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Does America need Mrs. Sonya Carson’s little boy, Benjamin Carson, as president? If not him, then someone just like him!

America needs a Patriotic President


By Judi McLeod  December 9, 2014 | Comments| Print friendly |

America needs a Patriotic President

What America needs most is a Patriotic President, a president who puts love of country well above love of self.

America needs a president who, even before coming forward, has already shoved his ego into his back pocket;  one wise enough to ignore the pandering of the moment and one whose head is never turned by Mae West type publicity.

America needs a president who won’t try to hog the limelight with “I-sang-to-Chelsea” folklore when needing to steal attention from other celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, but one who will belt out the American anthem at the top of his/her lungs every chance they get.

It’s not lullabies to Chelsea but God Bless America that needs public airing.

The president who can turn an upside-down America right side up again is one who knows that ‘bipartisanship’ is only an imaginary tool, pulled out of the bottom of the trick bag,  by truth-ducking career politicians like Senator John McCain.

Go to the lavish lounges of any political chamber,  at any level of government, and see for yourself how the same politicians you saw on last night’s news hurling insults at each other,  are now glad-handing and back-slapping each other in absolute glee.

In public, politicians of all stripes make like they hate each other.  In private, politicians work in concert making deals that keep their nests well feathered.

Real leadership being more necessary than celebrity cult to return America back to a stable state, calls for a leader who will blow raspberries at blowhard protesters like Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ones who need someone to run their cafe lattés to them between sore throat chants.

Fellas and gals out protesting need their coffee breaks when doing “die-ins” in front of public buildings.

America needs the kind of firm leadership which will send scurrying like White House rats, the followers of a crazed,  sore-infested, living on the avails of their parents and rich friends, Marxist malcontent like Karl Marx,  whose brain was in worse shape than his boil-studded body.

New blood is needed in Washington to rid the White House of the still-living-in-the-1960s unelected czars that form the wavery ‘O’ in Obama’s over-exposed logo.  It’s time for the czars to be shifted from the White House to institutions for the aged where they can listen to recorded Obama and Jonathan Gruber speeches—hopefully in another country.

America needs a serious Commander in Chief who puts the comfort of war veterans ahead of that of Hollywood stars, who, like millions of others in the world, pays sincere respect to a military who made a peaceful life in the West possible;  a Commander in Chief who doesn’t cut and run from every threat from a group he exaggeratedly claims that he already rid the world of.

Even with the Karl Roves pushing yet another Bush on America, and the Dems harboring another Clinton, the presidency of the United States does not belong to either the Republican or Democrat Party.  It belongs, lock, stock and barrel to We the People.

Does a turnaround America need Dr. Ben Carsons as its next president?


The last thing being discussed about Ben Carson is his colour.  And that’s as it should be.

Carson is a giver not a taker.  He doesn’t just talk about the need to support underprivileged school children, he sets up ongoing bursaries for them.

The difference between a Barack Obama and a Ben Carson couldn’t possibly be more stark.  Obama feeds class warfare, fuels racial unrest and rails about growing up in America in a single parent home,  without ever bothering to thank an America that bestowed upon him a life of privilege.  Carson was goaded on to success by a mother whose motto is:  “Do your best and God will do the rest”.  In his poverty-challenged youth, with a mother who steadfastly refused victim status, Carson was reading books, not writing them.

Ben Carson personifies American exceptionalism.  Admiration for him is international because even with all odds stacked against him, Carson went on to turn poverty into celebrated success.

Does America need Mrs. Sonya Carson’s little boy, Benjamin Carson, as president?

If not him, then someone just like him!

