If you are a Ron Paul supporter, announce yourself as one here.

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Well Paul is NO different than the establishment hacks who stay on the gov welfare payroll for ever.  He has taken plenty of ear marks and that makes him as dirty as the rest!  Time the old timers who have done NOTHING but aid in the destruction of America be booted NOW!
Where may we announce we are not supporters ?
Ron Paul, I think he is to soft,not sure.
Consider who were allowed to participate in the CPAC  too; many were NOT conservatives as they claim!  I place NO stock in that poll, or that organization these days.  I'm sorely disappointed that Heritage Foundation chose to remain part of it, as well as Red State!  You can't exclude conservative VALUES from the drive for conservatism, as Allan West pointed out; they're part and parcel, and GoProud is NOT conservative on THAT basis alone, regardless of what they claim!  And there seem to have been other groups that also do NOT fit the definition of Conservative, still permitted to participate equally.
For years, I have been anti-incumbent and still consider myself to be one. In the last election I did not vote for any incumbents. However, until someone else comes along better than Paul...................if you can find someone better than Paul let me know.
Because Ron Paul won two straw polls CPAC for the last two years does not mean the people are for him.  I have attended C4L meetings and what they do is stack the deck.  For CPAC all the C4L members make it a point to be at CPAC so they can out vote others groups and give the illusion that Ron Paul is popular.  C4L is a very libertarian organization.  When asked a question they use the stock answer the Constitution says......  Well, the Constitution founders wrote an excellent document which allows for laws and regulations to be put in place, but to keep intrusive and abusive government from taking away our freedoms.  To have a properly run government laws and regulations are needed at some point in keeping with the general welfare, prosperity and safety of our citizens.  When I am told it is okay for people to be drunk and drive, that is not freedom - it is tyranny and chaos - slaughter on the roads.  Then next question what solution do you propose - same old " the Constitution says ".  The founding fathers did not fore see super highways, airplanes, snowmobiles, space shuttles, bombs, etc, but they were wise enough to state "We the people of the United States, in Order for form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States.  This gives reason that the words common and general mean for all citizens.  So when necessary as the evolution of inventions and way of living changes that necessary laws and regulations must be made in the confines of common and general.  For example regulating defining marriage as one man one woman (stable society) drug companies, investment companies, banks, etc so the Madoffs of this world cannot prey upon the citizens without impunity.  Ron Paul talks out of both sides of his mouth.  On an interview on FOX he was asked about the debt ceiling.  His answer was to raise it.  So much for his lesser government and cutting spending.  No show for his so called campaign slogan.  Just smoke and mirrors.  The C4L people also threaten to go third party if Ron Paul does not get the nomination.  Does show what they espouse - freedom of choice, uphold the Constitution???  No it boils down to blackmail our way or we will let the socialist win and destroy our country.  I hope by now you understand the game that C4L is playing.

Having been on a few blogs where the Ron Paul supporters are en force, I have noticed that they are VERY intolerant to any opposing views.  So many of them are downright adamant when it comes to defending their idol, and that is exactly what he has come to be to way too many people.


it is very noticeable that some strong adherents would rather focus on the man than debate his policies.  Why does he have such a mesmerizing effect upon some folks?   I believe that he has harped on the financial situation so much that he has become the all to end all in their minds.


 Forget any discussion of national security or other important matters, as far as his supporters are concerned.  He voted to repeal DADT, allowing gays full rights in the military; he approves of the construction of the mosque in NYC; and he certainly has a very twisted concept of the enemy we face in militant jihadism.   All of the attacks have been OUR fault, according to Paul. He is the last man we need in the White House.

Ron Paul has been a member of the political apparatus far too long.........he's part of the problem we're trying to eliminate...God help us if we're stuck on the likes of Paul this early in the presidential circus.......he is merely a distraction from serious discussion.
I am still reading up on him, his views, votes, etc.  but he looks a sight better than some of the "contenders"!!
I go along with who Twana and Harry agree on.They understand this much better than I do and i follow their advice
If I understand correctly Mr Piat is supporting the Federal Reserve and demonizing Paul for being critical. Although I do not agree wityh Ron Paul on many things, he is right on about the Federal Reserve.  This needs to be alimanatied completetly.  Mr Piat obviously does not understand the Federal Resevers part in the on going destruction of our finacial system.

A myth spread that the Feds NEED to be audited?  Please watch the below video;  

Please tell me where the accountability is for the billions of dollars of OUR tax monies NOT accounted for, not being tracked and just why it is being blindly ignored after it is gone with no consequences to the gross negligence of NOT being accounted for.  I am one of thousands that are asking the same question.  So to this video and many others I say....AUDIT THE FEDS, put the fire to their feet and MAKE them accountable.  As citizens we have to be accountable with our own money, and THEY should be held accountable for every tax dollar they take from us!



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