From Bunker Hill to Bunkerville – Americans Fight Back!

From Bunker Hill to Bunkerville – Americans Fight Back!

Bundy Ranch:Freedom Movement!

When the call arrived that Bureau Land Management (BLM) agents intended to begin a “Dynamic Raid” on the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada, I responded because of several responsibilities: I am an Oath Keeper, as well as a member of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and the presidents of both organizations asked for assistance.  I also was responding to the call, as I coordinated the movement of several Arizona Legislators who, on their own and with their personal funds, made their way to the Bundy Ranch at Bunkerville.  There were many citizens from across the western United States who also answered the call, and there were citizens and Oath Keepers and former military who came from the East Coast!  U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar from Arizona also arrived.  Besides Arizona Legislators, legislators from four other western states also heeded the call to Bunkerville, Nevada.  Two County Supervisors/Commissioners from Arizona went, as did a couple more from other states; a couple of former state legislators from western states, a land commissioner, along with state coordinators of several patriot and Tea Party groups, at least a half dozen pastors including Chuck Baldwin, a dozen or more long-time (100-years+) ranchers, and a goodly number of teenagers from various states…we all met in a dry, windy, dusty, and hot place named Bunkerville, Nevada.

What drove us all there…what possessed thousands of people from across the country to forge their way to this remote part of the west?  The reason as I see it is rather simple and eloquent; FREEDOM RISING!  The Freedom Movement for this generation began in earnest a week ago at the Bundy Ranch.  The Freedom Movement answered the call to stand firm against tyranny by a centralized federal government our Forefathers feared could raise its’ diabolical head if not kept in check, and it has not been kept in check by WE THE PEOPLE, who, are the true government of this exceptional Nation!  Somehow, someway, WE THE PEOPLE became lazy and content being able to go to Starbucks and McDonald’s at will, and leave the governing to, well, government!  The results are obvious to all who stood post at Bunkerville.  The Federal Government of the United States has become mean spirited, vindictive, corrupt beyond belief, vile in its’ hatred of free speech and citizens challenging its’ authority.  The Federal Government of the United States has worked diligently to become all-powerful, all-knowing, all-dictatorial, and all-militarized against its’ own citizens who dare to question the decisions and behaviors by its’ agents and representatives.  The Federal Government of our country has chosen a hidden agenda to be implemented that goes directly against the values and principles by which our country was founded, and directly against the good for the people. 

In the days to come, I will share a number of issues associated with the fight at Bunkerville.  I will share with you, as an eye-witness to history there, the rising up of the Freedom Movement by citizens of all walks of life and from many different regions in America; including the contingent now inbound to Bundy Ranch from Alaska.  I will share with you stories like the prayers said prior to each public meeting, the multiple prayers openly said by citizens during various gatherings, and the prayers said by the cowboys, as a group, all sitting on their horses prior to rounding-up the cattle the BLM scattered and even left for dead.  The prayers asked the Lord to forgive our Nation for squandering the blessings He has bestowed on us as a people; prayers seeking God’s counsel in righting the wrongs we have committed as a people; prayers of forgiveness for running our own affairs of state without seeking the Lord’s purposes and wishes, for not seeking His counsel and wisdom. 

The inconvenient truth about Bunkerville is that the Federal Government was caught and stopped by WE THE PEOPLE in a continuous land grab that has gone virtually unnoticed except to we living here in the west.  The inconvenient truth about Bunkerville is that the people from various states in this Union stood, shoulder-to-shoulder, to stem the tide of an out-of-control centralized government who no longer cares about the welfare for those they are charged with protecting and representing – WE THE PEOPLE.  Private property rights, State sovereignty, the inalienable rights of the citizen, the care and protection of our God given resources mean absolutely nothing to the preponderant majority of elected officials, except during campaign season.  Developing resumes, seeking power, public position and notoriety, money and influence are the aphrodisiacs to which so very many elected officials succumb.  And if their gain is at the expense of our freedoms, our rights, our safety and welfare, then their thinking is “something has to give for me to obtain that which I want.”  

WE THE PEOPLE coming together and standing against tyranny and greed like our Forefathers did 239-years ago said, “NOT THIS TIME!”  There are elected officials, sheriffs, militia of the people standing vigil at the Bundy Ranch for the next 3-months!  We expect another incident provoked by the federal runaway goverenment.  The federal runaway government better expect WE THE PEOPLE! 

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We stand together. The Lord us with us!


To GOD be the Glory!

What lies ahead will truly test our metal!

It will be neither easy or cheap.

That being said, our fore fathers hocked their entire estates to fund the Continental Army and Navy!

Their investments was well worth the sacrifice.