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Hello Bob, I began my study 47 years ago this past spring.  The "Fed" is a private banking operation and is pretty much an international monopoly.  When Roosevelt was elected gold was selling for $20.00 per oz.  Gold then was recalled and the price immediately went up to $35.00 per oz.  Yes, Woodrow Wilson started it and Roosevelt gave it a major push right along with beginning  serious recruiting for a proletarian class.  I have been deeply involved at my own expense for those 47 years, speaking at college history and political science classes, on the radio with call-in programs. mailing letters to every registered voter in my township, and sponsoring speakers consisting of Governors, Generals and U.S. Representatives, became the Mi. campaign Chmn. for Governor Thompson of N.H.   Bob Schaffer I have been busy and have never ceased to use what intelligence I've had to work with.  I've had at least 8 prominent success'es.  Constant letters to the Editors, Lobbying.  The nation was sleeping and could not be aroused.  All the while, congress was involved with the Hegelian dialect.  The "right kept conceding "a half loaf" to the Left"  Now the loaf is all on the other side. I know who I will support in 2016 If he gets the nomination.  His name is Ben Carson.  My only concern is, Will there be a 2016 presidential election?

Someone once observed:  "you cannot have a dictatorship of the proletariat without having a large enough proletariat."  Congress is complicit in building the American proletariat. Both sides of the aisle.


I don't think your observation is accurate Debra....while he opposes some aspects of so-called assault weapons, I have not heard even suggest he "wants our guns".

Please provide the speech or other resource that indicates Dr. Carson's opposition to 2nd Amendment.  I would like to read the context of the issue in his speech.


For those not in the know I think a more accurate description of "assault weapons" should be posted.

The following would be considered "assault weapons":

Machine Guns or fully AUTOMATIC rifles which fire like same;


Grenades and grenade launchers;

Flame throwers;

Recoilless rifles;

Artilliary pieces;


Fighter jets;


A simple rifle that fires 1 shot at a time, i.e. AR-15, is NOT an "assault weapon" as some dumbass liberals and politicians like to describe.

Now that the issue is made more clear for the average citizen, feel better that rifles, pistols etc. owned for self-defense are OUR right granted under the 2nd Amendment for the primary purpose of protecting ourselves from predators and Tyranny.


Debra, Dr. Carson re-thought his comment about the second amendment about two days later. and made it public.

Debra, He is a Surgeon, what do you expect? I like him, but if he supports gun consfication, registration or changing the Constitutional amendment then, he will NOT get my vote. "The second amendment shall not be infringed", my quote.

Carson is a good and wise man! although i have seen him back slide on the second amendment. i think the person who is chosen for the next pres needs to be a truth talker! and a true Constitutionalist one to turn back the nanny state! A true Conservitive and not a RINO like MCcain and many others. i will not drop names but there are names in the republican party now! the only problem is the republican party needs to decide which direction it wants to go there is only right and wrong and if they continue on the path they are on now i will give my vote to the third party i will never again give my vote to these Judas Priests. The truth is all there Is! We need true leaders. We also need to hold all of them accountable to the Constitution that is what they are there for to uphold the constitution no matter which party!

This is some what out of context but it is a good article and has a take action that should hold all politicians feet to the fire.


Dr. Ben Carson is a decent man. Judi is 100% right. We need true leadership. But the only one who can put all the pieces of the puzzle back where it belongs and make our world normal again is God.

When I heard John McCain speak earlier today I was truly disappointed. So many people back stabbing each other and they don't truly care about America. How can Obama do so much damage and still be in the White House???

I am a Republican and I am disappointed in the Republicans. They might want to make things right, but are not saying what they are offering to the world. Like with Obamacare they don't want it and I agree, but then what will they offer in exchange? What are they offering the people when Obama is gone. And God help us I hope he does go. Because I heard somewhere that he wants to make an executive order and stay in the White House. I wouldn't put it past him.

Who can we trust? I don't mean to sound so religious, but for me it's God. I know I can trust him. Someday and probably soon justice will come. That I am sure of.

the one that owes you is you it's up to you! are you a socialist that wants the gov to rob from your neighbor to take care of you any fool knows whats wrong with health care to many things but it all leads back to greed and the gov

Before Americans decide on there next President maybe they should decide what they want in their lives or for their lives Communist, Socialism, or the freedoms of our true Constitution. Take a look around the government has just about bought and paid for everyone in the Country by numerous unconstitutional programs and Federal and State Departments! It may be hard but Americans need to once again relies who is responsible for them! this Country owes no debt or responsibility to any group or individual except one group and that is Our Veterans! i do not think they should have to go to a VA hospital when there are so many good hospitals and clinics in their own neighborhood or one close to them!




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