December 26th  

Boehner must go

After a very congenial but well animated discussion over post-Christmas breakfast, we, a consortium of conservative chowderheads and marching society, pretty much agreed that Boehner had to be replaced as Speaker of the House of Representatives in the new Congress.

Every time this topic comes up publically, dumping Boehner, the establishment republicans get all aghast that we could even think about replacing the man who “Took Away Nancy Pelosi’s” chair. That’s like saying that Scott Brown took away “Ted Kennedy’s Chair” in the senate.

Ted wasn’t using it, and Nancy had proven incontinent, anyway – pretty much the writing was on the walls of the “hallowed halls” that Liberalism was headed for the door, and someone was going to get into those vacant chairs, whether the person currently sitting there could fog a mirror or not. Ted was dead, and that’s that; the “chair” didn’t have his name on it.

Pelosi got so iced that she couldn’t fog a mirror and Boehner fell into the Speakership because he had been minority leader so long that everyone thought they’d give him a chance to “make his bones.”

He’s had his chance, and as far as conservatives are concerned, he has Stentorian Osteoporosis: hardening of the bones to the point that he can no longer function as a leader, but he still talks as if he can.

Boehner – get this: “Conservatives are not the minority anymore, so stop acting like they are.”

What has he done to prove that he is so indispensable to the job that somebody chosen at random from the Ocala Florida phone book (if they still print them) couldn’t do the job just as well.

There has been no substantive attempt from the House of Representatives to defund any of Obama’s Executive orders. There has been no attempt to cut off his Czars from their food supply (money is food for politicians) and certainly nothing has been done to call public attention to the fact that the Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are fleeing from Barak Obama like the passengers from the Costa Concordia when the Captain compromised with regulations and slid his vessel into the unmovable Costa Italia.

The toxic nature of Obama to all Democrats seeking reelection was completely whitewashed, not just because the media is so in the tank for the Bamster, but because mainline GOP doesn’t want to “upset” the “loyal opposition” just in case one or the other of them gets reelected when they weren’t supposed to.

No Republican is out there calling those “spade is a spade” shots about who is actually responsible for the obstruction in Congress, and as a result, Democrats still believe that they have their shot at governing the country even after the disastrous (for them) election in November.

Barak Obama personally, with complicit aid from both parties, has ground the country’s government to a halt by forcing Democrat hands in the passing of Obamacare. Now we are being told Obamacare is the law of the land, and to “live with it” which is horsemanure and everybody knows it.

Well, having everybody knowing and anybody acting are two different sets of standards.

The fear in Washington is that those long memories and long knives will come out in retaliation and somebody of “principle” will lose his (or her) job.

Night of Long Knives in 1934 Germany when the NAZIs purged the party of all the opposition to Hitler –

It is time for the Long Knives to come out, and it is time to use them to sever the long-standing complicity which exists between the Oldline GOP, and the New World Order Democrats who are so sold out to socialism that many of the “Fly-over” democrat representatives are living in fear of the next election, let alone the blood bath they just took in the last one.

A good start would be for the Republicans to admit that they cannot be “Democrat Lite” and to start acting in the will of the people, which is to start now (not tomorrow) but right now, when congress is out of session, by saying that the Republicans will not play footsie under the table with the Democrats, and the most clear message could be sent by dumping Boehner and plopping someone with Cajones into the Speaker of the House’s seat.

I don’t really know if Trey Gowdy made any deals with Boehner in order to get the prestigious seat as Chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, but that’s now immaterial. What matters is how Trey has handled himself in the postion.

Gowdy can take the lead by charging against the entrenched GOP attitude of collusion with the enemy. It’s way too late in the game to be using the opposition’s playbook in a running game.

In November, the Republicans achieved a startlingly overwhelming vote of confidence from Americans. They can waste it so quickly that the ink isn’t even dry on the New Year’s Calendar of events if they don’t strike now, and strike hard.

Announcing that Gowdy will replace Boehner if the votes are right would be the first step in regaining our confidence after the disastrous passage of the Crime-nubus bill.

If nothing else, Gowdy could hardly be any worse than Boehner, and more than likely will prove to be much better.