Yes James, I give God all the glory. We, the People, are staring down a loaded gun of the federal government. We must stand United as one and be vigilant in our concerted effort to place God back central in our lives and turning to Him for guidance In making governmental decisions. We have drifted too far from God as a nation. We, the People, have the responsibility to adhere to His will and turn more to Him always and keep Him central in our government. Let us pray for our nation's ignorance to God's will and being so blind to the Christian persecution all over the world. We, the People, shall preserve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness forevermore. Amen


I went out to the ranch yesterday and spoke with Bevelyn, cousin to Amund Bundy, and her husband.  They are alone but for occasional visitors and a couple of hangers on (not really contributing) to the situation.  She would like to get a rally going Friday to keep interest up as the situation is very tenuous at best.  Federal agents are massing again in the Hilton hotel and the Marriot in Las Vegas.  It  is a frightening situation since Amund had to leave for some time to check on his business.  Agents of the BLM have made it clear they will use deadly force on this family and they are  very exposed right now. If you can spare the time before May 16 to pay them a visit and help keep a presence ongoing it would be a great relief to the family.  Alot of people did their part when the situation was very dangerous but I fear it is even more dangerous now.  It is only a one hour drive from Las Vegas and the Feds have all the equipment they need to make a quick strike and finish what they started. 

Rusty Hill, a long time Real Estate speculator from Nevada, gave a very telling interview on a Radio station recently that pretty much proves that Harry Reid, his family and cronies, have been stealing land from Nevada and enriching themselves for a long time using the BLM as their private land collection agency, using taxpayer funds to purchase and then transfer ownership to themselves.  He also reveals the means for anyone to investgate for themselves to arrive at the same conclusion.  We have to stop this horrible person from continuing his averiscious theft of our land and heritage.  I am shocked and appalled at the depth and breadth of this man's (Harry Reid) power and reach.

Please don't let this end in tragedy!

Now they are spreading rumors and lies about Bundy being a racist.    They never get tired of playing the race card.   It's how they silenced dissenters against Obama.   It, along with lies, mockery and ridicule, are their chief weapons of attack.

They are very skilled at twisting the truth - they should be ashamed.

It's a compliment in a way - it means that you've gotten to close to revealing the truth so they are forced to pull out their claim of racism.

FALSE ALLEGATIONS of any kind are contemptible.    But in our country today that's what impressionable wanna-be bullies are learning from the fraud in the White House. because he's a supreme bully - he and Eric Holder are both bullies but they are also hypocrites for calling others exactly what they themselves are.   False accusations of slavery are pathetic attempts to use the suffering endured by slaves today to enslave a new generation.   The master's whip is replaced with the implement of bullying.   False accusations of rape are used by vindictive manipulating feminazi's - Obama screams racist like a screaching fishmonger's wife.   What a sad display from the person who swore to represent the people but now clearly intends to serve only himself.   He deserves no respect because from day one he had lied and bullied and now he has grown arrogant which is dangerous when your head gets too big to be supported it just might fall off.

Check out the LIES, huge ones, they are spreading.   They say we are a group of ARMED AMERICAN TERRORISTS.  This liberal loon can't even get the date right.  Here's the story:

Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 11:17 PM PDT

"Operation American Spring" promotes armed revolt in DC next month

by old mark

The extremist right militias and the tea party, especially the group Tea Party Nation, is organizing "Operation American Spring", a proposed mass gathering of American terrorists in Washington, DC on this coming May 18th. The purpose is to seize the Government and shut it down, while removing President Obama from office by force of arms. This "plan" has been in the offing for some time, and according to Right Wing Watch, has a huge increase in support since the Bundy incident some days back...

These groups claim they have won a victory over the BLM, and the "fear" they have created in that organization extended to the White House and the President. They say they are carrying out the will of the American People and plan for a huge number of armed right wing militants to gather in Washington and be prepared for violent action on Sunday, May 18th.

I suppose we shall have to wait and see how this all works out.

Like every other race there are good and bad, none of us are 100 percent pure.    But race-baiters insult the very people they would seem to be defending.   They attempt to profit from the very real suffering of slaves by using it to their own advantage.   If they really had empathy for what the slaves suffered they would never misuse claims of racism.   Just another bit of evidence to add to the growing mound that Obama and his followers are imposters - they care nothing about honorable conduct all they care about is winning.  no matter how low or dirty, all's fair FOR THEM.

My husband and I signed and sent !

What we are seeing was, sadly, predictable.    Justice is not one of their goals so they will use lies and exagerations and rumor-mongering to "win".   The fact that the country loses by their contemptible conduct matters not.  Honor is a word with which they have no concept.  

The  problem is THE MEDIA - if it were performing its time-honored and protected JOB to keep us informed they would be in there sorting out the lies from the truth, keeping things honest, but sadlly they have betrayed us and engage in coverups and the distribution of propaganda.   

WE MUST DOUBLE OUR EFFORTS to beat them to the punch.    To call them out for their lies - to point out the inconsistency and the hypocrisy.   We must be our own media - out there in the public - online is the best venue in my opinion - redirecting the public's attention to the truth.     The liberals offer no proof.  They make a statement and expect it to be taken at face value which sadly happens too often.    We have to be better than that - we have to offer PROOF and EVIDENCE, the TRUTH and COMMON SENSE  to expose their lies.

There are many venues for battles and skirmishes.    Refudiating the lies is an important battle that each of us can do without ever leaving home.   Take advantage of the internet - sadly I wonder/fear that it may be taken down just when we need it the most.   then what?    How do we get around that?



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