I am proudly South African and absolutely love my country.  What’s not to love? 

I am also not a racist having spent 3 months in an African jail for my views on the unfairness of  Apartheid.

I will, however, call a spade a spade in this story as being PC will not achieve anything.

I have been married to a US citizen for 5 years now and, because of his passion for his country, I have taken a keen interest in events here.  The more I learn, the more I realize that Americans could learn some very pertinent lessons from what has happened and is still happening to the whites in Africa.

Our countries have similar backgrounds – all the whites came from Europe, both countries fought to get rid of the British, both countries had wagon trains full of settlers looking for a better life in the interior.  Both countries “imported” labourers from across the seas.  Both countries practiced “segregation” (in the US) or “apartheid” (in RSA).  Your country had the civil war to free the slaves and my country had terrorism, repression and plenty of murder!  We are both Republics and have, somehow magically, been converted into democracies in the last few years.

My country voted in the first black president in 1994 and you have just voted in your first black president.  This is the point where both countries REALLY start to fall apart.

To give some background of where I am coming (and came from) I have to go back more than half a century to being born in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  This was a British colony and was a wonderful, prosperous country.  I am sure that everyone knows the story of the war there, but, if not, please look it up.  We were a well off, middle class family.  My grandparents (who came from Scotland) had been in Rhodesia for some 20 years.  My grandfather was a Civil Engineer and my grandmother an auditor.  They had lived through two world wars and came to Africa for a better life.

I had just started school when it was rudely brought home to me that the great life that we had was about to be turned on its head.  My mother, who was pregnant with my youngest brother, was driving home from town (Bulawayo) when her car was stoned by a furious crowd of protestors and she barely got out of there alive.  She gave premature birth to my brother at home that night as we could not risk taking her to the hospital.  My father, an ex navy man, was a member of the neighbourhood watch.  About a week after my mother’s harrowing experience, he was out in the early hours of the morning on neighbourhood patrol.  The dogs warned us that something was amiss and grandpa bravely went to see what was wrong.  He found my father, barely alive, having been beaten severely and dropped on our front porch.  At the time this served as a warning that “we know who you are and were you live and can get you any time we want”.

My parents felt that, as they had 5 children all under the age of 10, it would be best if they took us to safety!  So, they started the long, heartbreaking business of TRYING to leave the country.  They were told that “of course” they could leave BUT – they could take no money with them, no furniture, could not sell their home, had to give up their pension funds – in fact they were allowed to take only what fitted into their vehicle.  7 people in even the biggest car does not allow for much luggage.  So we left literally with one change of clothes each.  My grandparents left some years later and were far worse off as even their car was taken from them at the border.  So much for lifetime of working, saving and attempting to take care of their old age.

So began the long trek which ended with us living in Windhoek, South West Africa (now Namibia).  This country was originally a German colony and had a very European feel to it. If you did not speak German in those days you might as well have been dumb.  No one in the stores would serve you or even take notice that you were there.  South Africa annexed SWA during the war because they desperately needed access to another functioning port.  

We were in Windhoek for 8 years before the troubles began to impact on our lives.  There was a war in Angola and ANC “cadres” were being trained there by Russians and Cubans for infiltration into South Africa.  They entered SA through South West Africa and practiced their new found skills on the way.  My father, still a relatively young man, with a commercial pilot’s license, joined the army and was shot twice.  When his plane was brought down in the desert, and our family, who lived at the outer limits of the town on the edge of the desert, were attacked in our home and held hostage for 3 days, they ONCE AGAIN decided to flee and take their children to safety.  We left in the middle of the night, in one car, with, once more NOTHING to our names.

And so, that is how we arrived in South Africa.  A little family of 7 people trying to make a living, raise their children in safety and just get on with their lives. 

South Africa, in the 60’s was a white ruled and run country, with a Calvanist, Afrikaans, Nationalist government who had determined, by a thorough study of the Bible, that the black Africans were put on earth to serve the whites.  The country was rich in minerals, gold and diamonds.  There was a “White by night’ law that did not allow Blacks in a white neighbourhood after dark unless they could prove that they lived and worked in a White household.   Everything was segregated.  Black areas, black buses, black toilets, black benches, black parks etc.  

