Constitutional Emergency

A Constitutional Crisis, We have been warned several times.

Remember those videos of Glenn Beck talking about the Overton Window and how the Communists would take down and destroy America? Well where are we today? We've elected Donald Trump hoping that he can help us save America. And I think he's doing a good job. Now the Democrats want to impeach him, anyway they can. They are now talking about implementing the 25th Amendment trying to declare Trump as crazy so they can get rid of him. That so-called White House NYT Op-Ed article attempts to portray the White House as being in complete chaos every day, but I believe that article was written by someone else, someone OUTSIDE of the White House, Like perhaps Obama. The purpose being to create mistrust and chaos within the White House staff. Get the administration to a point where they don't trust their fellow staff members, destroy the leadership collision, make things so uncomfortable that the administration can no longer function. It's all coming from the Communist party and the chief obstructionist himself, Obama and the Communist party, being funded by Good Ole George Soros. Pay attention America. They are trying to destroy us all. Don't let them get away with it. Stop them NOW, STOP them in November.

Remember this ?? Now I cancelled my Blaze subscriptions in 2014 but Beck was right about this mess. Here is what is happening, here is what they are doing in Washington. And Barack Hussein Obama is leading the charge to destroy America.

Glenn Beck; Bottom Up - Top Down. Part #1;

Part #2;

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We HAVE to put that Kenyan Communist in GITMO - NOW.



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