Let your representatives know how you feel, and what you want them to do about it.

Tuum Arida Pulveris Pyrii
Keep your powder dry

House passes controversial spending bill
By Suzy Khimm and Benjy Sarlin

Thanks in part to a rare alliance between President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner, the House voted Thursday to pass a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government, clearing a hurdle to avoid an otherwise imminent government shutdown.

The House also passed a measure that will fund the government for two additional days in order to give the Senate time to approve the legislation before the government runs out of funding on Friday, according to NBC News.

At the eleventh hour, Obama and Boehner scrambled to salvage the bill – which passed by a vote of 219 to 206 – amid a Republican revolt over immigration and a Democratic revolt over provisions that would deregulate Wall Street and increase the amount that individual donors can contribute to national political party committees.

With its fate in doubt, President Obama took to the phones to personally lobby Democratic members to vote for the legislation, a development White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. Obama also spoke to Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who emerged this week as the deal’s most prominent antagonist, ahead of a Thursday evening meeting between House Democrats to determine their next move. They were joined by White House chief of staff Dennis McDonough, who argued that the package was the best they could do and funded a number of critical priorities.

Despite the administration’s best efforts, Democratic Congressman Steve Israel left the meeting with McDonough convinced that the bill “is not something that most Democrats can support at this point.”

House Republican leaders began Thursday confident they had the votes to push through the spending bill, which was negotiated with Senate Democratic leaders, by a small margin. But in a dramatic turn, Boehner only barely managed to pass a procedural motion to advance the bill after Democrats unanimously voted “no” along with 16 Republicans. Republican leaders scrambled to convince enough conservative dissenters to change their votes to “yes” at the last second and it passed with a razor-thin 214-212 vote margin. 

Boehner’s difficulty securing support for the procedural vote on the spending agreement, a type of bill known as a continuing resolution, bodes ill for its final passage. A final vote was originally scheduled for 2 p.m., but the House instead went into recess then, suggesting House GOP leaders were not confident they had the support to carry it across the finish line. 

Republicans, facing a backlash over the bill’s length, spending levels, and above all its lack of a provision blocking Obama’s recent immigration action, may need upwards of dozens of Democrats to make up for Republicans voting against it. But prominent Democrats both in the House and Senate – among them, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren – have urged their caucus to stand firm against the bipartisan bill negotiated with Senate leaders and deny House leaders the necessary votes. 

“We believe the fight is now,” Rep. Maxine Waters, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, told reporters outside of a meeting of Democratic members on Thursday evening to determine the path forward. She urged her colleagues not to “be intimidated by anybody,” including the president. 

Waters launched her own whip operation on Thursday to rally Democrats against the bill, which was hammered out by Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski and GOP Rep. Hal Rogers, both parties’ top appropriators, in defiance of Obama’s own lobbying effort. 

Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the number-two ranking Democrat in the House, told reporters after the procedural vote that he was undecided on the final spending deal and was waiting for a signal from President Obama in determining how to proceed.  “I want to hear what the president has to say,” he said.

The answer came within the hour, as the White House issued a statement supporting the spending deal. While the administration objected to riders watering down regulations on Wall Street and increasing the maximum amount of money donors can give to political parties, they concluded that the tradeoff was worth it to fund the president’s health care law through the fiscal year, sidestep a fight over the White House’s immigration executive action, bolster funds for combatting Ebola, and prevent a government shutdown.

With Obama’s position clear, the vote will be a test of his clout with congressional Democrats, as well as Boehner’s with conservatives. 

At the heart of the internal divisions in both the Republican and Democratic party is a debate over which side will have more political leverage next year, when the incoming Republican Senate and a larger House GOP majority are sworn in. 

Participants in Democrats’ emergency meeting on Thursday argued both sides. Retiring Congressman Jim Moran sided with the White House, warning that if the caucus didn’t accept the current deal, Republicans will have more power next year and strip out funding for cherished Democratic priorities across the board. “Nobody’s going to get anything,” he said. 

But others suggested that Republicans would face the same divisions between tea party and establishment members they do now that and Democrats would set an important precedent by demonstrating they wouldn’t rescue Republican leaders from their own internal dysfunction without a price. 

