"...desertion in the face of the enemy is being treated as missing bed-check"

For more than six years many, including myself, have been lamenting over the nation’s decision or fraudulent action in elevating Barack Obama to occupancy of the White House.  Even with in-your-face proof of crimes, illegal actions against the US Constitution, no element of federal government, State government, or “we the people” have stopped the “obama transformation” of America.

As a nation we can recover from Obama crimes such as Fast and Furious illegal operation, the Benghazi massacre, IRS scandals, attacks on Tea Party entities, turning National Security Agency against American citizens, trillions of debt, financial bail-outs of favored interests, border sovereignty,  even trading five known terrorist butchers for one American military deserter, as disgusting as it is, can be rectified.

What cannot be reversed is the path Obama is clearly traveling by destroying the United State military.  It is without question, he said it, Obama's motivation has been focused on building a civilian police force while downgrading the United States military.

It is clear Barack Obama’s demonstrated national media Rose Garden hugs of military deserter  Bowe Bergdahl parents was a slap in the face to our military.  It is also clear Obama credibility would suffer even greater loss in the polls if Bowe Bergdahl was incarcerated or brought up on charges by the U.S. military as a deserter.

Obama is now involved in undermining the United States Army justice system and military chain of command by influencing  action regarding deserter Bowe Bergdahl.  There can be no other explanation that would justify reinstating Bowe Bergdahl in a normal work environment, in the midst of other honorable serving military members, without White House influence on the chain of command.

Are we to believe the entire US Army chain of command between the Pentagon and Bowe Bergdahl are willing to tolerate a decision that reflects Bergdahl leaving his post in war-time as an incident of small potatoes?  A very grave question is at what point is the US Military chain of command going to take action to save what’s left of our national security?

The grave consequences of the Bergdahl issue can’t help but send shock waves through our military ranks…desertion in the face of the enemy is being treated as missing bed-check?  What does this do to the credibility of the US military chain of command?  Has there ever been more blatant “probable cause” justification for confinement from mounting evidence and testimony, than Bowe Berghdahl’s disappearance from his duty station in Afghanistan?

All this boils down to the fact that only a small fraction of the United States population, the US Military,  separates us from total destruction by an outside force that might consider taking advantage of our internal chaos. If our military loses faith in its leaders, we lose America!

Obama’s distractions by interfering in the Bergdahl issue is destroying the US military chain of command, military justice system, disrespecting all honorably serving or served military members, devastating military morale, impacting readiness,  and creating a condition that may well invite outside enemies to attack the US homeland.

Who and When will the red-line be drawn against Barack Obama?

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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If the military is ever going to continue being the military it has always been, then(and this just one parson's opinion) they are going to have to go to Washington D.C., in person and in strength, and REMOVE this bastard president from office.

Let's develop strategy with the many Patriots and remove him from office, all that he does is destroy us

from inside and on the world stage and the media MSNBC, CNN ABC, CBS, NBC and UNIVISION

gives him a free ride and praise him.

I'm still waiting for that to happen but at the rate Obama is firing all the top officers there will be no one left to do it!

Col., I believe with your experience in the military you know the blame for Obama's usurpation of the Oval Office  lies in Congress' lap and they have it penned down pretty tight.

Obama took too many actions and made too many comments, yet no one in congress questioned his constitutional eligibility. 

Obama claimed he was born in Kenya for 16 years before he changed the claim of his birth place to Hawaii, yet no one in congress questioned him. He refused to identify himself yet no one in congress questioned him.

The Senate held a Special Session to question John McCain knowing both of his parents were citizens of the USA, yet would not question Barack Obama knowing his father was a British Subject, and no one in the House questioned them.

How deep has the communist party gotten into our Congress? Too deep.

The Kenyan National Assembly acknowledged Kenya as Obama place of birth in their session March 25, 2010; was that an statement by admiration or an intentional lie for a reason?

he is free, because he converted to koranderthalism.....somebody in the White House gets a warm and fuzzy feeling when its about muzlims..

Over 50% of this country voted for this muslim and over three million Christians stayed home and did not vote because they wouldn't vote for a Mormon and this is what we have. I also believe it was white guilt that helped put him there. I gave an aunt and a cousin that voted for him. Makes me sick to my stomach that people don't think about the good of the country. Not to mention how political the military has become under This devil.

America on life support, Federal Reserve will pull the plug in 2015.

I would ask just where are all the Military officers who have been relieved of duty? Where are their comments ? Why are they not stepping up to the plate before things get so bad that Obama has total control of America and its freedom..We are on here everyday yacking and yacking just where is it getting us? Why wont they step up and get involved? If our former military leaders were to step up ,America would listen..They know much better than we do exactly what Obama is up to..Why wont they step up?Congress is not going to help America ,they are part of the problem..If we are all wrong about what is going on then why wont one of our former Military leaders step up and tell us that we are wrong..I know that they served America just like many of us did..But they also took an Oath to protect America..Staying silent is not living up to their Oath..If we are wrong then tell us we are wrong..If we are correct in what we believe then tell us so..Colonel Riley stepped forward with his beliefs ,why wont any of the rest of them do so....

The two soldiers with Berghdal testified he left his post, that is AWOL, this is credible evidence and critical thinking.  Please do not preach about Bergdahl.  The United States of America is OUR country, you sound just like Obama, my country.  We the people of the United States, not me the person.   Thank-you,  William F. Walizer, United States Air Force Reserves, Retired.

Oh Dear James your country?What makes it your country James?No credible evidence ?Ha Ha..I guess the men who served HONORABLY along side of Bergdahl are not credible huh James..You are a joke James an absolute Joke..Please go back to your OFA site please...I have a strange feeling that you have no idea what covering your brothers back means HUH James...Oh by the way James make sure that you relay this to all of your friends on the OAS failure page i bet they are waiting to hear from you..BYE BYE James

Olsen, you're obfuscation and misrepresentation of facts exposes the troll which you clearly are. The jig is up, sonny. Move on to greener--or is that redder--pastures.

YAK, yak...YES...Most General Officers understand what their role involves should they openly challenge the Obama

Administration...the maggots in Washington will not leave without a fight. anyone who voted Obama / Bush must

accept some responsibility for our dire circumstances......



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