There are youtube videos popping up claiming that anonymous supports and is actively spreading the message of our Movement.  Those posting use a capital "a"...whatever...if you are anonymous, you don't get a capital "a" ARE anonymous! 

My position is this, anonymous supported OWL...anybody remember that...?  You annoynymous folks are what is 99% of nothing?  How could you so ardently support that bunch...with "no hope and no change" and then jump on this next thing?  ("Oh Look...a group...!")  Most of the membership on this site that had any opinion of OWL were probably shaking our heads and wondering where EXACTLY it was that we went so wrong!

I will address anonymous directly and more personally in a different post unless they can come to grips with a couple of concrete facts.

Moving on...


We do not forgive

We do not forget

We Are Legion

Remind you of anything?

Anonymous is not our friend. We at OAS (If I may be so bold) Disavow ANY affiliation "Synonymous w/ Nobody"

David, I was so happy that you were on top of it.

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Orrrr....they are a bunch of twenty-somethings that are seeking direction....

Orrrr....they are one person here, one person there...

Point is, they are anonymous.  Being anonymous makes you unaccountable for your actions.

They used to be ardent supporters of Ron Paul ,till they flipped on him for no reason and are still attacking him ever so often. Anyone that posts so much personal info on people with their CC numbers is not good. And no way can their info be considered valid or truthful - who knows if they didn't plant the info or just lying about it altogether ? Just some of the many questions I have concerning them ...

I forgot to define OWL....

"OCCUPY WALLLLLL....what???"

It was OWS, occupy wall street.

This needs to come back to the top.

No weapon No masks (except maybe gas masks) No violence!

I understand this will be an issue  Col. Riley has been made aware of and will  be looking into. We do not want another  OWS

Also there is NO I say NO again Official AnonymousTV... this web is create by an individual.. as all anonymous must be mindful of their own actions. anonymous' goal is nonviolent  restoration of freedom and justice nationally and globally.

This is the video that I saw posted on the OAS event page (has since been removed). It mentions OAS' mission, considerations, and even posts a link to the OAS event FB page.

Anonymous #Op American Spring 2014

I never previously considered it, but I now see the concern that the OAS march could turn into another OWS fiasco and demean what the march is truly about.

I see no correlation from her words to anything remotely similar to Occupy Wall Street..   Anon will treat the capital mall as scared ground.  As all citizens and patriots should.

Hello Ms. michelle,  I appreciate your points, and you've enlightened me a hair.  I have said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating.  I am not a particularly religious man, spiritual perhaps, but not religious.  However, I was raised in a loving Christian home and I believe it to be the source of my moral compass. Much of the Bible is basic Truth...such as this...."No man can serve two Masters" You can go to this Movement to Action as michelle Turner OR you can go as anonymous (not really, but for the sake of my point...) You cannot go as both.  That is oxymoronic...iffff ya know what I mean.  So please, just be the Patriot/Oath Keeper michelle Turner and we may actually get something done.

It was big of you to take up the Lead in Oregon.  You did do that, right?

I will be beside you as an oath keeper and a sister in Christ.  Col Riley may decide what he will do with me



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