“We’ve got to stand up on principle at some point or they’re going to kick us even more next year,” Democratic Congressman Pete DeFazio of Oregon told reporters.

On the Republican side, Boehner has argued to members that by funding the vast majority of government through the fiscal year, they’ll have an easier time forcing concessions on immigration and remove the risk of a risky full-scale shutdown. Critics on the right suspect that they’re being set up for a quiet surrender later and argue that Republicans will lose momentum and demoralize the base the longer they delay a confronation. Congressman Steve King of Iowa, a leader of the immigration hardliners, pitched the party on a compromise plan to pass a brief 60-day extension of government funding with a symbolic immigration measure attached to allow them to continue the fight immediately after the new Congress is sworn in. 

The unusual partnership between Boehner and Obama faces its toughest opposition on the left from Pelosi, who told reporters on Thursday that she was “enormously disappointed” in Obama’s decision to back away from a fight over the riders. In an open letter to her caucus, Pelosi argued to members that Republicans lacked the votes to pass a bill on their own and that Democrats should withhold their votes unless they could remove the offending language.

“However you decide to vote in the end, I thank those who continue to give us leverage to improve the bill,” Pelosi wrote, referring to members who were resisting calls to support the continuing resolution.

The proposed changes to the Wall Street reform law would allow banks to trade types of derivatives, a complex financial product heavily involved in the 2008 financial crisis, via institutions that are insured by taxpayer dollars. Progressive lawmakers and activists argue that the proposed changes will put taxpayers on the hook for another bailout if investors make risky bets using derivatives that again go bad en masse. The rollback would benefit banks directly, as trading derivatives in subsidiaries insured by the federal government is more profitable.

 “It’s more billions of dollars in subsidies for Wall Street — it’s morally reprehensible,” Sen. Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, told reporters on Thursday. “They’re saying government bailouts are back,” he added. 

“I think the special interest groups, particularly the Wall Street banks, are salivating at the thought of the new Congress and want to park themselves under the mistletoe when it comes to this bill, and I have real problems with that,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, a member of the Democratic leadership, though he said he was undecided about whether to support the bill.

“It’s more billions of dollars in subsidies for Wall Street — it’s morally reprehensible.” Sen. Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio

The Wall Street provision is one that many House Democrats have supported in the past: In October 2013, 70 House Democrats voted to relax new regulations of complex derivatives known as swaps, which banks use to hedge risk. Supporters of the change say that the regulation will actually increase risk by forcing Wall Street to move swaps activity from subsidiaries with government-insured deposits to those that are subject to less oversight.

The GOP leadership is hoping that they will have enough Democrats on board to pass the legislation as is, which also includes more 2015 funding for financial oversight agencies — a new concession included in the bill released on Tuesday.

 “I expect this bill will receive bipartisan support and pass. Remember this bill was put together in a bicameral, bipartisan way, and there is no member who should have objection to it,” Boehner said on Thursday.

Boehner sought to fend off an uprising from the right over immigration by crafting a budget deal that funds most of the government through September 2015, but included only short-term funding for the Department of Homeland Security that would allow Republicans to threaten a partial shutdown early next year to fight the White House action, which is expected to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Prominent conservative groups like Heritage Action want Republicans to make their move on immigration now, however, and are putting pressure on House Republicans to buck leadership and vote “no.”

At that point, congressional Democrats would lose the small amount of leverage they currently have to wring concessions from Republicans. But it could also set up a big intramural fight early on in the new Republican Congress: If Congress has to negotiate an entire budget at that point, it would raise the possibility of a potential shutdown fight early in 2015, particularly if immigration and funding for Homeland Security becomes a rallying cry for conservatives again.

Separately, the House voted on Wednesday to extend a terrorism risk insurance program through 2020, which passed on a 417-7 vote. The bill also included a tweak to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act that exempts non-banks — including manufacturers, farmers and others — from certain regulations on swaps transactions that are used to hedge risk.

Supporters describe it as a “technical fix” that clarifies the original intent of the law, unlike the far more dramatic provision in the bigger spending bill. It has attracted significant Democratic support in the pass.

