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It is my goal in opening this discussion to find and expose the need for History within true Patriots. I consider myself a Patriot and have for quite sometime, the duration really, and I have an incredible love for history. I have no choice but to think other Patriots are the same way, that being said.

I am opening the door to a civil war forum here.

Pick your subject, battle, officer, year, writ, whatever. Post it and wait for discussion. One of my main reasons for doing this is the Civil War, more then any conflict in American history boasted a cast of characters like nothing we have ever seen, it also boasted a casualty rate that is yet to be seen, and hopefully never will.

Allow me to open with a question.

What do you all feel won or lost, dependant upon your outlook, the battle of Gettysburg, that is the type of question that should garner some response. It was after all the central battle of the war. Do you feel it was Lee's refusal to listen to his "ole warhorse" General Longstreet? If so, I would be in agreement with you. Do you feel it was the ascention of General Meade just prior to the battle?
There are alot of contributing factors.

So I say, what say you???

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I'm not sure where your going here Shedd, it really doesn't pertain to the question, 40 acres and a mule was simply a term for compensation, not compensation itself. In fact during and after re-construction blacks were worse off. During slavery the majority of southern slave owners loved thier slaves as thier children, it was not, for the most, part like the mini series Roots, where a negro was being whipped on every plantation the director felt like depicting, that mini series was insulting. Quite the opposite really, while there were isolated cases of cruelty the majority of slave owners took very good care of thier slaves, and most white slave owners that were called to duty by the Confederacy actually willed thier homes to thier slaves in the event of a battlefield death. Not many modern day folks outside of scholastic circles realize that little fact but its true and something to think about. Gen. Jackson prayed with slaves, fairly often, Lee loved his, they were his family. Lee was a great man, who merely felt the call to arms. As was Grant.
Lee felt at the time that it was a pivotal battle and that he needed to press on at all costs because he new that his supply line and reserves were at a point that this one battle would be the turning point in the war, he knew that if he could pull off a victory at this battle that he would be able to delay the inevitable for at least one more year and possibly swing the moral of the citizens in the North in favor of a decision to end the war.

Though Lee was one of the best Generals that this Country ever had he made the dramatic mistake of not heeding the advice of his fellow Generals so I am in agreement with your assessment .

This is a great topic I do hope many more will contribute to this discussion.
I agree, there were factors as to why he pressed on, why he didn't listen to General Longstreet, one of them was his adversary, General Meade, who was a slow and deliberate thinker, not fast to act. Lee underestimated Meades prowess under fire and it cost him. Lee was not 100% sure what he wanted to do, but when he found out Meade took over, just prior to the battle itself, I have to think that is the major factor as to why Lee felt compelled to risk so much at Gettysburg.
Here is another question to ponder:

Why after the hard fought victory at Gettysburg did the Union Army fail to pursue the Confederate Army and demoralize them right then and there? This was something Lincoln never really understood either, I think I do, but it is speculation.
To be frank, I think the battle took the wind out of the sales of both Armies, the Union was in no shape to mount a pursuit.
Whats your theories??



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