This video should make clear who the real terrorists are. I predict a "Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall".

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Gary, How the hell did you manage that???

Do you have a contact number or point of contact out there

Who are you talking to out there?

Patriot Vet~

I have so many emails about this story it is just difficult to keep track and to know who/what to believe anymore.  I tried posting this entire story link to your forum a few times, but as per usual - my computer froze-up.  

[Good news: My insurance company will cover all my 'new' equipment that was damaged and/or stolen from the break-in. Just a lot of paperwork to do first. Ugh!]

The following article talks about the Oregon Standoff being setup as a scripted 'False Flag' event.  A very interesting perspective. 

Please post this to your Forum Discussion, if you approve, ... ok?

06 January 2016

Here Is Real Word From The Oregon Standoff: 

Morning Star.. Thanks for that post on the "Real word on the Standoff". HE is saying the exact thing myself and Old Rooster posted days ago.
When the time comes WE pick the time, and the place and the method.
If they don't cease and desist this will not only cost them but the whole Militia Movement. And as Old Rooster and I also said which he confirmed this was done out of emotion. The actions of a few hit heads are going to cost everyone dearly.

Michael M. Regan~


I'm very concerned about Ammon Bundy and the welfare of the Patriots. 

Morning Star.... Now we have a local Indian Tribe calming the land their occupying is theirs and they are demanding that they leave. This was the wrong move from the "get". And I also believe that a few hot heads wanting an armed conflict hoping to start a national revolution with visions of grandure instigated this. I would like to see patriot groups and militias let those there know they do not have the backing of American Patriots. If they start a war we will not participate. This isn't the time or the place. We haven't exhausted every other avenue yet. Armed Revolution should be the LAST resort in my opinion. Let this be a lesson to everyone..." This is why a chain of command and a multitude of leaders was initiated within the Military". A few bad apples can utterly destroy the success of a movement. That's what a chain of command is all about, so multiple leaders are in the same page, with the same goal and to avoid one or two nut cases leading people to their doom. I hope those there come to their senses and soon.

Michael M. Regan~

Yeah, I hear ya. 

I've have spent a huge amount of time and energy trying to inform the Tribes about the UN Agenda 21-2030 and the Marxist movement.  Most can hardly believe it or even to bear hearing about it.

It is too late to do anything about the government's control over the tribes - and it comes down to this, there is no other way to survive - no food or water, except to depend on the government.  The land has been contaminated from all the government's poisonings from the mineral mining to the point where no crops can be grown and the water isn't safe to drink. 

Sounds familiar for what's happening today to the rest of the country, right?

For Greg Walden to FINALLY go public is puzzling..did he conduct special order speeches

each time BLM violated LAW ?? why not change the 1996 law three years back ?

did he request a meeting last month or before with Obama to propose pardons for the Hammonds ?

for each day the Hammonds remain incarcerated, a BLM bureaucrat should be terminated..

[Yup, I tried to teach some tribes about the UN Agenda 21 and Marxist movement -- and several thought that I was making it alllll up.  A few have asked me to come back and teach them how to 'get out of it'.  I can't, (I don't think that anyone can) I'm too old and very ill.]

11 January 2016

The Spreading Epidemic Of Tribalism In America: 

"... We will now have wealthy little Sharia compounds on Indian reservations to add to the 190 cities designated to receive Syrian refugees.  Obama is polka-dotting the entire country with Sharia enclaves ..."  

"... The Obama administration has determined that integrating domestic tribalism (Native American Tribal governments) with Middle Eastern Tribalism is good 'economic development' for America's Indian Tribes. ..."  

The U.S. Proclamation For The UN [As A Sovereign Nation]: 

Morning Star... First thanks for all you labor trying to educate people. I know, most of the time it's like beating a dead horse.
The BLM says it's the people's land and they are just managing it for them but when you put restrictions on the owners and do things the owners do not want you have essentially taken their right of ownership away from them. The best thing we could do in my opinion is to bring all freedom loving groups together, start a massive publicity campaign, let those who are in office and running for office know that if they don't honor the people's wishes they will no longer be in office and get the legal help we need to go after those who are violating our constitution and our laws and the WILL of the people. If all this fails we are left with the third box, "The Ammo Box". I believe if these leaders will unite, and educate the rest will follow. If not now..,..when??

Michael M. Regan~

Exactly!  You may be surprised to know that several Native Americans (and others) had called me a liar about the UN Agenda 21.  Said that I was making it alllll up.  Although now that I'm vindicated - I have a deep rooted sense of grief -- because what they learned about the UN Agenda 21 only added to their misery. 

I wonder sometimes if I taught too much information, after all, what good did I do to reveal the truth to them?  How can I expect them to stand up and fight, when the rest of America won't stand up and fight either? 

Please check out this video of Rep. Greg Walden and the Oregon situations ...

06 January 2016

Rep. Greg Walden Addresses U.S. House On Situation In Harney County, Oregon (C Span video):

"Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, whose congressional district includes the embattled Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, took to the U.S. House floor Tuesday afternoon to give a spirited defense of his rural constituents and a harsh critique of the federal government. ...

The government has gone too far for too long. ..."

Morning Star... Thank you so much for posting this video by Rep Walden. These are the very things the American people should be seeing. He restores my faith that there are still some out there trying to do the right thing, bet you the main stream media won't be showing it!



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