Sen. Chuck Schumer, however, slammed the inclusion of the provision and rejected the idea that the terrorism risk bill would pass easily in the Senate. And the White House says that it “strongly opposes” the inclusion of the Dodd-Frank change in the terrorism risk insurance bill but has stopped short of a veto threat. “This bill should not be used as a vehicle to add entirely unrelated financial regulatory provisions,” the administration said in a statement.

Americans for Financial Reform, a pro-reform advocacy group, opposes the end-user change for stripping regulators of the authority to demand collateral if necessary, which could put the financial system at unnecessary risk. “Without such authority, regulators will be unable to address buildups of unmargined derivatives risk even if they determine it is a threat either to the safety and soundness of an individual dealer or to the financial system as a whole,” the group wrote in a 2013 letter opposing the change.

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Jean.....the most pressing action that we can influence immediately is "Boehner removal"........if we can do that it will send an earthquake signal that "conservatives have arrived".............Yes, it is my number 1 recommendation for action now.

I have recently read articles that question Trey Gowdy's motives and objectives, however I bury them in the sinkhole of all the other negative crap that has been posted.

I do agree that the GOP has failed the voters and John Boehner must go.  I would be delighted to see Trey Gowdy fill that position but I WOULD RATHER THAT HE RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES !  At a second best I would prefer that he be Vice President, Attorney General or Secretary of State.

As we have all witnessed, Mr. Gowdy has a well needed directness to his approach in finding the truth.  Cowards and liars fear him.  The IRS has been knocked down a few notches of "self-importance" due to his direct questioning of their inexplicable intervention into private records.  Mr. Gowdy has spared no less enthusiasm in finding the truth behind the Benghazi debacle and I find his expertise as a prosecutor has dealt him a special way toward finding and exposing wrongdoing.  He could also pin Eric Holder to the wall for any of a number of violations - most outstanding is "Operation Fast & Furious" and his race baiting among black vs. white.  

We need a leader of character and sense of truth that Trey Gowdy presents.  I would be more than delighted that, if he were not to seek higher office or appointment, he should lead the prosecution of Barack Obama as a usurper, a fraud, a co-conspiritor to commit forgery and a number of very serious violations of U.S. Law.  If anyone with any balls were to present legislation to investigate Obama and his past and to bring that evidence for endictment for the crime of Treason against the United States I would be one of millions dancing in the streets for joy.

Mr. Obama, I want you locked up in a Federal Prison under maximum security until a death sentence can be carried out in accordance with U.S. Law.  I will attend and thrill when you shake in your shoes for the punishment you are due.

I may be on your shitlist but listen up FAKE, I don't give a rat's behind.  I have tired of the diplomatic efforts to communicate your failures and your efforts to turn MY country into a Socialist State.  

Mr. Gowdy, I plead for you to run for the office of President of the United States.  I am totally confident you have "the right stuff" to restore us to the nation we once were.


Mr. Freeman -  I have been a Trey Gowdy fan for quite some time now.  However, I really wish you would answer some questions about him:  given the close numbers on the procedural vote to bring the CROmnibus to the floor for a vote, why did Trey Gowdy vote yes and then turn around and vote no on the bill itself?  I have also been impressed with his performance as the lead on the House Special Committee on Benghazi.  That is, up until recently.  Please explain his actions as noted by Walid Shoebat:,,

I would expect that you are familiar with Walid Shoebat, are you not?  IMO, he is an excellent investigator and has a history of being absolutely dead-on in his conclusions.  He started out very, very high on Trey so no-one can say he has been out to "get him."  In no way do I wish to "rain on your parade;" on the contrary, I would be thrilled beyond measure to find any politician who is honest, trustworthy and truly cares about our country and following his/her oath to our Constitution and to The People.  Sadly, each and every time, I discover that most (if not all) truly have feet of clay and, in the end, simply cannot be trusted!  Please, give me a good reason to ignore these inconsistencies! 

Kiko has no business being part of the Benghazi Select Committee I totally agree.  That being said, what "real" role is he playing or is he simply a idle plant, perhaps for reverse engineering?

