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Seems we have public schools working hard to produce just such children.Even our Military Academies have been reported as having dropped courses now deemed offensive to our enemies. A good question is asked where are our Military and our Veterans?

First, let's get one thing straight.  It's not a "broken leadership who could care less",  it's about a  broken leaderhsip who COULDN'T care less.

more a broken leaderships "who doesn't care" as an agenda

Leadership????????  Where?  There's no there there........

If what I see is leadership, then I'm Marilyn Monroe!

What we have is a KAKISTOCRACY.... look that one up!lol

 The Unity of our Military ,Military Retirees and Veterans (if possible) would stop this runaway Tyranny by our Federal Government.Our Voices have been split for way too  many years  .Divide & Conquer is making our voices just a wisper in the  corrupt political world. A veteran friend told me , trying to organize Veterans is like trying to herd cats.. 

Meow, but watch out for growl, snarl and hiss!

Who would not rally for "freedom, liberty, and constitutional restoration"?  That's what OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING is about.  Are there any veterans/military retirees out there that think our freedom, liberty, and constitution is not in jeopardy?

If there are veterans/military retirees/patriots out there that think our nation is on the right track and our so-called leaders are competent, loyal to the US Constitution, God help us because I'm lost in space if this is the case.

We must take action next spring or sooner.

here is another one we may have forgotten:

We have a treasonous, Marxist, Muslim, lying, coward, bastard, acting as Commander-in-Chief, leading a cabal of like ilk!!!!  Until that is changed there will be nothing but heart ache and disaster for America and her citizens!!!!

I have asked over and over when will the American people wake up. There are people who won't do

anything because of the freebees that this administration is handing out. I served 27 years and I

will not sit back and watch the country I served and love go down the drain because of that Muslim

Communist who is illegally residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We are heading for a second American

Revolution and I am ready. I believe we need to wipe the slate clean and take our country back.

For God and Country,

Sgt Robert A. DeMitry, USA, Ret

And until the American people understand we have the leadership we deserve--the leadership we chose--even in ignorance--Until We the people understand Our Constitution begins "We the people..." so long as We allow it continue it will. I will NOT comply .but I will honor the Code taken as my own and I will defend Our Constitution and  Our way of life,against all enemy  foreign or domesticated.

I am a Founding Member of Oath Keepers at a Lincoln - Reagan Dinner I had Sheriff Richard Mack who

is a Board Member re-administer the Oath to me. I am willing to give my life for the country I love. I wonder

how many out there can say the same. I write constantly and I have said this, if you have never lived under

Communism or have never known anyone who has you don't know what you are in for. I don't want my

children and grand children to live under Communism. It is a shame that we have Communist and

Communist sympathizers right in Congress. The first step in taking our country back is elect people who

has moral values, who are willing to take a stand and not cave because they are worried about the seat

they occupy. Get rid of the career politicians who are in there for themselves and not the people. Clean out

the Defense Department of political correctness. Restore the military as the force it should be.

For God and Country,

Sgt Robert A. DeMitry, USA, Ret



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