“Barack the Incompetent”—It Has a Nice Ring, Doesn’t it?!!


Obamacare's Atonement: Barack Resigns While the Democrat Party is De-Liberalized

“Barack the Incompetent”—It Has a Nice Ring, Doesn’t it?!!

By Kelly OConnell (Bio and Archives)  Sunday, November 17, 2013
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Historians will look back upon Obamamania with a sense of disbelief and humor, every bit as much as those studying the Tulipomania (see Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds). That Obama’s powers to mesmerize, amaze and compel have dissipated is the most pedestrian observation, recalling Lord Byron’s famous lines;

The spell is broke; the charm is flown!
Thus is it with life’s fitful fever:
We madly smile when we should groan:
Delirium is our best deceiver.

But politics, much like society, requires displays of the symbols of civil religion—sacraments and sacrifice. So it is fitting that since Barack has violated the sacred trust of Americans by misusing the authority loaned him by the people, he be removed. His astonishing incompetence, added to his annoying chutzpah and insipid bombast have left a residue of distrust and cynicism at the workings and authority of government.

While Barack’s endless pratfalls have left a warning about the dangers of neo-liberalism, there must still be a public atonement for all of his reckless, selfish and disastrous actions. Obama must be removed from public office. ObamaCare must be officially repudiated as much as the cult of Stalin, and the terrifyingly corrupt Democratic Party must be de-Liberalized. This means they must surrender all of their ruinous and anti-American policies or be forced from public life.

I. Obama Must Resign, or Be Judged Incapable of Fulfilling Duties of Office

A recent, apocryphal online story accused Barack of suffering a nervous breakdown. But if this story is spurious, one cannot help notice it contains a grain of truth. Obama has been turning up for interminable speeches attempting to explain and defend ObamaCare, while seeming depressed and unstable. Certainly, his grandiose self-image cannot help his increasingly shaky hold on reality.

Yet there is simply no more glossing over Barack’s spectacular incompetence. It would be difficult to briefly describe the myriad ways he has failed his office. But it would be nearly impossible to find a policy or action which was universally accepted as a success by Americans as a whole. In short, Obama’s leadership has been so non-traditional, contradictory, counter-intuitive, desultory, and counter-productive that it goes without saying it’s failed. In other words, Barack’s “method” is anti-American because we as a people do not invest in failing to achieve some retrograde group’s perverse goals.

In other words, Americans reject Marx’s entire theory of life—that capitalism and freedom must be destroyed to empower a tiny group who will then augur in a property-less paradise. The sickness of Obama is that he apparently fell in love with leftism during a misspent youth, smugly assuming all progressive theories to be true without ever testing any himself, or studying anyone who had. It is a continual astonishment that all socialist/ liberal /communist states have failed and yet the elite mandarins still demand more Marxism.

The question we must face now, given Barack’s determined sleepwalking into horrific failure, like a blind man staggering into a plane’s propeller—is he mentally or morally capable of leading the world’s most powerful country?

Barack is weird for an American. Consider, for a moment the myriad of explanations for Barack’s strange approach to leadership. Contra, such explanations for President Ronald Reagan’s leadership style would be absurd, since success needs no handwringing or repeated theories to plumb its depths. Ponder the following attempts to crack the Obama riddle: Is Barack Mentally Ill?, Child Obama Guided by Child Molester, Barack Refuses to Salute During Star Bangled Banner, Is Obama a Muslim?, Barack a Clinical Narcissist?, Is Obama a Communist, Barack an Atheist?, Barry a Prostitute Drug Fiend?, Barack a Homosexual?, Obama in Muslim Brotherhood?, Barack a Socialist?, etc.

So, despite the myriad speculation on the motivations, proclivities and flaws of this very odd and troubled man, we are left with only a few unsavory possibilities for explaining his actions. He is either incompetent, or he is purposefully tanking at his job in hopes of damaging America. Either way, it is time for him to go.

Barack must be shown the door. The question now is, how does he leave—walking out with a smile on his face, forced to grab his stuff and leave with security officers, or in a white, wrap around shirt that buckles in the back, on a stretcher? It seems unlikely he will be impeached and removed, only if because it has never happened in history.

What might be more likely is for Obama to be given a deal by his party, once his poll numbers fall even farther, to agree to exchange his leaving the WH for some kind of behind the scenes deal. This would trade some kind of tacit support by Democrats against any future legal action for his treasonous activities for leaving quietly. The support would mushroom if Obama would agree to dissolve ObamaCare on the way out, taking all responsibility for its manifest failures upon his own slender shoulders.

