Constitutional Emergency

after sitting and listening in several chat rooms and hearing some of what I have heard I just want to scream GET REAL. if you are worried about getting hurt or killed while in D.C. say your prayers crawl under the bed and hide till the boogey man goes away.

Col. Riley took an oath when he was commissioned as every officer does. they become an federal officer. He is putting him self in great personal danger both to his health and freedom and his financial health. in the eyes of this crooked administration he is a threat. a clear and present danger if I may. yet he is guilty of 1 thing. living up to his oath of office. just as every other soldier is. we were never relieved of that order. for the majority of those attending the only thing you are risking is a little money and comfort. by allowing this joker to remain in place is going to be our worst nightmare. I seriously believe that within 6 months there will be smoking holes where there once great American cities. the world sees us as a rudderless nation full of dead beats and as a people who cannot provide for themselves. they see on the news of female marines who cannot pass physical proficiency tests and a over bloated military more worried about offending homosexuals than accomplishing the mission. in other words thanks to obozo we look weak and ripe for picking. so hiding under your bed when a bomb or a shell is sent your way will only get you dead. now personally if im going to die I would rather be standing up fighting.

remember this a brave man dies only once and is remember by his friends forever. a coward dies a thousand times and is forgotten to eternity.

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Yes Mark, Keep praying, Amen!

im not wealthy and have a small farm but i will be there ... maybe not for a long time but i will be there... my only dilemma is ... a sign...

davienne....I 've got a better one, A friend of mine said .."I'll believe it when I see it." I said " It's people like you who sit back and moan about what's happening to America and then do nothing !" If the founders had done nothing , then we would all be living in a socialist country and if we don't DO SOMETHING now ....WE WILL !

Eileen... you are so right.... WE WILL.... i have been to DC for Rolling Thunder,,, I was There for the million muzscum march  biker protest... which only turned out to be 5 or 6.muzzies... but i didnt sit on my ass and expect others to do something....

You are so right! It is way past time. The more obamanation gets away with the more bolder he gets. This muslim that was born in Kenya was sent to destroy America with the support and guidence of George Soros who has said on national TV that he wants to bring America down. Well looks like his is doing a fine job with his puppet in the WH. Last election was so fraudlent. Many observers complained but as usual it went nowhere. Obamanation got more that a 100% in some places because people were voting 2 or 3 times. They admitted it on TV and was proud of it.Well I hope the Lord comes back real soon. But if not I am ready for whatever. I will be 70 years old Jan. 22. I am in good health and also a good shot. I am raising my 7 yr old granson who is the joy of my life. I am torn because I need to be here for him but as a Christian and A US Navy retired Viet Nam Vet. I took an oath to defend my country against foreign and domestic threats. I must stand my ground against the tyranny that has invaded this country. Be assured they will NOT take my guns! Out of my cold dead hand you will take my gun!

Yes Gart, you are right on all accounts. It is way past time! Obummer is a puppet to his puppetmasters, people who want to destroy America, and are doing a good job. It is way past time for all Patriots to take a stand or there will be no country for our children and grandchildren. I pray that God will lead and guide in this mission and He will bless our efforts. Also, bless you for raising your grandson, Thank You for your service to our country, and happy birthday!

We are going to need a-lot of sheep dogs, big dogs.

i have to agree with you, i have came across many people while trying to spread the word about this mission we are undertaking ,i have a very bad taste in my mouth of what people have came to be.i will be there and do what ever it takes to do so.these people with their heads in the sand had better get on board and realize just what is outside the front door .

I've been there before with the Tea Party. There is a reasonably priced hotel in Alexandria VA. From Alexandria, it's just a short cab ride to DC. The hardest part will be coordination.  The left is good at this because they have been doing it for so long and they are like sheep. We are all strong mined people and we will have to agree where to meet - we usually meet on the West Lawn. I haven't had time to read about the gathering, but most likely we will need a permit. Most of the DC police are helpful, but there a few d-bags.

Things to bring: water, chairs, snacks, and meds if needed. Hotels and restaurants are expensive in the DC area. You may want to read up on how to handle the News Media. In short, you do not have to say anything to them, and they usually looks for quacks in the crowd for obvious reasons. The not so-good experience is people who say they are going to DC, usually say, "I wish I could be there," or "I'll be there is spirit." A crowd of about 10 thousand will fill the West Lawn and then some. Just thought I'd jump in having been to DC a few times. It can be a good time for all. Thanks for reading.

Willie - @Gunnerguy1911 

Thanks Gary - You are 100% correct. I don't usually participate in the Chat Room. In my opinion it is a waste of time, when there are so much that needs to be done. Most of the items I have seen on the chat, are folks that are "venting" the small stuff. If they would put that energy into more constructive means, toward the real "Mission of Operation American Spring, then we could be much stronger. There is a saying and true it is, "The best defense is a good offense." Having said that, if those folks that waste their time "Vending" the small stuff would channel that effort into something constructive, OAS could become much stronger. People will only be "Intimidated" if they allow it. Be respectful, kind, and wear a smile, try to get the first word in, if it is nothing more than
Hello - Good Morning - Good Evening, Its a beautiful day, and etc. Physiologically, this has been proven to give the advantage to those who speaks first, in a kindly matter. Also, look them squarely in the eyes, when speaking.

Great words-Offense-Be kind it throws them off!

Amen Gary!! I also get tried of folks saying they are frustrated and want things to change yet they sit on their asses and do nothing. Fear is everyone's greatest enemy. I will be there on the 16th! Afraid or not!



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