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Acting U.S. Attorney Issues Statement/Warnings In Anticipation Of Hammonds Surrender To Prison

11 December 2015

Acting U.S. Attorney Issues Statement/Warnings In Anticipation Of Hammonds Surrender To Prison: 

05 December 2015

Bureau Of Land Management Destroying Ranches [And Cattle] By Fire (Video):  

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NOTICE: Redress of Grievance

We the People - United Individuals of these States United: Coalition of Western States (COWS), Pacific Patriot Network (PPN), Bundy Family and Supporters, Oregon Oath Keepers, Idaho III%, Central Oregon Constitutional Guard, Oregon Tactical, Oregon Bearded Bastards, Liberty Watch Washington, Nevada Committee for Full Statehood, Rural Heritage Preservation Project, Liberty For All (LFA) [continuous names below]
December 11, 2015
Read More: And sign the petition here;
I'm confused this posts states the prosicution never said or implied that the Hammonds were Terrorists, yet it's my understanding they were tried under Terrorists statutes.. I haven't been fully following this case but I get the jist of it. Are they being convicted of setting illegal fires and putting people's lives at risk or are the also considered Terrorists?
Oh... I also signed the petition.. This looks to be clearly overreach and intimidation and an independent counsel should investigate it thoroughly .

Apparently the only laws the prosecutors could find to put these men in prison was the Anti-Terrorism law. That law gives a mandatory minimum 5 years to the death penalty. The original judge (now retired) did not see the charges that they were actually convicted on as being severe enough, and said a lack of criminal intentions, did not warrant the minimum 5 years, much less the potential death penalty. So he reduced the sentences to 3 month for Dwight (father) and 12 month for Steven, (Son.) Then the judge retired.
The new judge and a new BLM administrator,(along with her husband who is the chief of the Wild Lands commission out there), decided that since the Hamnonds were out of prison and still living on the Ranch, that reduced sentence(s) was not enough to get them off the Ranch.

Hence they went back to a new judge and got him to order the men back to prison to complete the 5 year terms.

Dwight Hammond (Father) will have to serve 4 years and 9 months. (3 months previously served)
And Steven Hammond will serve 4 years additional, (12 months previously served.)

They were never convicted on those other charges listed by the judge in that article.

Arson was the only charge they were convicted on.

They set a range grass fire on their OWN land and it got out of control and burned 120 acres of BLM land before they were able to put it out. Five years later there was a series of grass fires started by lightning and thunder storms. The Hammonds set a back fire to protect their summer crop storage and to protect the Ranch.

That back fire worked and the range fires were extinguished. I don't know if that was on BLM land or if it was on the Hammond Ranch land. But the BLM typically burns range grasses anyway. And the Hammond's intentions was not to burn the range, it was to extinguish the lightning fires and to protect the Ranch. Which it did.

It is also worth pointing out that like the Bundy's in Nevada, the Hammonds are the last Ranchers left in that area. The BLM has already successfully taken all the other ranches and the land from all the other ranchers.

Date: 12/12/2015;


To all People, Patriot groups, Militias, Coalitions, Churches, Families and other Supporting entities,


We hope all of you are having a joyful season in remembering the Lord and the great gift of his birth. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17). If we felt we could wait until after Christmas to give you this information we would. The Adversary never sleeps. We must stay aware, and act in these matters of defense. It is our duty to do so. 

It is certain that what has happened to the people of Harney County and the Hammond family is a type and a shadow of what will happen to all people across these United States if we do not put an end to it. 


We ask that you read the Notice: Redress of Grievance, and go to the links below to add your name to the document.


Please understand that we must exhaust all prudent measures before taking a physical stand against the horrific actions that the People of Harney County are enduring (including the Hammond's).  If this Notice is ignored, then one more Notice of Demand will be sent, it will list the many petitions that have been ignored and demand that the Hammond's rights be restored. If that final Notice is rejected then People across the Union will have justification to assemble and once again restore individual rights.


Please go to the link and add your name to this important document. 


