A Message Recommendation To Trump (Somebody get it to him)

It's time for Donald Trump to look American's in the eye and send us a personal message....example below.

I want to be your President. I will give you everything I can muster to restore dignity, honor to America and our Constitution. Oh yes, I'm crass at times but I love America and I'll do whatever it takes to make America "what you want it to be".

Please remember, I can't be your president if the massive resolve from you, the American people, does not continue at the ballot box.

I'm sure you're aware that the entire republican establishment/elite are doing their best to defeat me. The hypocrites, money changers, power brokers make no effort to hide their despicable behavior. However, I can win and beat them all if I have the 1237 delegates when I arrive in Cleveland for the nominating convention. Otherwise, the establishment will be in control and dog fight will ensue. Let's beat political hacks evil game with honest ballot box results.

A rhetorical question? Are you satisfied with what you've been getting from the political establishment over the last eight years, and even decades before? Of course you're not happy or I wouldn't be the leading republican candidate. I understand your anger, even rage at the treatment the bureaucracy and power brokers are engaged. The message I am sending America from my heart is "we the people's" message and you are not going to hear it from any other candidate. And guess what, the establishment hates me for trumpeting your message. In essence they are telling you, the American people, that it makes no difference to the political establishment what "we the people" desire, they intend to do it the "old back room way". That can't happen, that can't happen.

Tell your friends and the world through twitter, facebook, emails, letters to editor to get to the ballot box....any means possible to encourage Americans to vote for me or they will get the same garbage the political establishment has been handing out for decades. You are calling for a change back to constitutional government, three equal branches of government as the Founders left us, and many other corrections....I will do my best to make it happen.

I am fighting as hard as I can, paying my own way, with your voting support, to right wrongs of so many past political administrations who have taken advantage of the American people and use corruption as a normal way of political business.

Let's let the ballot box speak for the American people and totally extinguish the smoke-filled back rooms at the republican convention.

Help us move to Cleveland Convention representing you as "your" republican nominee for President of the United States.

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Lets just hope, that the revolution is not going to be bloody. But the revolution has to be. I do advice to read history in Jefferson time to know how and why our Marina and Navy was created.

Excellent videos, bu the silly title of the second one is not relevant to the content.

I believe that Donald will be the next President. And we can rid ourselves of that fraud, the liar the spend thrift Obama.

Please watch this 7 min

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Repent California Decision America Tour 2016

I will take him, he is the best out of the group and he is legal by definition of Article 2 of the constitution and that is all that matters to me. I have read his position papers on where he stands and all of them are very well thought out. He has already got my vote and when, and if we get to the general elections, he gets my last vote. The rest of the no good's in Congress can take that to the bank, if there is any money left....


I believe the election has already been decided,,,,,, It was decided 4 years ago,,,,,,, and it WILL be Hillary Rodam Clinton.

Her only problem is to survive long enough to take the office., She will never be indicted or tried,,, for anything.

If need be Obama will grant her a full pardon, for all she has done, as his last official act as president.
As for Donald Trump,,,, if they can't beat him in the primaries , they will remove him in a brokered convention, and the people can be damned,,,,,,,,,, We have no say ion this.................................

Will the Cleveland convention be nasty ?? Yes - I think it will be. I think George Soros and his gang of paid thugs intend to broadcast far enough ahead that it will be very nasty in Cleveland. The purpose is to keep people away from the convention,,,,, so that Trump has little or no support on the floor. The police will have a presence there but they will be out numbered and resistance to trouble makers will be minimal at best. 50-100 arrested while the game of intimidation continues. Bernie Sanders says it's very easy to get 50,000 or more to riot at any of these political rallies. And they intend to do just that in Cleveland.  And they will try to blame it all on Trump and his supporters.

Who's counting the votes? George Soros,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Re: "I believe the election has already been decided,,,,,, It was decided 4 years ago,,,,,,, and it WILL be Hillary Rodam Clinton."

Wasn't Hillary "inevitable" in 2008, too?  :-). If they pull Shenanigans at the convention, I will follow Trump to an independent or 3rd party run. I won't care at all if GOP loses. That would be indisputable proof that we need to replace it, need to start building some instututions which respond to OUR will, not the vampire squid bankers and their hired politician-stooges.

I was reading the comments and saw that James D. Burke and Ms. Joan he is 85 and she is 87 years old. I think it is awesome that they are involved, using computers and social media and them being elders we should be listening to them. I know I am writing to the Choir here. Now the one thing that I saw in the first video with Donald Trump was a flag with gold trim. I am still not sure if the gold fringe flag is strictly a military flag or not, but if it doesn't mean anything than I would rather have a flag without the gold fringe. I have been a fan of Donald Trump before he decided to run for President the first time. This second time I wasn't so sure I could go with Trump again because of the way he bailed out last time. It wasn't until I seen an interview he did with Alex Jones. Now say what you will about Alex Jones and I have heard some stories, and there are times he is too much for me, but he did a really good job with that interview and Trump showed me something for going on Infowars. There was another New Yorker, a little known guy by the name of Dennis Michael Lynch that started out running for President and basically had to drop out because he knew he couldn't compete financially and it was funny because he mentioned Donald Trump would be about the only one that could run as an independent, which I think Trump is more of an independent that he is a Republican, but smart enough to know that you have to run as either a Republican or a Democrat. A third party candidate can't even get on the debate stage because the corrupt 2 party system has made their rules and I can't believe the Republicans (The Elite) are trying to change the convention rules in the middle of the game. I do think that Trump needs to make it a more personal campaign meaning to reach out to each individual person. The Democrats aren't happy either and if the third parties would see that Mr. Trump was really more of an independent and got behind him that would help. I just think Trump really does care about this country.  We do have a movement happening and OAS has played a big part in it. The Oregon ordeal with the Hammond's, Bundy's, and the killing of Lavoy Finicum, the "Biker" murders in Waco and the first Waco, the list of an out of control government from the lowest levels to the Federal and Alphabet Agencies especially, have awakened many of us. I have included a couple of videos, A Message To The Choir by Kenneth Webb aka Change Da Channel, a new message from Alex Jones with some devastating info about Trump you will love and the interview with Alex Jones and Donald Trump. I will let you go and watch some of the Dennis Michael Lynch videos on your own, but if you don't know who he is I suggest you do some home work. Again, a BIG Thank you to James D. Burke and Ms. Joan y'all are an inspiration.  https://youtu.be/Ulhn1Vk-B1I  https://youtu.be/sDr2NJPv8kE  https://youtu.be/FJqLAleEnKw   

Wiley Drake shared a link.
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Repent California Decision America Tour 2016

Good posting



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