Constitutional Emergency

How will they go after our 2nd Amendment ... the NWO .pdf on how to disarm a people ... no 4 years more for bozo...

How do you kill 11 million people? You lie to them, of course.  How do you disarm a country? Lie to them, of course.  This is our future if we were to do nothing!  They are going for the final act...

Click on link at the bottom to read the entire .pdf; however, pay attention specifically to page 42, Weapons Registration, and I quote: Weapons Registration Legal weapons should be registered  according to the national legislation. Weapons registration allows two  things to happen: first, people can retain some of their weapons and feel  that they are secure; and second, international peacekeeping and national  security forces know approximately how many weapons are in a given area.  This is particularly useful in future disarmament campaigns as a check for  success by counting weapons collected in comparison with the registry.

The registration process should be jointly run by international and  civil agencies, or by local police, and monitored by international forces.  This will help prevent international forces from becoming known as the 'new  enemy' and will also increase the legitimacy of the local forces, as  transparency through supervision is possible.

Registration is a simple  process that requires accurate information collection and sufficient personnel. It does not require a large amount of equipment, storage or  security. The problem with weapons registration is similar to those faced by  most weapons control techniques – people do not want to come forward. A  comprehensive preparation of a society preceding disarmament creates a  positive situation that allows registration, perhaps as a first step in the  disarmament process, to proceed. Assurances must be given by international  forces and/or local authorities that security is not a problem and that registering does not mean that weapons will immediately be seized. Incentives are often used to encourage registration, ranging from positive measures, such as food and money, to negative ones, such as harsh laws and  forced seizure of weapons. Registering weapons makes it possible to input  serial numbers into an inventory and track their future usage and trade.  This helps increase transparency and implements controls.

Databases of  military and police weapons help track weapons to their place of origin and limit unauthorised transfers. At the same time a comprehensive system of  safe storage, weapons management and a code of conduct for the existing  military and police forces can improve the security situation and legitimise  civilian disarmament. One of the best examples for this is the safe storage  programme for police and army in Cambodia.

This section  is especially chilling: “…weapons will not immediately be seized…” immediately  seized? Get it?


[link corrected!]

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The slogan for white people from now on must be Non Compliance ! Having loud mouths would not hurt either. Another slogan should be Remember Baltimore !

Johnny:  From where did you draw the comment. "Let the loudmouths draw the attention take take the heat and remain silent...?"  I may have missed it, but I didn't see that on this site.  Nor did I see anyone advocate that we should, "MAKE THE MISTAKE OF GOING SILENTLY INTO THE NIGHT.   You may make a lot of noise, but with that agenda you would make a poor sniper.

It was above Johnnies post.  

Clarence, it is your style of   "sniping"  that will divert our attention from the real enemy. That is of course unless you are trolling for negative impact. The Alinsky MO IS to attack the messenger as opposed to addressing the message, right?

There is no merit , meaning or coherency in your meaningless response. Senseless babble distracts from the mission.  You did miss it and there is little doubt you will concern yourself with the sniping.  Keyboard commandos rarely face the light of day.



Our forefathers would have had the problem solved by now.

i agree rick. men were men back then

It's nobodys business if someone owns a weapon. I don't want

to know if you  own one and won't say if I do or not.

The less the authorities know the better, and  that goes double

for the liberal social snitches that work to help the cause of

disarming the real Americans. Keep your trap closed, because

you can't trust that your neighbor may tip the authorities off.

The less anyone knows the better. Be Prepared.

I really thought this discussion had some potential...

Not the first time I've been wrong...

Later folks... This is the corrected link which I posted today.


i can't speak for others but the DAY any one comes to try and disarm me will be the DAY MY PART OF THE REVOLUTION BEGINS.

right them.


also just in case  none here have ever heard of this law called the DICK ACT, or as it's better know as THE EFFICIENCY OF MILITIA BILL H.R. 11654 JUNE 28TH 1902  id suggest you read it.


Semper Fi.





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