The OSS and the CIA have used this technique for many, many years.  Perhaps Gowdy is using similar stragety.......or did he just make one huge mistake?  I can't explain the answer you are looking for.

What you present changes in NO WAY my admiration of the integrety of Trey Gowdy.  You'll have to get much deeper with concrete FACT before you can achieve that.

Perhaps you should go back to one of my earlier posts in which I emphasize the reincarnation of the unexplainable deletion of the THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT which banned all lawyers from being members of our congress and our government.  I believe that would help only to the degree that, unfortunately, even a common man will be subject to the offer of riches by corruption.


Perhaps Gowdy is using similar stragety ..... should be spelled strategy.  So my fingers got confused - but I knew what I was saying.......LOL !

The political establishment walks a crooked mile as they are all useless and nothing but thieves, pedophiles, constant violators of their oaths of office, derelict of duty and obligation to us all and many are also totally malfeasant in office as in the case of the ACA; it is apparent that Few if ANY of them ever read it or it would NOT be extant and the albatross around our necks that it is. Until we hold all of these bums both responsible and accountable and take a large numbers of them in BOTH parties out of office, NOTHING WILL CHANGE! RESPECT IS EARNED. These FOOLS and charlatans have earned NOTHING but disdain from the top to the bottom  from the constituenciesand in that, the dislike is BIPARTISAN!

Which Brian, is exactly why I personally believe that Not only must Boehner be removed as speaker and his counter part in the Senate must also go but my belief that nothing is being solved at the ballot box at least in the near term and will not unless and until our message to them is strong enough that that there is no way they can misread our anger. Sending signals by removing Democrats from office and replacing them with the same kind of go along to get along Republicans solves little unless we can replace evert one of the old boy network and thensend amessage to their replacements thatwe expect them to clean uptheir own houses by revising the powers and perks of the Boehners, Pelosis, so people like them cannot intimidate fellow members into collborating with the self serving interests of Obama and others if his ilk. That said, I personally must unwind after these comments or take another nitro tablet.

I take 4 medications for chronic high blood pressure and feel the need often, (though I do not obey it) to increase the dosage. NOTHING is more frustrating to me to see the inaction or outright collusion of incompetency and criminal complicity which has allowed things to so deteriorate here that Albuquerque , NM has had their internet infrastructure hacked and been warned by ISIS, that Allah willing, they will be the first to feel the wrath of ISIS and no mercy shown to Christians and that they are ALREADY& HERE!  So much for Border or National Security in this Administration where the Caliph in Chief is playing golf in Hawaii at the expense of ISS' potential victims! WHEN WILL THIS COUNTRY HAVE HAD ENOUGH TO DO MSOMETHING ABOUT IT IN THEIR OWN DEFENSE SINCE IT IS A CERTAINTY NONE WILL BE COMING FROM WASHINGTON?

I agree completely and WOULD fight to the last breath but there is no organized resistance ,with the resources to be effective and until that is a reality and until such a group is armed and effective as a partisan group there is no likelihood of anything positive being done and, we can see the beginning of the failure altogether of this country's infrastructure and security accomplished over the last 6 years in particular as part of a hostile and Grand deliberated design by those purportedly "serving the best interests of us all" It is all BS , of course , but it IS nonetheless where we currently and admittedly stand: between the proverbial rock and a hard place and I can see no immediate way to escape it WITHOUT an organization and at least tactical leadership with SOME resources at hand.

My nine year old grand daughter could do better with nothing more than her box of crayons than Boehner has done. The man is so far up O's backside he can't see. We are sitting here allowing our United States of America become the Socialist States of America. If everyone would get involved by writing there representatives, maybe they would take a hint and a revolution would not be needed.

It still matters. If they want to be re=elected they care what you think. If you are for or against they need to know. If you don't tell them, they have the excuse of "How was I supposed to know what you wanted?" Scream, rant, rave, holler and in general raise cane. Make your opinion known on everything that counts and this does definitely count. This fool needs to go. He is working for the destruction of this country. I write virtually every single day. Have to admit, I had dental surgery this week so I have slowed way down, just signing petitions. I have to think clearly to write!

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