something else but, rather, to be returned to what it rightly was.  I have already voice this opinion to Twana but did not get a response.  I hope she, Harry and whoever will reconsider and find a name which will truly fit THIS cause.


I personally love the name. For me it's a way to tell the present administration to "shove it" because they were soooo in love with the name. Believe me, the irony will not be lost to them.


Very good thought!  Thanks.  I had not even thought of it that way.  I'm starting to like the name! 

Judy.....we are calling for an American Spring modeled after the huge uprisings against tyrannical governments with Egypt being the model.  The folks in Cairo turned out by the millions to remove the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama helped elect.....a bunch of radical, butchering cave dwellers.  The Egyptian Army threw out the Muslim Brotherhood and is installing some semblance of freedom in Egypt..we're not modeling their government, we're modeling a people that said "enough is enough" and went to the streets and made a difference, caused government leaders to be removed and now under trial for murder and other crimes......Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, Holder should be held to the same standard as they are criminals or complicit in crime.

We want the leadership in America removed, not our government torn apart, the America model for governing is fine, it's the criminal, lawless leaders that are going their own way unconstitutionally.....

OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING  is our rallying cry...........

Gotcha!  Thanks for explaining it to me.

" The Egyptian Army threw out the Muslim Brotherhood..."  Correct. If the military was not on the side of the Egyptian people, they would have been wiped out and Morsi would be in power!

Our military has been stripped - 198 of our Top Brass in all branches of our military FIRED by Obummer. Thousands of our military heroes are committing suicide and muslims abound therein!        Who do you think he has left in charge??????????  Those that will obey his orders and will fire on fellow countrymen?!?  We The People do not need to go up against the strongest military force in the world.  We have The Constitution and need to enforce it as written by our Founding Fathers!

The Bill of  Rights is for The People, US!  Amendment V - the Common Law Grand Jury is the 4th and strongest branch of government given to We The People!  It's The People's oversight of ALL public servants to ensure they follow the Constitution and are honest in doing their jobs.  It is Constitutional, legal, and peaceful...and it works!  National Liberty Alliance web page will show how to utilize and implement the tools given US to take back our Republic and Freedoms and will connect you with Patriots in your state and county working with others across the country to get rid of the lawlessness, traitors and scum in our states and federal government.  Get on board, and by the time the American Spring happens, we could be going to DC to watch Obummer and his commie administration and traitors being taken out in handcuffs.  I'd rather bring champagne and celebrate, instead of guns and watch Patriots get slaughtered in the streets when there is no need.



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