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Well said Gray Owl, very well said. Allowing the encroachment of evil in the world, in my humble opinion has to be laid at the foot of the church . It is the church which has authority over the devil, it is the church which has the authority to bind and cast out demons. The church is for the most part desingagued with the current affairs of the world. It is true that the pulpit is to preach Christ and Him crucified, but Christ also confronted the evils of his day. The church needs to remember that it is the CHURCH MILITENT here on earth. We are at war with the Devil and evil in the world. That's what the Armour of God is for! The relief organizations of America were all founded by Christians. Listen, you who profess Christ, we are not civilians for Christ, we are Soldiers for Christ. We are the Lords Army. We are his instruments and his authority here in earth til He returns. Those who are not filled with the spirit donot have the authority or the power to fight Satan, they are his pawns being deceived daily by his lying influences. The ONLY hope is the church and the authority Christ gave it before his acention. Pastors, it is time to call your congregations to engaguge the enemy, and not just in some spiritual way, prayer is needed but when they rebuilt the wall they carried a sword in one hand. Get your people involved in the issues that matter in your communities. These things matter because they impact your freedoms and your effectiveness in evangelism and preaching the gospel. It is our Christian duty. And if what I'm saying is cutting into you, it is also cutting into me, I can do more, I must do more. SEMPER FI.

PASTORS MIKE HUCKABEE and JOHN HAGEE are calling out any "501C3 MILQUETOASTS" Who may yet be hiding under their frocks behind their P.C. Pulpits   

Shoot Richard, for some reason I can't pull up your videos, I'll try and research it in my own, thanks for the infor!!
Gray Owl let me just finish my statement on the church by Quoting Charles Finney that great American Preacher and leader of Americas 2nd Great Awaking. "If there is decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it... If the world loses it's interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it... If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it... If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it... Let us not ignore this fact, my dear brethren, but let us lay it to heart, and be thoroughly awake to our responsibility in respects to the morals of this nation".

Grey Owl, I could not have said this better!  Keep up the good work.  Oh, and Thank you for your service!

Yeah, and don't forget.....the CHURCH is the body of Christ.  Who have always met in homes throughout history until the crusades started establishing large corporate institutions!

Lady, you'll get no argument out of me on sin in the church. Throughout time God still has always had a remnant who have not bowed their knees to Baal. Reminds me of a story: The Pope was walking through the vaticant with other church officials as they walked the Pope was pointing out all of the art and treasures the church had amassed. The Pope looked at one of the Laity who was walking with the officials and said "It can no longer be said, silver and gold have I none". To which the lay priest said, " neither can it be said, " be thou healed , take up your bed and walk". Regarless of what others are doing, even if it's in the church, be careful who you bow your knee to!

HA HA HA   GOOD ONE!!!  Yeah, the bed was so gold cladded and bejeweled, it'd take a crane to lift it!  :)))))

Throughout biblical history God has chastised His people by letting their enemies Conquor them and bring them into bondage until as a nation they repented and turned again to Him. It took National repentance. God is not the author of evil. Satan is but a tool in his hand. So according to your assessment and biblical history, if God has removed His hand were are headed into bondage by a Anti- God nation until all of America repents and turns toward God. If that is true nothing will turn God from his plan. In the past He saved Lot, Noah and his family but destroyed all others. So if it takes the nation to turn back to God, and in my opinion we are no longer a Christian nation so national repentance will not take place, what are your plans in accordance to scriptures is about to take place? Remember, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. IMHO, we should Interceed for our nation to God, become active in our courts and in the halls of government, this I will try to do while believing at the same time that Americas sins have reached the throne of God. Personally I donot have much hope for America, it's a shame this is not the nation I wanted my children to inherate.

"We the People of these United States of America"...All that went before us and those serving today, may we never forget that our Nation was founded as One Nation Under GOD, by GOD, and for GOD, and by GOD's grace for "We the People," and may we never forget that!  And to all GOD fearing American Patriots, the time has come once again, and can't believe I would be saying this in my life time, to rise-up in voice, in deed, and in Arms if comes to that, to preserve and protect OUR Nation from enemies both foreign and domestic.  Our great Nation has been infiltrated from within and without and all that believe in GOD and Country know that the time for talk is over, arise FREE America and mobilize, this is a call to action, and may GOD be with us in our Righteous, and hopefully, Noble cause SAVE GOD and COUNTRY!   God, Please Bless America, ONCE AGAIN!

Dr Williams, Well said Sir! Like you, I find it difficult to believe the situation in which we find ourselves today where love of Country has been replaced by apology tours seemingly designed to say that all those who fought and died for our freedom and that of the entire world were somehow wrong.  The usurper and traitor in the WH is dead wrong about America as are his followers.  I pray daily that we may restore our Constitutional Republic without resorting to arms, but when supporters of this unlawful regime openly quote Mao by saying that power comes from the barrel of a gun, it seems apparent that they have no intention of peacefully giving up on their perverse dream to "fundamentally transform" America.

To those traitors I say go away and let us live in peace.  But if you force us to fight, we will do so with a bitter determination you have never seen.

So let us all honor God so He may once again Bless America.  And thank you COL Riley for posting this video.  It is one that needs to be shown across America.

Thank you.



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