Constitutional Emergency

Put an end to school shooting, Once and for all.
Here's an idea that is TOO easy. In fact it's so easy that liberals will scream bloody murder, "You Can’t Do THAT".

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution of the USA.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

President Donald J. Trump has the right to call up the Militia. He could easily call up the Militia groups in every State, Use US Military Veterans and retired police officers in those groups,.One week of training would be enough, (These people are already trained). And place two or three at each and every school in the country. (No less than two per school).

The Government doesn't even have to provide their weapons, they already have them.
Sound like a Police State? These people are YOUR own local veterans and retired police officers, NOT the US Military or any kind of Gestapo.

You trust these guys when you put them in uniform and ask them to defend our Country, You trust the police officers when you put them in uniform and call them when there is trouble. Why not trust them to protect your kids? Did the change of uniform change the man?

If the Sheriffs in each county can't trust his own deputies and retired officers because they have changed their uniforms then why is he allowing them to serve on his Law Enforcement police force in the first place?

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The cold hard truth to it all is that Liberals and Democrats don't want to end school shooting and massacres. In fact many of them love it when some mental retard gets a weapon (especially an AR-15) and starts shooting people.
It gives them another opportunity to scream for more gun control and confiscations. To Liberals the second amendment is far more dangerous and destructive to American society that any high school mass murderer will ever be. They don't want to stop school shootings, they only want to confiscate our weapons and make us all defenceless.
Guns only have two enemies, rust and Liberal politicians.



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