Our education system was amongst the best in the world, our hospitals were turning out fantastic doctors, we carried out the first heart transplant, had an arms industry that was the envy of most countries, had a police force and army that kept the peace at all costs and kept us safe from any threats from across our borders.  “Apartheid” was maintained by any means necessary and any and all dissenters were thrown in prison (or worse).  There was a law which stated that you could be arrested and kept in jail, without charges or a trial, for 180 days.  Should anyone enquire as to your fate they would be met with blank stares and blatant lies.  The original 180 days could be extended many times in the interests of “national security”.  Everyone had to carry a “book of life” and any black found without one would be arrested.  

“Homelands” were created by the government where blacks, no matter where they were originally from, were resettled.  “Informal settlements” (shack dwellings – mostly on the outskirts of big cities) were razed to the ground.

On the surface, everything was peaceful – but strong currents were running under the surface.  The ANC, funded by Russia, Cuba and many other European countries were training their “cadres” outside of the country and infiltrating them in to commit acts of murder and mayhem.  For your information, the International icon, Nelson Mandela, was one of these who was accused of treason after the Rosebank bombing and sent to Robben Island for life.  Because his side “won” the war of terror against the whites, he and too many more to mention are now no longer “terrorists” but “heroes of the struggle”.

Do you see any similarity here to the events on 9/11 and Fort Hood?

Because of sanctions imposed by the Western countries, South Africa became fully independent.  We grew all our own food, made all our own arms and ammunition, had a thriving industrial and manufacturing sector, made all our own medicines and drugs, supported other African countries with food, money and anything else they needed.  We had a fully home grown clothing and textile industry, and even made our own motor fuel from coal.  Our economy was thriving despite sanctions.  Our boys (my 3 brothers included) were all conscripted into the army at the age of 18 and all served all over Africa to keep our borders safe.

The internal war of terror on the whites was insidious at first and was mostly evident in violent protests where schools, municipal buildings and clinics were burnt down.  Blacks refused to pay taxes, lights and water accounts or any other thing that might contribute to society.  They stoned cars, killed indiscriminately and burnt or bombed public places where whites were gathered.  Many of my friends were killed and one of my brothers and my sister left the country for Australia after being attacked and, in the case of my sister, raped.  

Then came 1994 and everything changed.  We have an ANC government which has been in power for 15 years.   There was a centre page spread in the newspapers when they came into power giving the government minister’s credentials.  Most had a minimum education, were “freedom fighters” with no experience of running anything other than a machine gun (and their mouths) and one even had the enormously appropriate experience of having been a “garden boy”!   This, anywhere else but in Africa, would have been taken as a huge joke.  But, it is the reality we were forced into then, and live with now.

This is the era in which most houses in SA became fortresses with high walls, electric fencing, alarm systems and block watch groups.  Car jackings became the order of the day with HUGE roadside warning of “this is a high risk hijack area”.  Law and order become a joke and the police and army a national joke with bribery being the way out of any situation.  All you have to do is give the traffic cop a coke and you get away with murder, should you have the right colour skin.  

The government enacted strict anti gun laws and the, mainly white, populace went in their thousands, like sheep, to hand in their firearms.  This is easy to do as the general, law abiding populace have licensed firearms and their addresses are on record.

The law states that you MAY not shoot or otherwise harm any person found on your property illegally (even in the middle of the night),  you cannot “assume” that they are there for any harmful purpose.  Should you harm or kill an intruder, you will be arrested for murder or manslaughter.

A case in point, a 14 year old girl (white) woke in the night to hear strange noises from her mother’s bedroom. She went to investigate and found a black man raping her mother.  She took the bedside table and smashed his head in with it.  SHE was arrested on a charge of murder and it took many, many lawyers and months in court for her to be exonerated.  THIS IS JUSTICE???????