The other way out for Barack is to feign some kind of debilitating psychological condition, or admit to what many in the mental healthcare field have been saying for years—Barack is a profoundly mentally ill person. Of course, this brings a deep sense of shame and also means that Obama can never be the person he claimed he was when he entered his first presidential race. He believed himself an inevitable winner, a pure genius, and a world spirit not under the dictates of history, but who makes history himself. Instead, Barack is the pawn of leftism, living upon the fantasies of dead fanatics, not even understanding he is a deranged ideologue still seeking the approval of the far-leftist parents who abandoned him, lo’ those many decades ago.

But whether Barack leaves office early, we can certainly note that his previously advertised superpowers have been cancelled. For good reason he is now seen as not just unlucky, but the inane captain of his own fate, the absurdly egotistical master of his own failed destiny. A pompous, condescending nitwit—a confidence man so far out of his league it’s nonsensical.

One must ask if the continuous fronting a false narrative—the silly, disproved story of his genius and super-effectiveness—finally wore him down and he decided to commit political hari kari to escape? Certainly,his removal would have the effect of sating the civil religion’s demand for sacrifice, atonement and the purging of putrified material from the diseased body-politic.

II. De-Liberalization of the Democrats

When the Allies had finally taken over Germany after WWII, there was a process of ridding the country of its ideological masters out of positions of prominence. This activity was seen as essential for rebuilding the functionality and confidence of the population, as well as rebuilding the world’s trust. Frederick Taylor discusses what the Allies did after WWII in Exorcising Hitler. Here is what the Allies did:

Denazification, the efforts by the Allies to remove active members of the former National Socialist Party from official public office and influential positions in Germany after World War II. The Allies agreed to wipe out the Nazi party, institutions, organizations, laws, and cultural influences from German public and cultural life once they secured the surrender of Germany. This pledge declared that “all members of the Nazi party who have been more than nominal participants ... are to be removed from public or semi-public office and from positions of responsibility in important private undertakings.” Five denazification categories were established in 1946: (1) major offenders; (2) offenders; (3) lesser offenders; (4) followers; (5) persons exonerated.

In the aftermath of the collapse of a totalitarian regime, occupying powers or successor governments look for ways to preserve the social, economic, cultural, and governmental structures of the given society while condemning the deeds and actors of a previous regime, and denazification is looked upon as an inviting precedent. It just could be that a fig leaf of procedural decontamination, however inadequate, is needed for a society to be rebuilt.

America now faces a similar challenge in its need to reign in the anti-American policies of the Democrat Party. The top leaders who’ve been complicit in the staggering debacle of the ObamaCare lie must be removed for the sake of the party and the good of the country. Necessary changes are suggested.

This argument is based upon the transparently established fact that the entire theory undergirding modern, neo-liberalism—which has become indistinguishable from socialism—is perniciously mistaken and must be cancelled. ObamaCare is only the latest socialist catastrophe to be visited upon humankind.

Therefore, these persons and laws ought to be banished, for obvious reasons:

A. Democrats to be Banished

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Joe Biden
  3. Harry Reid
  4. Nancy Pelosi
  5. Chuck Schumer
  6. All Senators Who Guaranteed ObamaCare
  7. All Representatives Who Guaranteed ObamaCare
  8. All Other Socialist/Marixst Democrats

B. Republicans to be Jettisoned—Fraternizing with the Enemy

  1. Chris Christie
  2. John McCain
  3. Karl Rove
  4. John Roberts

C. Ten Liberal (Socialist) Policies Which Must be Stopped to Save America

1. Socialized Medicine

Socialized medicine impermissibly removes decision-making from individuals, while depriving the populace of their economic rights and property. Even if the ObamaCare websites worked, it would still be an unacceptable stillborn idea.

2. Deficit Spending

Permanent deficit spending is one of the surest roads to ruin for any state. Currently, the huge spike in inflation, especially in food, is mostly caused by the rampant printing of fiat currency.

3. Gay Marriage

All studies show children raised without fathers suffer catastrophic problems, on average. Half of all gay unions establish fatherless households. Further, radical experiments in social policy should not be used to justify dismembering the traditional family structure, as it creates great confusion and dysfunction in children, who lack role models, and contact with natural parents.

