Constitutional Emergency

A few days ago the Sydney peace foundation awarded their award for a contribution to world peace to a "movement" instead of an individual. The movement that the foundation overwhelmingly approved was..... wait for it..... wait for it...... Black Lives Matter!' They were recognized a a "Humanizing project".
These Bafoons wouldn't know Truth if it hit them in the face. What is humanizing about this group that preaches racist division and violence? They themselves have said only black lives matter and excoriated those who said all lives matter. What's humanizing about saying according to Gullors one of the founders that their goal is to imagine humanity where "they" (only they) can decide how they want to be in relationship with others? How is this bringing humanity together. This is as nonsensical as the Pope saying on June 21, 2014 that you cannot have a personal relationship with Christ apart from the Church of Rome. I have tried very hard to figure out why anyone would give black lives matter an award or any form of recognition for anything that has had a positive effect on humanity and I can find none. What the world is crying for is to do away with the Creator and take Gods place separation, the blacks are now seeking segregation on college campuses claiming exclusivety and that only black lives and minorities lives matter. Evidently the Sydney peace foundation is ignorant of of the fact that this dose not humanize it dehumanizes a culture. It is one of the 10 planks of socialism. This just gives validity to a group that seeks to divide and establish itself and its beliefs must the same as Muslims through violent revolution. How can these people give an award to a group with in under constant watch by literally all branches of the justice system? They do not seek equality, they seek superiority.
And the world opens its mouth wide and drinks freely of the deception. But those who know God know Truth, and those who know Truth will follow the Masters voice, for another voice they will not follow.
At this rate maybe the next award, maybe even the Nobel peace prize, will go to the New Black Panther Party.

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