What in the world is going on with our 2020 elections?

What in the world is going on with our 2020 elections?

The Democrats are trying to force mail-in-voting, Vote by mail.
Now Speaker Nancy Pelosi is talking about something they call “Ghost-Voters”.

All of this is to encourage voter fraud, and THAT will succeed in the millions.

But there is also another motive behind all this.

Under the Constitution of the United States each State is responsible for insuring the elections are held in a fair and honest manor. The States are responsible for guaranteeing that the voters are properly registered, that they are legal US citizen’s, and that the elections are conducted properly.

By encouraging voter fraud with the “Mail-in” ballots by the millions, and “Ghost-Voters” in the millions, Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to force President Trump to Nationalize the elections. They are trying to force Donald Trump to try to take over the 2020 elections and place them under the control of the federal government.

THAT would be a direct violation of the US Constitution, And THAT would be an impeachable offense.

Pay attention folks, this kind of stuff is very dangerous. This is stuff that could only be dreamed up by a Constitutional attorney,
Somebody like Barack Hussein Obama and his crew.

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Has anyone here seen this website article?


Time for patriots to step up, prepare and be ready for battle.

It's coming.

The cable company has disabled my email account and I have completely disabled my Facistbook page.

Got it Lee,
This is what we have been trying to warn people about for ten years.
We knew this was coming the day Obama got elected back in 2008.



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