The Clinton Hearing is nothing more than a dog and pony show! I'm through listening to anyone or anything in DC!


This is a prime example of why I will not WASTE anymore time or resources on anything in DC!


Hillary and obama have both started using fake tears.......We know she's lying through her teeth, so does everyone in that hearing but what do you bet she will not be held accountable for her part in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi or the gun running to al Qaeda?


And we have folks telling us that we must unite as conservatives and even saying we must unite and stop being "mean" to Bohner............Give me a break and stop sleep walking and pushing that load of hog poop here!!! If you wanna live in pretend world, there are plenty of other sites that live there......go push that PC crap on those sites!!!

I will ONLY link arms with folks of honor and integrity! Do not attempt to force a numbers game that bites us in the butt every time!



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She is a traitor-

Those who asked her 'questions' for show are traitors.

It goes to the top.

They will never punish themselves.

They will never again abide by our Constitution.

They are out of control.



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