Constitutional Emergency



Should people be outside their State Houses protesting the Marxist attack on the 2nd Amendment with bumper sticker slogan signs and listening to folks speaking to the choir?




Should they be inside the State House talking with their State Reps, Senators and Governor?






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Definitely both..................Talking to our detractors on the street might sway a few of them. Most of them have NO legitimate information regarding the Second Amendment. However, getting into the state houses and confronting elected officials directly is quite powerful......especially when they are reminded that their oath is to uphold the whole Constitution. I also find it appropriate to inform them that they are public employees and that we.......patriots.......are members of that public and that we will NOT tolerate being ignored...........................

BOTH.IF we are outside--those inside can ignore us--look at the evidence--- I am not convinced ANY positive change was ever brought about  by those people standing outside with bumper sticker slogan signs.Even the so called Civil rights movement of the 60's required men who went inside to lobby the mere politician. I am equally convinced no change was ever brought about by anyone who speaks from the floor o f the US House-or Senate,or to the Governor in his office unless they could show evidence of the truth of their speech out in the street.Even politicians must be allowed see what their policies emote away from the staged and protected event.

Never underestimate the power of constant can make grownups completely go ballistic.  Think about being swarmed by flies....after about five minutes you are swatting uncontrollably and you just WANT THEM GONE!  I'm with you on this tactic Denise!  And it's something we can all do without getting in trouble! 

If the president continues to defy the Constitution of these United States he needs to be impeached and then jailed as a traitor to this country. Also any Congressman or Senator who opposes this action should also be recalled becaiuse they are not abiding by their oath of office.

Both if possible.


Not only should we be involved with our legislators but get involved with your county commissioners , city councilman and women but most importantly find out on which side of the argument that your elected county sheriff stands. He is the most important figure when it comes to the first line of public safety. If he stands with Obama then get rid of him or her, if he or she stands with the people you have a very good line of defence. 

That's about the most sound comment that I've read so far.  The county sheriff actually has more power than even the President.  The Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona probably would be a good place to start.  Also the sheriff in one county in Kentucky also said that no matter what laws they pass, he will continue to defend the constitution and won't enforce any law passed against that document.

Your state must first enact that power! There are some states who their State District Attorney feels "HE" should have that power! And he will keep it at that level, and NOT give it to the Sheriff!

Inside talking to reps first, second, and third,,,,,,,,,Then outside also....

Texas Rep Steve Stockman has issued a statement saying he will push to impeach BHO if he attempts to use Executive Orders to impose gun control.
I agree 100% and if Stockman follows through with that threat I will do anything I can to help and support him in that effort.


May I add another element? Talking to people who respect you and asking them to react personally.. incorporation yields great benefits to the many,

Both ,  I my self have called and written latters to my reps in dc and went to their offices when they are in town on this issue and many others!!!

I allso  have gotten a hold of my state reps



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