Should people be outside their State Houses protesting the Marxist attack on the 2nd Amendment with bumper sticker slogan signs and listening to folks speaking to the choir?




Should they be inside the State House talking with their State Reps, Senators and Governor?






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Try one or both if you want but in either case when you walk away they will be laughing at you behind your back. I took the bus to D.C 3 times with the tea party and where did that get us. I live in New York and we are about to have the most draconian gun laws passed in the country with the help of nra backed republicans. We live under a criminal government thanks to the sheep that outnumber us.


Definitely both if your reps will actually spend the time to meet with you. However, I think you will get more media play by having a large gathering to get your point across.

I think both should be done. We need to take the lead as was done before and hold onto the legacy that was left for us, the American People, to protect: THE freedom from government intrusion into our lives and the freedom to bare arms, the freedom to say, do and beleive as we want, without the government telling us differently. The people in DC are destroying America and the Citizens, bit by bit and we are allowing them to do this with only a whimper of resistance.  They know that we are a weak and spoiled people and that is why the Treason, the corruption and pollution  in DC is rabid.


ok guys he is flipping us saying he don't need Congress ok  why the hell are we paying these do nothing Congress if he can go pass them and be a dictator then why should we be paying 500 people plus all his czars if he is going around everything thpeople "want ??? we don't need czars and Congress what good are they ? why bother having them good for nothing takers?


Both! I live in Wa. Blue State. When I write my  Reps. they write back.(Thank you. We will take it under  consideration)They are hard core Progressives. So both.

I'd rather be in a politician's face, but in this state (Massachusetts) it's absolutely useless.  And I'm not a big fan of demonstrations as I think they don't ever accomplish much other than networking among likeminded patriots.  Quite honestly, these days, I'm feeling like the time for talking is done.  Now it's time to act.  I'll show up at the demonstration planned for the Massachusetts state house, but again, more for purposes of networking than thinking it will make the slightest impact on our screwed up legislature in this state.

The interesting thing is that this rally would be in Boston, the site of the "shot heard round the world".  Could be interesting.

Both.  Hold a rally outside then go in, in mass, and lobby your elected officials.

The subject of protesting the attack on the second amendment is moote,  The politicians involved with the dissing of the Constitution are guilty of Malfeasance as public officials.  SCOTUS ,The third branch is guilty also of not uphilding the documents that it took an oath to uphold.




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