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Americans Buy Enough Guns in Last Two Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

Gateway Pundit

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, January 14, 2013,

Honest Americans Bought Enough Guns in November and December to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

The Obama Administration is the number one threat to the nation’s gun rights advocates.  In the four years since Barack Obama was first elected president in November 2008, an estimated 67 million firearms have been purchased in the United States. In November a record 2 million guns were sold in America.  This was followed up by another record in December.  2.7 million guns were sold in America in the last month of 2012.

To put this in perspective.

Chinese and Indian Standing Army Numbers:

- There are 2.29 active members in the Chinese Army.

- There are 1.13 active members in the Indian Army.

There were enough guns sold in the US in November and December to outfit each active member of the Chinese and Indian armies with a brand new gun.

UPDATE: Ann Coulter added:

And they bought enough guns in December alone to arm the entire Chinese army. Violent psychopaths may miscalculate in the future if they assume shoppers, theater-goers and teachers aren’t armed.

(Say, maybe talking about gun control is the Democrats’ secret plan to stimulate the economy!)

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!!!!!!! And that idiot thinks he can take our guns away, He is a damned fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the guns and he's making it nearly impossible to get ammo.  What does that tell you....when they come for the guns that you have paid for, they get an arsenal of free guns....unless you did the smart thing and managed to find some that are unregistered.

Me thinks that people other than violent psychopaths (OBOMA PEOPLE) should also take heed.

Yes a fool he is,and he and bidumb think they can use executive force they got something else coming,fortunately for us our military is on our side,so that leaves the local cops and i thin we got them out numbered. Bring it On.

Thank GOD people got a jump on defending themselves.  Everyone needs to stock up ammo.

Out of my cold dead hand, they take my gun! I will stand with the American flag in one hand and "My Second Amendment Medal", in the other! Give Us Liberty or Give Us Death!  I am an American!  I will spend my last dying breath defending Liberty and Freedom for ALL! These idiots are greatly misjudging the American Spirit! They will find out, if  they keep pushing their Comunist Manifesto!

Consider that factoid for a minute.   Our industrial capacity has time and time again demonstrated the ability to produce a

product in demand.   If we can do it, so can the Chinese and Indian govts for themselves.  Now think about this....2 billion chinese, 1.2 billion Indians, 300 million US citizens, most of which cannot fight nor defend themselves armed or not.  What percentage is 300 of 1000?   But, wait...add in the 1.2 billion moo slummers and we have total of 4.5 billion and counting.  Add in the other 2 billion from the little dragons around the Pacific Rim and guess what....the USA is badly outnumbered.

What good does it do for the small minority within our current citizenship of 300 million to do anything to fight for the rights of the rest of the nation.  There is only one sensible choice for the coming civil war....don't do it.    OR, do it and watch the end of this nation and possibly civilization.     This is also called a dilema.  There is no good choice.   

Dan it does not look well for us at all for the world is about to basiscally get very angry at us for ruining the monetary systems throughout the world.  If America fails so do many other naitons....we have no friends anymore.   What they do nto realize is they are sealign their own fates as they take us out!!!!

It would not surprise me to see us bombed and the few left scattered to wherever they can hid.   We have made our own graves ...well not us, but our government; the one that was ONCE the greatest has sunk to the worst for giving up on freedom, faith in God and what is right.  Just when it started to happen I'm not sure, but have seen it coming for sure since 911 and wondering why NO  ONE has stepped up to stop it all.   World War III is going to be unholy hell and we are the fodder for it!  Blessings of faith in God to you and yours.


You made a few errors I would like to fix.

"2 billion Chinese": Incorrect

"1.2 billion Indians": Incorrect

"300 million Americans": Incorrect

"One sensible choice for the coming civil war... don't do it": Incorrect

We must fight if we are to save this Nation. I'm not saying we should start the War, but we better damn well be in it when the other side starts it or you will never see a likeness of Jesus or the American flag in public again. Your children and grandchildren will be indoctrinated into becoming Marxist robots and will turn on you. And I could come up with millions of other reasons why we must fight.

Keep in mind that we were badly outnumbered and outgunned in our very own war of Independence.

My conclusion.... Your remarks: Incorrect!

Wonder how many of these guns were made in China...then I wonder how good they are!

That SHOULD tell the fools that are trying to take them that we are serious about defending ourselves...duh!

There is more rotten in America than we can see folks and one day it all is going to hit the fan and we are going to be smashed in the middle of it....let nothing surprise you!   To get your affairs in order; at home, in mind and in spirit; it is important!!

We do not know when, but we know it is inevitable, so let's be prepared and help each other out.  Trust the ones you trust and do not, the ones you don' everything and listen carefully to all around.  God have mercy on us!

I just want to know what the hell are we waiting for,there are millions of us and every day we complain and o-idiotstick keeps on as though we do not exist.We are the people we have got to do something,we know ovomit is a phony,of the real voters we are at least 53 percent and we just keep swallowing all the crap he dishes out,please i don,t mean we accept it but no one is doing anything to light the fire up vomits butt and get him the hell out.Some leaders have got to be reading our post,letters to officials and the petitions we sign and send.WTF it,s time for the phony to get exposed,he,s not worthy of seeing the sun rise as far as i,m concerned.



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