The law also states that, should your property be left empty and a person or persons (only Black persons) move in and live there, you CANNOT evict them, if they have been there more than 24 hours, without a lengthy court case in the Supreme Court.  So, if you have a holiday home, or a property for rental purposes, these properties can just be taken over and you will pay hundreds of thousands in legal fees to evict the people.  By which time, I assure you, you will not want the property back.  If they legally rent your property and do not pay the rent, you also cannot evict them.

If you have an empty piece of land, you can be sure that it will become a squatter camp with hundreds of shanties built out of cardboard and corrugated iron erected on it.  These people then demand that the municipality provide them with “services” such as electricity, water, toilets, roads, sewerage and trash collection.  When this is not forthcoming, they protest by burning anything in the area, trashing any passing vehicle and shutting down roads and highways.

Should the government wish them to move, they build them low income housing with all the amenities on a suitable, “legal” piece of land.  These people then protest and refuse to move.  They have more protests and trash the new houses built for them.

These settlements include 4 million illegal refugees from Zimbabwe who have fled the terror and genocide being carried out by Mad Bob Mugabe, their president, who was beaten in the last elections and refused to step down.  All the anti white laws being enacted in this country originated with Mugabe and LOOK at his country now.  Your wonderful president Obamanation, has given Mugabe $73 million and refuses to remove him from power, thereby supporting his tyranny and contributing greatly to the problems in my country.

Farmers are being literally thrown off their land, even though many farms have been in the family for generations, the reason being “land claims” in which anyone who has some dim, distant ancestor who may, possibly have lived on the property hundreds of years ago, can claim ownership of your land.  The land claims court will decide on the legality of the claim and the farmer will be paid a pittance for his property.  Some of these claims have been “pending” for years and so farmers are loath to farm or improve their farms for fear of throwing good money after bad.  You may not sell or otherwise dispose of the property while the claim is pending.  

My parents have had an outstanding claim on their farm for the last 10 years and have given up trying to farm it.  So, in their 80s they face, one more time being refugees with nothing to show for their life times hard work and may have to start over.  How do you do this with no money and at their age?

Farmers who have workers who have worked for them more than 15 years are obliged to “give” a portion of their farms to these workers.  They also have to build schools, clinics and houses for the workers.  Given the state of the world economy, who can afford this?

For this reason together with the mass farm attacks and murders, South Africa is no longer able to feed itself, never mind export hundreds of tons of food as it did some years back.  

Then the monster of “Affirmative Action” was passed into law with white business owners being forced to have a black partner.  The employee base of every business has to reflect the “demographics” of the country.  Essentially this means that a business has to have 80% black employees, whether they have the skills for the jobs or not.  This applies to our sports teams as well.  As Whites make up a HUGE 8% of the population, this small %  has to carry the majority of the remaining populace.  

In every workplace it is a game of numbers and the few that are skilled and able to do the job have to toil mightily to keep the business running and carry all the dead wood.  White males are an endangered species as far as jobs go as, although there is no law forbidding you from hiring them, it is severely frowned upon.  So, doctors, dentists, skilled labour, blue collar workers, artisans, professors and thousands of other highly qualified, experienced and desperately needed people have left for places where they are not endangered and are wanted, appreciated and, most of all, SAFE!

Foreign investment is greatly hampered by the enforced “Black partner” law!

It falls under the affirmative action law of the country. Note that it's the law... and its designed to favour blacks above all others.

In a nutshell, companies and universities etc have to hire or admit people according to the countries demographics which means you need a minimum of 80% black employee/student ratio. You hire or admit people according to a list of priorities which have black female as highest priority followed by black male then other races and right at the bottom of the list is the white male. So if you are a white male, your chances of finding employment are really slim as you are a last legal choice.

Add to that the fact that people from former disadvantaged communities (blacks) get preferential status and huge discounts on study fees and busaries etc.

My sister in law was a school teacher and she was instucted to pass all blacks regardless of their study performance. I don't know what law was used to make that happen but it was a spirit killer to most teachers who got saddled with students who thus had no motivation to make an effort and to non-black students who noticed that their black classmates passed 'anyway'.

The crime is another story. Most houses in JHB where I lived had electric fences to deter burglars etc. I can go on for hours...

