AMERICAN SPRING - Colonel Organizing MASSIVE Patriot Action In Washington, D.C. May 16, 2014

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Thank you so much and God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America!!!  I hope we will be able to get the number you want.  I am 78 years young and I am not able to go to DC and stay.  If there is anything I can do from home, let me know.  Such as writing letters, phoning.  Please let me know.  I think it is long over due to get Obama and his cronies out of office.  Why the Congress is dragging their feet I can't figure it out.  

Jean Reynolds, Maine    phone: 207-865-0740      JR

After listening to the Hagmann program last night (1/12/14), I fell asleep
and what happened next I need to share with you. I had a dream that
thousands of demons entered my bedroom then jumped on me while I was in
bed, devouring my flesh. I was totally paralyzed. I repeatedly shouted
out "you must flee in the name of Jesus". These demons continued to attack
me. There was total darkness, no Jesus. It was HORRIFYING. I felt as
though I was in the pits of hell and this is where my soul is going if I
don't change my ways. Then I was whisked away and I am standing in front
of a large cross. From the center of the cross a bright light was shining.
I heard the Lord say to me "Come to the cross. I did not hear nor respond
to your cries because you are not abiding in me. Horrific evil is here and
more is coming and if you do not abide in me you will be devoured. I will
not hear nor respond to your cries if you do not abide in me and you will
not be able to fight off this evil in your own strength." Then I was
whisked back to my bed where the demons were devouring me again. I was
once again paralyzed. I breathed on them saying "jesus" and they
eventually all fled.

I woke up with tears streaming down my face crying out to the Lord.

Here is what is so IRONIC.....I considered myself to be a born-again, saved
christian!! Over the past few years, I've started to walk in the ways of
the world thinking it is okay because I know the Lord loves me; I am a good
person; and I am saved. How many other christians are thinking in the same
way? How many other christians are not truly saved?

I turned away from JESUS in my walk.....It was a slow and suddle turning
away.... Convincing myself all along the way that I can walk my walk, give
the Lord "courtesy prayer" and everything will be okay. I WAS SO WRONG.
Thank you LORD for your warning, as horrifying as it was. Thank you LORD
for giving me another chance to make you Lord of my Life.

Thanks so much to you, Pastor Lankford and the Hagmanns for literally
saving me from the pits of hell.

May God Bless you all.

Thanks !

***  The Best & Worst of Times for the Grand Old Republic!  *** 

2014 and beyond are the best of times and the worst of times for the Grand Old Republic!  We live in the most advanced, powerful and compassionate society of civilized people who are governed by the greatest experiment in personal liberty and human freedom in an elected representative Republic form of limited Constitutional governance based upon rule by ballot box democracy.


Our decency, intelligence and religiosity are expected to provide responsible, righteous, civilized and respectable behavior producing righteousness, equality and justice for all.  The majority will, consent of the governed, of We the People, must always be a fair, just and trusted, underlying source of all the power and authority of our societal government.


Unfortunately our political arena, our governing system, our nation’s leadership, our ballot box check and balances and our “American Dream” driven society are all overwhelmed & corrupted.  They are selfishly focused on and misguided by the most dangerous, destructive and deadly character traits of self-centered, self-serving and selfish focused “Career Politico’s” and the most evil human qualities of integrity lacking greed and avarice!


This disastrous situation is being compounded by a public fed nothing but tainted and slanted news stories from the liberal or conservative media alike, full of spin and devoid of factual accuracy.  The universally accepted and humane belief is that if you want to overcome an addiction, failing or obstacle in life’s path, you must first recognize and admit the existence of the problem and then you must identify its true underlying real root cause to pursue finding the solution.


As many of you know I recently completed 5½ years of an off and on nationwide public speaking tour, from March 2007 to November 2012.  I did many radio, television and community event appearances, covering over 100,000 miles, through 133 cities, in 26 states, from Boston to San Diego, from Milwaukee to Miami, listening and speaking as an economist and political scientist, to people from all walks of life.  My personal and group audiences were from all political persuasions, some friendly and some not, and we discussed the problems with our nation and the best solutions for putting us back on track to a bright and prosperous future.  This unique opportunity allowed me to gain a valuable consensus of the wishes of We the People, the will of the majority, the consent of the governed!  I collected 30,000 follower’s emails, and in just 18 months gained nearly 6,000 Facebook friends.


I have determined that our current national dilemma is the result of a multi-faceted problem of an ineffective, inefficient, and dysfunctional failing federal system plagued with a misguided society focused on a newly defined “Get rich quick, fast buck artistry, what’s in it for me… hard work lacking… ” American Dream!


Unfortunately the real problem with our country is not being clearly cited by any of the regular political and media spokesmen.  Our biggest problem is not a threat of terrorism, not the nation’s fiscal crisis, deficits or national debt, not our failed foreign policy agenda, nor is it our presumptive and supposed leader Barack Hussein Obama or Obamacare alone…  though these all contribute to the sad state of affairs that make up our dilemma.