Thank you,

The Bundy Family


If you support this NOTICE: Redress of Grievance, then fill in the name card below. 


Click on the link to fill in the PERSONAL name card:


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Old Rooster~

Thanks very much for the updates.  I felt so powerless and frustrated in regards to the entirety of these situations with the Bundys and the Hammonds.  I was especially ticked-off at the bold faced declarations of the U.S. Attorney's warning statement as well as the order for the Hammonds not to speak to the Bundys. 

Are they having some sort of contest as to how many Constitutional Protections they could violate and then get away with? 

Although I'm by no means a Constitutional scholar, I don't understand how they are getting away with the Double Jeopardy and Excess of Jurisdiction issues. 

Double Jeopardy - 5th Amendment:

"No person shall ... be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb." 

Double Jeopardy [Clause]:

'Double Jeopardy protects people from being tried twice for the same crime twice in a court of law.' 

Excess Of Jurisdiction:

'When a case is heard by the right jurisdiction but the Judge then exceeds his jurisdiction when giving judgment.'  

Excess Of Jurisdiction:

'Whenever a judge acts where he/she does not have jurisdiction to act, the judge is engaged in an act or acts of treason.

Another federal statue permits any citizen to file a lawsuit in the federal courts to obtain a court order requiring the federal courts to obtain a court order requiring a federal official to perform a mandatory halt to unlawful acts.' 

According to one of the men over on the Modern Militia site (he lives in East Oregon) they got around that double jeopardy clause by changing the text and the charges at the second court hearings/trial. That essentially made it a new trial.
I'll try to locate his comments and post them here.
Just a little sleight-of-hand manipulation.

Old Rooster~

Ok -- when you have a chance. I'd like to see how they got around that one, even with the new semantic text. 

The 'foreign and domestic enemies' of our Constitution are pulling all kinds of maneuvers throughout our nation.  We just have to continue to step up and confront all of their bogus challenges.

There could even be a case for inquiry (via the Justice Department) of 'misprison' involving the Law Enforcement Agencies through out and up the State chain of command. 

I hope that someone has at least considered filing something with the Justice Department regarding the political shenanigans of this case.  Often times an 'inquiry' is enough to ease if not change the tides. 

Misprison Of A Felony:

'A crime of common law involving judicial procedure.  A misdemeanor that is a failure by some person other that a principle or accessory before the fact to disclose or report knowledge that a felony has been committed' ...  

As I said earlier one of the men over on another site lives in the Oregon area. He is familiar with the issues and the Hammonds.
This is what he posted on the other site;

Please get updated with this story
Pacific Patriots Network: Update 11/22/2015
The Hammond Family in Harney County, Oregon
NOTICE: Please do not reach out to the Hammond Family directly as they have asked to be left alone for the time being.