But if you can overlook all that, its a great country yes.

13 Jan 2008, 12:18 - Report

Our education system has suffered from the theory of “level the playing fields”.  If the standards were any lower, you would not have to go to school at all, simply attain the age of 18 and graduate!  Should the pupils or teachers not approve of anything done at the school, they simply kill fellow students and burn the school down.  The taxpayer then has to fork out to rebuild and re establish the educational facilities that the populace “demand”.

Our hospitals. which were among the finest in the world, are now in total disarray.  There are no beds, bedding or food.  Should you have the bad luck to have to go to a government hospital, you have to take your own bedding (always supposing you can get a bed) and get your food brought in.  Nurses and Doctors strike at any time for better pay and corruption is rife.  Hospital administrators are employed on the “buddy system” and have no financial or medical experience whatsoever.

Now they are discussing the closure of State Hospitals that are in total disarray.

Our state broadcaster (the only official one in the country) the SABC, recently had Parliament step in and dismiss the entire board (cronies of the previous administration) for billions of rands of corruption which left suppliers and movie makers bankrupt although they had delivered the service.  This despite the fact that every TV in this country has to be licensed yearly or you face a huge fine.

ESCOM our quasi statal and only electricity supplier has suffered so much from corruption that they are now unable to meet the demand for electricity.  No repairs or upgrades have been done for more than a decade, and now, after a 37% increase in tariffs earlier this year, they are demanding a 45% increase each year for the next 3 years to enable them to build new power stations and repair and maintain the existing structures.  This, despite the fact that management have just voted themselves 37% increases and millions in bonuses.  The CEO was asked by the board to step down two weeks ago and has refused, and is now suspended on full pay until such time as the matter is resolved.  In their defense, ESCOM is owed millions in unpaid bills by the government and is forced to supply, free of charge, power to the squatter camps and may NOT switch the power off to these people when they do not pay their bills.  However, this does not apply to white consumers.

The electricity utility has been negotiating with the World Bank for four years and initially asked for US5 billion.

Eskom is under severe financial pressure to expand its capacity and has applied for permission to hike its tariffs by 45 percent per year for three consecutive years, much to the ire of consumer groups. - Sapa

The CEO of Armscor, our military suppliers, has been accused of about R30 million corruption recently and ALSO refuses to step down and is also suspended on full pay.

The Minister of Police (never a member of the police force) racked up a R1 million hotel bill in 3 weeks – nothing has been done!

The ex police minister is on trial for murder and corruption.  He will not doubt be exonerated, while his white partner in crime, a mafia boss (apparently) will be convicted.

Our national athletics board was recently suspended (they also, surprise, surprise, refuse to go quietly and have appealed to the constitutional court) lied to the world and to the government in the Caster Semenye case.

Our current president, Jacob Zuma, whilst having been accused of rape, fraud and corruption, appears to be attempting to correct these glaring injustices.

I can only say that your country appears to be heading in the direction our country seems to be emerging from and I sincerely hope that Americans stand up NOW and fight for their rights or you will end up in the same mess – if not far worse.  Your unemployment figures equal ours at an estimated 20% +, your president is trying to convert your once great country to a form of socialism and is  refusing to call terrorist attacks exactly what they are.  He is bankrupting your country with idiotic bailouts, trying to pass anti gun laws, revering terrorists and dictators, your Senators are corrupt, your people on being criminalized for being poor and unemployed, thereby removing their right to vote.

I need to stress the fact that all of this is written from my personal experience and does not necessarily reflect other viewpoints as they have not lived what I have.

Here are several links to what is happening in SA

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Looking--out  or  in..Great

73 million?? what happened to the 982 million in gold Obama has shipped to S. Africa this year? and who knows how much he sent the previous years..

This is good, as soon as I get back up and running I am going to post this.

I read a book on just this topic not long ago, can't remember the name, but will check my Kindle.  It is frightening, and as this lady states the world was sold the BS on Mandela.  Whites in these countries are as endangered as Christians are in N Africa and the ME.

This is like reading a Recipe Book on how to eviscerate the White race. This should scare people into action... I pray!

