A Message Recommendation To Trump (Somebody get it to him)

It's time for Donald Trump to look American's in the eye and send us a personal message....example below.

I want to be your President. I will give you everything I can muster to restore dignity, honor to America and our Constitution. Oh yes, I'm crass at times but I love America and I'll do whatever it takes to make America "what you want it to be".

Please remember, I can't be your president if the massive resolve from you, the American people, does not continue at the ballot box.

I'm sure you're aware that the entire republican establishment/elite are doing their best to defeat me. The hypocrites, money changers, power brokers make no effort to hide their despicable behavior. However, I can win and beat them all if I have the 1237 delegates when I arrive in Cleveland for the nominating convention. Otherwise, the establishment will be in control and dog fight will ensue. Let's beat political hacks evil game with honest ballot box results.

A rhetorical question? Are you satisfied with what you've been getting from the political establishment over the last eight years, and even decades before? Of course you're not happy or I wouldn't be the leading republican candidate. I understand your anger, even rage at the treatment the bureaucracy and power brokers are engaged. The message I am sending America from my heart is "we the people's" message and you are not going to hear it from any other candidate. And guess what, the establishment hates me for trumpeting your message. In essence they are telling you, the American people, that it makes no difference to the political establishment what "we the people" desire, they intend to do it the "old back room way". That can't happen, that can't happen.

Tell your friends and the world through twitter, facebook, emails, letters to editor to get to the ballot box....any means possible to encourage Americans to vote for me or they will get the same garbage the political establishment has been handing out for decades. You are calling for a change back to constitutional government, three equal branches of government as the Founders left us, and many other corrections....I will do my best to make it happen.

I am fighting as hard as I can, paying my own way, with your voting support, to right wrongs of so many past political administrations who have taken advantage of the American people and use corruption as a normal way of political business.

Let's let the ballot box speak for the American people and totally extinguish the smoke-filled back rooms at the republican convention.

Help us move to Cleveland Convention representing you as "your" republican nominee for President of the United States.

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Pat Caddell said it very succinctly:  Trump has borrowed the Republican Party for his run and they are pissed about it!

Jean.. Thank You. We have had some good discussions... Hopefully moving us toward restoring our Republic and holding those whovseekbto destroy it accountable. We're in California this week seeing my wife's Doctors. May God continue to watch over you and yours.



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