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An article I wanted to share with you all.  It makes 20 good bullet points on WHY Obama must be removed - "Lack of Confidence"...........

20 devastating items in new poll shows americans believe obama can no longer lead the country

by JulieK | on October 6, 2014


When you look in the mirror everyday you don’t notice that things about you have changed. The mirror reflects a slow age progression of yourself that you get used to gradually. Then someone snaps a picture of you and sends it to you. There is it right in your face, the face that you thought you knew is gone. In its place is this morphed version of what you used to be. That is the way that most Americans are feeling with Barack Obama and America. Those slow progressive chances made are starting to show themselves and suddenly America no longer looks the way that it used to.


1. Growing suspicions over what Obama did, or did not know, during the time of the Benghazi attack. If he was not sitting in the commander’s chair who was. Immediately proceeding, there are doubts about him believing that the attack was tied to the alleged uproar over insulting Muslim video. Who is paying the price? Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who is still being jailed in California. Either way Obama has no idea what is going on, or he manipulated both, a lose-lose proposition for the fearless leader.


2. The IRS Scandal is another reason for American’s to wonder whether President Barack Obama really is as vacant in office as he is making himself out to be. Insisting that there was not a smidgen of wrong doing on the part of the IRS to stone wall politically affiliated organizations through withholding tax status, it is becoming more doubtful that Lois Lerner acted on her own. With the Commissioner making several visits to the White House in the previous months before the widespread alienation of right wing groups was discovered, it is hard to believe that there is no connection to Officials that have connections to Obama.


6. What were the sweet nothings he was whispering into Putin’s ear about being more lax after being reelected. Is allowing Putin to trample all over the rights of Ukrainian people what was meant by giving him more leeway? Either he doesn’t sense the danger, or doesn’t think it is our problem, but either way Putin’s military grab seems to be of no concern to America’s least according to Obama’s lack of confrontation.


7. If he can’t manage an auto company how can he manage a country? With the fallout of GMs bailout using American tax dollars, American’s have a right to question how good Obama’s economic plans are at achieving the goals of getting the domestic economy back on track. Still blaming poor old George for the poor recovery, Obama’s record is not looking so promising either. Poor managerial skills or is there something more that was behind the bailout?


8. Trading five highly dangerous terrorist for the fallen hero Bowe Bergdahl, not so fast. There are many questions that surround how exactly our hero at large became at large. Reports indicate that it was his own doing as a deserter that had him wandering away from base. In the ultimate American betrayal there is considerable fear that he was actually working with the Taliban against the Americans in Iraq. According to the white house?


9. Can’t miss that tee time. Just minutes after his less than heartfelt words to the family of beheaded American prisoner James Foley, he raced out to the green again to yuck it up with his friends. Defenders insist that he deserves vacation time just like anyone else. His callous and insincerity for concern of Foley’s family still in shock and grieving was not just a misstep, it was a huge fall from grace.


10. Insisting that George Bush had a battle cry and that his administration would keep our American soldiers safe by returning them home, he ignored all advisors who predicted that leaving Iraq and pulling soldiers home would cause the rise of Islamic extremist to the region and beyond. Well, I guess we are all finding out who was right and who was wrong. Chances are good we will be returning to face the consequences of Obama’s ignorance.


11. With reason to believe that millions are making their way through insecure borders yearly, Obamas solution is to go with an amnesty plan that would give a free rein a path to citizenship. Without concern for the safety issues that not securing our borders is having on our economy and our national security, Obama just keeps trucking along trying to up his democratic base by targeting out free votes for the democrats.


12. Was the attack on Syria to hold back the progression of ISIS really about Obama showing his arm strength or was it something more political? With elections being right around the corner, for Obama to do nothing would just look negligent. Instead of following the orders of his military advisors, he has single-handedly without the approval of the senate, made meaningless strikes which are for nothing more than show and to win votes.


13. It seems as if Obama doesn’t know that he has already been elected to do a job. Spending more time traveling around to campaign for more power, Obama couldn’t possibly fly home over news of the beheaded prisoner Foley to begin the discussion about what to do. He had real business to attend to, buying more votes for his party, while having a party. Someone should let him know that he won and should start doing the job we elected him for.


14. We can send troops to fight Ebola, but not to maintain peace in the middle east. We were told we were sending troops to help to contain the disease in far away lands. Low and behold we have already experienced our first case here in the states. What are our troops doing on a mission impossible, oh wait, that is all that Obama seems to be allowing them to engage in.


15. Obama will send our troops back over the Iraq but they are only there is a supportive role. They will not be allowed to engage in combat. That really is just translation for we are sending the troops over unprotected and to be slaughtered. Obama’s idea that to not engage is the way to save our soldiers is getting thousands of them killed already, should we really continue to add more to that list?


16. Refusal to link terrorism to Islam. Sure we don’t want to isolate the Muslim community but to completely negate the fact that terrorists are Muslims who take their religion to the extreme is only hurting our ability to identify who the enemy is. The insistence to not label things as what they really are is creating an atmosphere of uncertainty about how to deal with the growing threat. Muslim terrorists are Muslim, that is just a fact Mr. Obama.


17.  Workplace violence or terrorism? The continual downplay of terrorist threats in America is hurting out national security. The Fort Hood “workplace violence” and now the beheading in Moore, OK being looked at as a workplace issue is only negating the real threat that we are facing of homegrown terrorists in America. Can we please just start ignoring the facts, and glossing over the truth?


18. Is the job of the NSA to protect the citizens of America from the outside world or to protect the government from us? What is the reason why all of our cell phones were being recorded and emails being looked into. If even legal, it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those who think that America should be free. The worst offense? Tapping into the phone of our biggest defenders, journalists such as James Rosen.

19. Fast and Furious was another one of the things that Obama had going on right under his nose without any knowledge, or did he? Is there a reason why Eric Holder has left the State Department? Perhaps when the fast and furious started getting too up close and personal, someone had to take the fall and we sure know it isn’t going to be Mr. Obama.



20. President Obama ran on his promise to help out veterans get the care and respect that they deserve. That didn’t happen though did it. Amongst allegations that veterans were put on fake wait lists, and perished waiting to just be seen, American’s are beginning to question which, if any, of the election promises made can actually be kept. Asking so much from those who serve this country with dignity

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