Thanks for the interesting read Karin.

Don't EVER let them take your gun, better to die with it empty in your hands

Thanks Karin. appears America's administration has the same goal. 

Having followed the fate of the African Continent since the early sixties, I'd like to note the parallels which do exist, and we must heed, while at the same time, denoting the differences, many of which provide the answers to how we deal with our own problems here.

      While comparison can be made between the two continents and their being populated by emigration as a primary factor, there is a major disconnect right from the start.  The colonization of the Americas was done by Empires, just as was Africa, however the indigenous people of the Americas were noted as "equals" in many ways, even while it was common for Europeans to assume the role of "conqueror" and take who they felt like, in some cases for display, in Africa in particular, for the purpose of slave.

      The fact Africans had been subjects of slavery long before the colonization of the continent was a large part of why the Germanic people ultimately found a way to justify slavery with the belief God meant for some people to serve others as slaves.

      From the very beginning, there was always a movement of Christians in America who denied this perspective, and kept the whole question of slavery one unanswered, and one decidedly not answered by God in favor of holding slaves, as Americans argued over this issue.

      The Americas were not full of people to be exploited, all though they were full of people at the time of our "discovery", because we brought disease which only forms in dense societies, and merely by landing, we wiped out what appears to be probably 97% of the former population without ever even knowing it existed, for the most part.  Right or not, we appeared to have landed in an empty land, prepared for us by an unseen hand, waiting for us to "conquer the land" with our ignorance allowing this to take place with very little complaint.

       Africa had been part of many empires and thus exposed to the same pathogens as the populous Europe, and the mid-east, so the indigenous population was not wiped out, but in essence, standing there waiting for the more advanced to assume control over the lesser.

       There is question as to why cultures of intricate and complex nature developed where they did, and expanded to take control of so much which did not develop similarly, and the answers to this are to be found in science, the nature of people and nature, and why we develop.  We can argue over many things, but it would appear the primary driving force for advanced development is competition, and from this we can extrapolate, and note, for those who lived immediately in the jungles of Africa, eating, and meeting daily nutrition demands was a matter of plucking it off the tree or ground.

       Absent a challenge to live, there was no need to develop complex society, culture, and no pressure given the size of the continent, and the dearth of competition among tribes.  Those which were pushed by competition to the edges, and outside the rainforest confronted competition from foreigners, each other, and thus developed more advanced society.

       When the world met up with the continent of Africa, it was ripe for the picking, and nature prevailed, there is no doubt it is easy to suggest those people who never got past plucking their food were not equal to such peoples as developed complex means of interaction and interrelating, and the enslavement of others has always been natural to those who think in terms of raw power.

       Before islam encountered Africa, it had long encountered Europe, their cultures and ways, and had been long warring, taking prisoners as slaves, so named because the majority were "Slavic" from southern Europe, as that was most strongly penetrated and controlled by islam.  As empires battled for control of Africa, it was natural for old practices such as slavery to continue, and be imposed upon the indigenous populations found in Africa.

       I stand firmly on the idea that Christians know well what is now called "slavery" in the Bible, was not what was practiced both in Africa, by all conquerors, and around the world, as Muslims sold "slaves" as a means of both spreading their cultural principle, and as profit.  Biblical conquering of territory was accompanied by the slaughter of the inhabitants, as God commanded no remaining relationship be allowed.  While this was followed to some degree, it was common for people to refuse to commit outright genocide, and prisoners were taken, along with other ways people enslaved themselves, either bonding themselves as servants, to pay a debt, or to borrow, and be able to use one's self as collateral on the loan.

       The culture of Israel included the Seven Year Jubilee, wherein all "bond servants" were freed, and this included enslaved captives.  Bondage was a temporal thing, not allowed to be "forever", yet this aspect of Judaic culture has been ignored by those who would use it to justify slavery.

       We, here in America, hypocritically carried on British tradition of slavery because it was convenient, valuable, and Europeans didn't see the means of conquering the most difficult of the land except by slaves, whose lives were at forfeit anyway.  We established our American Culture on the notion of intrinsic equality of all Man, and it was obvious to all, this well included Blacks.