The real root cause underlying these problems are poorly qualified, selfishly focused and leadership-experience-lacking politicians dominating our political arena and a poorly educated, selfish focused and overly greedy electorate plagued with a disease I have labeled “Einstein Electoral Insanity!”


The greatest danger, gravest evil and most destructive enemy facing the United States of America today is the existence and dominance in our political arena, our federal government and the District of Columbia social circles of these “Career Politico’s”!


These are the ones who have served in our admitted ineffective, inefficient and dysfunctional failed federal government… public offices and appointed government positions… for three terms or more.  These are the people who have broke the bank, emptied the treasury and pursued a failed foreign policy agenda for fifty years now!  These individuals, be they Democrat,  Republican, Conservative or liberal, or whatever…. have bred the animosity and mean-spirited partisan political bickering that has made our government the laughing-stock and disgrace it has become over the last half century.


We, in this still great Union of Fifty United States of America, are no longer the brightest and best example of Democracy, the great Beacon of Liberty, nor are we the Shining City on a Hill we once were.  Great leaders like Geo Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerry Ford and Ron Reagan are no longer found exemplified in the leadership ranks we have allowed to infiltrate in our government and political circles.


We as a people are plagued with that shameful and disastrous disease I have labeled and call our Einstein Electoral Insanity.  We continue repeatedly electing the same poorly qualified and failed class of individuals… the same incompetence time and again…  to elective office, term after term, election after election, to one office or another, and if term limits kick-in they merely play musical chairs with their friends and run for a colleagues office and vice versa.  We foolishly prove Einstein right when we then expect a different performance result each time!  How insane are we Mr. and Mrs. America!


A coming IV American Revolution may be necessary to bring about the change in governance and the political arena we need, we want and we deserve….  Following our April 19th, 1775 First American Revolution for Independence, the War of 1812 sometimes call our Second American Revolution to reaffirm our independence and right to territorial expansion, and the April 1861 Confederate shots on Ft. Sumter that commenced our Civil War I call our Third American Revolution to reaffirm our national belief in the principle that all men are created equal… now we need a Fourth Revolution!  The dictates of this action will be the legal and lawfully justified methods spelled out in the core codified law of mankind and this nation which our founders put in the opening verses of The Declaration of Independence…  The procedures and manner for forming and reforming a national system of societal governance.


However, I would suggest we get smart and adopt the following two Constitutional Amendments … (1) Term Limits to end “Career politico’s” official tenures, and (2) A campaign finance reform policy that prohibits all but individual donations to support or oppose a candidate or ballot issue, and limits not the amount but the donor to those who can also vote for the office or ballot issue in question!


To save and restore the U.S. Constitution, to secure our 12,000 miles of border and shoreline perimeter, to re-install limited governance, to realign our nations priorities, to reinstate our Trust in God and to reignite the Esprit de Corps spirit of our founders… Wake up again America!  For the good of the order, for the good of the cause and for the E pluribus Unum Common Good of all America and for all Americans first and foremost!


Well said Dr. Jeremy............the question is how do we start with a lawless leadership in D.C. and a government of unequal branches/structure that is no longer functional due to all the reasons you expound.........we believe one last chance before all hell breaks loose is OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING.  God help us.

Sorry for the caps,  but I felt like shouting this one!

I wonder if anyone has contacted Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady yet?   He would be a great asset to the movement. 

I have sent several emails to an email address for General Brady.  No response thus far..........

Maybe if thousands of us were to email the good gen., it might have some impact???

I say again, we need to go back to basics.  We need to have a government the way it was originally intended.  Only the elected-through-legal means President MAY stay for two four-year terms.  All others will NOT be career politicians, will NOT be paid exorbitant wages and benefits, and will work as politicians NO MORE than 6 months a year.

All influence-peddling lobbyists will be sent home to get a real job.  No more putting multi-page bills to Congress with the multitude of riders and favoritisms attached as a means of buying votes.  Only the Congress will be allowed to create laws, the Senate will only review and pass/fail these bills, then the President may, or may not, sign the bill.

This is only a start, but none of this is going to happen by sending a multitude of unarmed lambs to DC wailing and crying about how bad they are being treated.  Having a battle of wits with all of those unarmed politicians in DC is not going to work this way.  Bullies and tyrants only understand one thing:  Force!  Be forceful and let them know the "lambs" can become sheepdogs if proved by them.

Many people tell me we Marines are too hard, but examine our history.  We have a long history of winning wars and keeping this country free.  I can state with certainty, we did not do it by telling the bullies and tyrants we are unhappy with them.  We did it by showing them a force of arms.  If they quit, good for them.  If they thought they could beat us, bad for them.

Semper Fi!  GySgt Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

Have you hacked my PC?
Your comments certainly seem to indicate such, as almost those exact words have been posted on FB time and again!
Agreed 100%



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