Again I find myself wishing that why we as American's that love the Constitution of all skin colors allow The Abomination to keep taunting us into fighting each other. I myself have always considered myself to be Color Blind. I never understood why black people would choose to be called African Americans when they are and always will be Americans! I do not see the difference! You are either a FULL BLOODED American or you are an African unless you have dual citizenships. We are all the same when it comes to freedom in todays society. I don't understand why we all can't put the past behind us and move forward as a Powerful Unstoppable force. Obama is using this to make us divided and it's working. As long as he can keep us fighting one another we will not be nearly as affective as we would be together. Obama and his friends know this and stir the racial pot daily! The truth is Obama doesn't care about skin color, his ONLY ALLEGIANCE is to himself and Islam! He knows that if we AMERICANS did put aside our pasts and confronted him as a unified America that he would never stand a chance. It is probably one of the things he fears the most. This goes for all Americans White, Black, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue it doesn't matter. What DOES matter IS WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER LIKE IT OR NOT. Me myself I like the fact that we are a diversified culture who can learn much from one another's experiences if we could just PUT THE PAST BEHIND US and MOVE FORWARD TOGETHER! Please know that the truth is WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM! Not the freedom of any one color of skin. This is America and America is a nation of immigrants that have thrived in the past and will do so again if we can stop fighting each other and turn our attention to where it is needed most.

No matter what color we are, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER and WE ALL HAVE THE SAME FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES AT SAKE! If we can get our acts together and work together WE WILL KEEP our FREEDOMS and Liberties w/o us standing together our chances are much less. WE MUST STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER AND FIGHT the enemy WE ALL have in common! We the People mean Americans and isn't color specific and that is the most important fact of all! I implore everyone to take this to heart and listen because the way of life for ALL OF US is in jeopardy and the sooner we realize this the sooner we can move to save our nation together. Operation American Spring is an event that should be color blind ALL Constitution lovers ARE WELCOME and always will be. If you love this country and what it stands for then please forget about the color of skin, STOP letting The Abomination use it against us and realize that WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER to the very end! If we support one another our chances are 100% of overcoming The Abominations Communist, Islamic Regime! In my opinion Obama has undone all the good works of MLK and MLK Jr. Is this really acceptable to us as Americans! I say NO IT IS NOT, I say we STAND TOGETHER United under one flag! We stand shoulder to shoulder and demand that Obama and his friends be arrested and charged with TREASON against American and it's GREAT PEOPLE.

God Bless America and All Americans no matter the color!!!

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