       While every people who have confronted the fact that culturally, African Blacks are far behind other peoples in forming culture, there has been constant argument for why this is.  Some cleave to the notion in it inherent, and as such, Blacks are inherently inferior to everyone else, and they use this to excuse slavery, or in latter days, apartheid.  Those who do are not people who think in terms of reason and logic, or they are except when considering the issue of culture and living with Blacks.

      The logical explanation for the vast difference in cultural development is easily answered by the science of genetics, social science, properly applied, and the fact those living in the best areas to gather, both have no need to form strong society, for survival, and those who end up at the fringes must compete far more and by this, must form society to provide for self-defense.

      Out of this, it makes sense those tribes which have been pushed, and have chosen to move, end up ever farther away from "life's ease", and must develop success strategies or die off.  Those pushed furthest from the ease of the equatorial forests form the most aggressive societies, up to a point where aggression ceases to make for improved eating and breeding success, at which point they tend to form more socialist forms, as they come to rely upon each other and the whole, at the extreme limits of where people can survive.

      Those in the center don't compete, and those at the extreme edges don't compete, except with nature and survival, so those in between grow forms of society which are confrontational as they grow in numbers and impact each other at ever greater levels ever more often.  We developed as aggressive competing cultures because of nature and our chosen place.

      We don't face war with the whole of the world anymore, but have reached a point where war is too destructive and we fight proxy wars, large powers interacting through smaller intermediaries.

      America broke the issue of slavery by civil war, and it has been the deliberate action of those opposed to America's growth who have continually fomented racial discord constantly, doing their level best to keep us from coming to grips with our own society and finding our right place.

       It was the deciding by Christians, they could read the words of Christ and justify slavery which meant the continent of Africa would end up as it has, and while there are analogous aspects between Africa and America, they are few and inconsequential.

       In concluding our civil war with occupation of the south, strong efforts to re-educate, and re-align, were highly successful, however they were morally costly, as politicians had to decide on principle or re-election often, and usually decided wrongly.  The fact we had two Black women in Congress before the end of the work to bring the south back fully into union tells of the success of our efforts, and the vast difference in our cultures.

       That "reconstruction" was attacked constantly, until it was forcibly withdrawn is why we reverted to segregation after having conquered it.  It is this re-segregation that truly animates the hatred and anger of American Blacks, and rightfully so.  This said, we have again formed up and eliminated it, having put it to rest forty years ago.  Only the advent of an installed "Manchurian Candidate", with both black separatists and militant islam backing him, has allowed his extreme success in restoring the emotions of segregation, and being able to use them for his own purposes.

       With regard to Africa, this is the end of any parallel.  The singular reason it remains the most powerful racial conflict is the fact that White Africans still believe Black Africans were meant to serve, and they stand upon Christian Faith and the Bible as supporting their perspective.

       It is quite easy to justify any kind of unequal segregation between peoples using the Torah or Old Testament, because it relates the history of a time when the peoples of the area were in constant war with each other, and atrocities were standard, not abnormal.  It is impossible to rightfully justify such an attitude with Jesus and the New Testament, as he clearly and coherently makes his case for God being for all, and in his work, he clearly demonstrated the equality of all before God.

       Christianity takes its name from The Christ, the spirit of God sent to save us from our own folly.  As he was confronted by the Pharisees, challenged because he "taught the law as if he were an authority on it" in Temple, and jealousy reared its head.  When asked about the laws, questioned as to priority, He easily out-flanked them, suggesting their question was to foment question in the minds of listeners not for the purpose proposed.

      Instead of answering as he was intended, he chose to go over the priest's heads, and he stated his principle very briefly, stating, "you're just trying to make a big deal out of this, when it is very simple really.  If you simply love God with all your heart, your sole and your spirit, and if you love your neighbor as yourself, you will have fulfilled all of the law and all of the prophets.

     This answer removes any doubt of the abject and absolute equality of man before God, and by this, ought to end any debate among men.  We only argue against principle when we desire to profit and see principle standing in the way.  I challenge the notion any Christian can be true to God's Word and hold any people as subservient to any other.

