Constitutional Emergency

Click on the image to go to OUR missile defense agency site. I do not believe we have until 2012.

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Can you send me the URL of the article you got this information from. We would like to put it out.
Yeah, that crescent and star really jump out and scream "America!"
Sorry that i ever heard the name obama.


  its a game to antagonize the people , cause hate and discontent, to aggravate the warriors. evidently he is moving the agenda faster and faster as an effort to either start an incountry war , as an effort to bottle neck the 2012 election. DOD would be whom okays design on the military equipment. HAD NUFF YET?

                                                                                                BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE INTERNET



America’s biggest terrorist


         That terrorist fooled many millions of decent people that just voted for a new and better America with a respectable future for them as well as their children where the promise was made that plenty of jobs and a good living for everyone.

         A great many of the democrat politicians in Washington DC knew the truth about America’s number one enemy, but a power grab was in the offering for those that traveled that road and kept this deception a secret from the voters.

                Bin Laden got the credit for killing thousands of innocent people and destroying many billions of dollars of property, but this thing now in the White House will have the credit for bringing to its knees the most powerful nation ever

To have a place on earth and now from across the globe and around the world Bin Laden will no longer be the top dog in the terrorist world, but a small time piker of very little importance just a nascence who will still murder people but certainly not near the level that that thing now in the White House will. Won’t Allah be proud of that boy from Kenya?

         On u-tube that thing admitted that he is a Muslim and that even before the election that fact was known to millions of people but America would not listen so now we can watch as the older of our society is denied the necessary medical care they may require to help them live a better life and babies will be killed because they are babies with no voice and other socialist reasons murder is still murder.

           I cannot blame the mentally lame for this mess in DC totally, but perhaps the people of America is now being punished for their reckless behavior of the past by allowing the past governments to murder 50 million babies, perhaps this is God’s judgment call.

            Now we wait and watch as our wonderful country is completely destroyed.

By Dale L. Neill


he likes muslims and uses muslims to his advantage as did saddam hussein, osama bin laden, moamar quadaffi, ahmadinijad, hosni mubarak, etc.

he is a communist, socialist, marxist, whatever name you want to use, but NONE of those believe in god, none of those believe in any religion nor do they allow any religion in their society, unoppressed.

he likes to emulate muslims, he likes to use muslims to confuse and sidetrack americans, but as far as the question of whether or not he is a muslim, he is definitely not as he has NO religion and doesn't believe in any god.

that symbol is being used to sidetrack and lead the american sheeple off the cliff, (and it is working)

"...he is definitely not..."

Daylight's blinding at first peek from under your rock.

The next missile defence system we will have is a pocket full of rocks.
Looks like an Islamic crescent theme.

There was "NEVER" a Doubt in My Mind that He "IS" a "MUSLIM" Scum Bag !   As for "ANY" Politicians ... I'm Done with "ALL" of "THEM" because they have proven to us again and again that "They" Are Nothing but "LIARS" !

It's as Simple as This -->  POLITICIAN = LIAR  !    I really Hope that Donald TRUMP is going to run Against the Current "RESIDENT".   I'd Vote For a Sucessful Businessman like TRUMP Any Day over  LYING HEATHENS like our Politicians !

We will survive this bastard, he may try to kill us, but we will track him down and will not hesitate to exact vengeance on him and the Islamic Scum he hold close to him.



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