After a complete review of the facts presented by individuals in the community, the family, and reviewing the court documents, we have found many injustices against the Hammond Family.
The Hammond Family has been the target of the BLM among other agencies for close to 30 years as far as we can tell. They did intentionally create a burn on their private property on more than one occasion. The first was a normal burn off that most ranchers regularly do in order to preserve the land for grazing, the second was to fight a wildfire in a back burn effort which was successful. These burns took place from 1999 to 2006. The burn in 1999 did spill over into BLM managed land, referred to in court documents as “United States Property,” and the Hammonds received a warning from BLM for that burn yet it was included in the charges applied against the Hammonds in 2006. There were a total of 19 federal charges brought against Dwight and Steven Hammond including conspiracy to intentionally and maliciously destroy United States property, tampering with a witness, and arsenal terrorism under the Federal Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. Without getting too lengthy into the details we can all agree that this well-established and respected cattle ranching family are as far from being terrorists as it gets.
They were convicted and served a lesser sentence that the judge handed down. The judge himself cited the 8th amendment would apply in the sentencing phase and lessoned the recommended five year sentence under the terrorism act. Very quickly after, in 2012, the prosecutor’s office filed that the judge did not have the right to lessen the sentence and the Hammonds needed to serve the full five years (or what remained of what after the time they have already served). Yet the prosecutor never argued the sentence at the time of original though, according to court transcripts, he was given the opportunity to do so. Even if the judge did not have the right to lessen the sentence that is not an issue that should fall on the Hammonds shoulders but rather should go against the judge, except the day of the sentencing was the judge’s last day on the bench, as he retired.
What the PPN is urging people to do, while further action is being decided:
You as the public have a right to trial by a jury of your peers, well so do all those individuals involved in the tormenting case against the Hammonds. We ask you to become the judge and jury by making phone calls, writing letters, and sending emails to all those listed below. We ask that you do this as concerned citizens of this great country and in a level-headed, non-threatening or intimidating manner. Threats or any other form of intimidation or violence is not encouraged or condoned by the Pacific Patriots Network.
Also, beyond demanding justice from those that can make changes in the Hammond’s case, we are looking for any donations of ranch supplies from feed for the cattle to hay to get them through the winter. This family has put their entire financial lives into these cases and they are struggling to get by. If Dwight and Steven choose to turn themselves in as scheduled to complete the 5 year sentences both the wives and Steven’s children will be left alone to manage the ranch.
Again, please do not contact the family directly, please contact a member of leadership within the Pacific Patriots Network as we have one single contact for the family. They have received threats from the U.S. District Attorney’s office that if they continue communication with patriots or Ammon Bundy that they will not be given the grace time to turn themselves in as they were granted originally. They were told that they would be taken by force if they did not cease communication which is yet another violation of their rights.
At this time the sheriff, Sheriff Dave Ward, has not stated publicly where he will stand on this, though we are aware that he has expressed his need to review all documents and accounts personally and we respect that. We believe that he is a constitutional sheriff and believe he will make the right decision and protect the people of his county.
Below is a list of people that you can contact to air your grievances. Again, please do so in a respectful manner as citizens protecting and defending other American citizens.
Sheriff David M. Ward
485 N Court Ave #6
Burns, Oregon 97720

Frank Papagni, ESQ. US Attorney (Prosecutor)
405 East Eighth Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Lawrence Matasar, ESQ. (Defending attorney)
521 SW Morrison St, Ste 1025
Portland, OR 97205

Marc Blackman, ESQ. (Defending attorney)
1001 SW Fifth Ave, Ste 1400
Portland, OR 97204

Rhonda Karges, Resource Field Mgr, BLM
BLM, Burns District Office
28910 Hwy 20
Hines, OR 97738

Chad Karges, Refuge Mgr for the Malheur Wildlife Refuge (Husband of Rhonda)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dept of Interior
36391 Sodhouse Ln
Princeton, OR 97721

Governor Kate Brown
State Capital Bldg
900 Court St NE, 160
Salem, OR 97301

Billy J. Williams, U.S. District Attorney (Eugene office)
405 E 8th Ave. Suite 2400
Eugene, Oregon 97401

Neil Evans
Portland, OR

Gerri Badden
U.S Attorney’s Office – District of Oregon

Judge Ann Aiken, Chief Judge of the District of Oregon

Chuck Cushman
Public Advocate, American Land Rights Association
PO Box 400
Battle Ground, WA 98604

Former Judge Michael Hogan
PO Box 1375
Eugene, OR 97440

Contact county commissioners, all OR representatives and senators, all Washington D.C. reps starting with Greg Walden and other local and state officials as well. Do not make one call or send one email and think that is enough. For a rundown of all of the facts in greater detail please see

Thank you Patriots for supporting our own when injustice is served
Bundy Ranch
If you would like to Donate click the button below! All of us here at the Bundy Ranch would like to thank you for everything you have done and the support you have shown! We will put all funds to good use!|By Bundy Ranch

Old Rooster~

Wow - thanks for the wealth of information.  :-)  !!!! 

I'll continue to support and follow the case as best I can. 

There is more but I couldn't find it.

Old Rooster~ 

Don't worry, I'm sure to come across it at some point.  It will take me a while to read through what you've sent -- and I found some other links as well. 

Thanks again. 



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