4. Making Laws Against the Will of the Majority

The Declaration of Independence, the introduction to our Constitution, states this:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...

5. Amnesty for Illegals

To permanently create fixes for those who sneak into America, year after year, makes all non-Americans clever enough to successfully cross the border, de facto citizens. This debases the worth of US citizenship.

6. Blocking Development of American Energy Options

The Keystone pipeline would have brought in a million barrels of oil daily into America, but Barack opposed it. Obama then put a million acres of federal land off the development table. He also shut down the Gulf of Mexico for an interminable period after the BP spill. But now he brags about greater American energy independence. What cheek! Further, America’s green energy policies have mostly failed except where they were transparently designed to benefit Obama’s contributors, such as Solyndra.

7. Using Government to Sell Propaganda, Such as PC Standards

The most debilitating aspect of modern American life might be the standards propounded by Political Correctness, an alien spore introduced by German Marxists during WWII. These ideas were injected into American society through the university system, and meant to destroy our vitality.

8. Using Powers of the Government to Spy on all Citizens, 24/7/365

The NSA is being used to spy at every level of communication on Americans and all other world citizens. This must be stopped to save our rights to privacy, and halt the government from turning over all private data to a clearinghouse meant to incriminate one and all, if need be.

9. Misusing the Justice Dept & Government to Attack Americans

It is ridiculous to report that the US Justice Department seems to spend more time gathering information against innocent Americans than prosecuting real threats. In fact, after many scandals, with zero cooperation from Eric Holder’s administration, a movement is now afoot to remove the exceedingly self-righteous and obtuse Holder via impeachment. Perhaps Holder can have his trial in the same NYC courtroom he wanted to use for the 9-11 bombers.

10. Bolstering Islam & Attacking Christianity

Perhaps the most damaging and ludicrous aspect of Obama’s reign is his ceaseless fomenting for Islam, while regularly dissing Christianity. On the face of this it seems absurd that a belief system that does not accept human rights would be touted by an American president while ignoring our ancestral faith. But this is one reason many do not believe Barack is any kind of a Christian at all.


Barack Obama may have done more than any American in history to debase, confound, and stagger us. Now that he is exposed as charlatan and buffoon as big as any in history, his time as an effective leader—if he ever had one—is effectively over. His party, the socialist Marxist Democrats, have likewise torn the US asunder with their selfish, ideological and fact blind fantasies, like ObamaCare. Now they are exposed as unfeeling charlatans willing to do anything to cause a revolution, they must be put out to pasture permanently while America re-gathers our strength to fight for world liberty in the third millennium.



Kelly O’Connell is an author and attorney. He was born on the West Coast, raised in Las Vegas, and matriculated from the University of Oregon. After laboring for the Reformed Church in Galway, Ireland, he returned to America and attended law school in Virginia, where he earned a JD and a Master’s degree in Government. He spent a stint working as a researcher and writer of academic articles at a Miami law school, focusing on ancient law and society. He has also been employed as a university Speech & Debate professor. He then returned West and worked as an assistant district attorney. Kelly is now is a private practitioner with a small law practice in New Mexico. Kelly is now host of a daily, Monday to Friday talk show at AM KOBE called AM Las Cruces w/Kelly O’Connell

Kelly can be reached at: hibernian1@gmail.com

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Very good article! Thanks for sharing

Surly does!

Boy this is the best thing in a long time I have seen written on this Country.  Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderfully informative outlook.  I will pass this on everywhere I can.

Finally it's put onto paper!  Amazing!  We need to read and reread this and make it so.  I'm so inspired just by reading this.  We need deObamafication ASAP.  We must restore our country.  Enough is enough and Obama is causing catastrophe after catastrophe at home and abroad!  Let's end it.  Everyone on my lists and blog sites and news sites will be forwarded a copy of this very well thought out article.  Bravo!


I would not call him incompetent, stupid maybe, but puppets can't carry all the blame of the butt holes pulling the strings.

There are more than listed that need to have their finances checked, and a host of them jailed and or deported on a rusty barge.



Nice article Twana/Harry it will be sometime before i can reply to many or any post here or on FB, but i will be reading, I broke my wrist a couple days ago, but please know i,m alway,s with you.all....Joe

Take care of the injury Joe.........allow God His time for proper healing.........

"denazification"....one can dream.

Bravo!!! Wonderfully written and courageously unapologetic.  I shall place the link to this article on my site




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