     I suggest the strong stance, absolutely refusing to reconsider apartheid and its irrational support based on the notion some people are intended by God to serve others is a large part of why we have come to this juncture.  That notion was advanced by islam and islam is the primary basis of its continued force in society.  Western, Judeo-Christian culture has long disdained such a notion, and those who cling to it, despite their claim of Christian belief deny aspects of Christian culture which had made vast differences in how differing societies viewed each other, and enabled egalitarian principle to assume a pivotal role.

      We do have to take into account the confrontations of Africa with its conquerors, however we should never lose sight of this singular difference, noting people are people, and there is no room for totalitarian rule over others within Christian tradition.  Yes, the experience of Africa is an issue of importance to keep in mind, however we are not in the same boat, and we have a better place to stand to confront those who would turn the world upside down.  We do have parallels, yet we must stand on our own principles, and the fact we have fought long and hard to eliminate a moral failure, and provide a means to put all the People of our Nation on equal footing.

Semper Fidelis,

John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC


    I wanted to address the issue of the extreme anger, and I do believe it matters when any people are designated as designed subordinated.  I feel very strongly about the people who could so easily proclaim natural rights unalienable, yet not see them applicable to their own slaves here in America.

     We constantly live with the unintended consequences of actions taken.  We had to have a civil war because we refused to deal with the issue rationally.  I suspect attitudes long engendered don't leave quickly, and we, people are loath to relinquish long held prejudices.  I live in a mostly Black community of farming, and have a machine and welding shop.  I work hard to change perspectives of people on both sides because I feel very strongly about not allowing my community to fall into chaos.

     I've spent quite a bit of life as a professional "interventionist", and kind of want to do some relaxing in the future.  I think we have some aspects which provide a better chance at heading off disaster here than it would appear there in South Africa.

      Slavery remains a major issue in the world at large, and there remains a singular element which has always been present:  islam.

Historically it appears that the free people make the same mistake about freeing others consistently, and still can't figure out what went wrong when the former slaves enslave the former free. We assume that saying, "You're free" is some sort of magic formula, and that those who are freed by saying it will automatically understand the meaning and responsibilities of freedom, and will act accordingly. But that is not what happens, and our failure to educate and then free is dooming freedom. We make the same mistake over and over again and expect better results, but do not get them. We do not learn by past mistakes; rather we act like the "liberals" we despise by saying, "You're free", and walking away  feeling all warm and fuzzy goof. Instead of learning from the mistakes of the past, we repeat them, over and over again. That is insanity.  We get it wrong.....every time. The leaders of the newly "freed" end up doing the educating....against those who freed them,. They use resentment and hate to get us to free them, but we don't even try to teach them that freedom does not work without responsibility and accountability.  We allow the leaders of the newly "freed" to deliberately distort the meaning of terms like  "fairness", so they end up with an opposite meaning, i.e., fair to them, not to us. Over time the education of their children and ours is usurped by these people who turn it on its head and use it to retaliate, not to assimilate, to divide instead cooperating to seek mutual prosperity. In our haste to "do good", we turn into the worst kinds of pathological altruists and destroy ourselves. When we give people freedom who do not know what it means and do not educate them on the requirements of having true political and economic freedom , we give them the means to make us slaves. And that is exactly what is happening in South Africa and in the United States.



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1. Click on State Groups tab at the top of the page.
2. Find your State Flag
3. Click on Flag.
4. Look for link to join Your State Group near the top of the State Groups page.
5. Click on it.

Follow the Prompts

How to post "live" URL in posts at PFA............. Adding URLs in blog posts that are not "live" is a waste of everyone's time.....
Here's how....if anyone has better guidance send to me.....
First........type your text entry into the post block to include typing or paste the URL you want us to view........when finished with the text, highlight and copy the URL in the text.......then click the "add hyperlink" tool in the B, I, U box just above the text entry, after clicking, a window will open asking for the URL...paste the URL in the box and click "OK". You have now made the URL "live" shows some code before the post is published, it goes away when you "publish post".......


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