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The Arkansas legislature recently modified the state's concealed carry law to permit carrying a concealed weapon in church.  As a result some of our elders raised the question of not allowing weapons in church.  I thought you might be interested in our pastor's response.

Dear Gents,

After yesterday's meeting I did a great deal of Scriptural searching and guidance seeking from fellow pastors; men of faith whom I deeply respect and look to for wisdom and guidance.  Rev. Randy Moll is pastor of a small LCMS congregation in Rogers.  He is a very good and faithful man of God.  I was actually quite surprised to find this following link/post from him.
Such an impassioned post is not really his style.  Scripturally, I will direct you to the references that Rev. Moll provides in his article.  They speak for themselves.

 I will only add that from a historical/theological position, even God (through men such as Nehemiah) specifically appointed/called certain, particular men to serve as "armed guards/defenders" of the temple, the priests, and the worshipers.  We call these men "Levites."  If you remember from our Wednesday study of Nehemiah, we spent some time talking about the protective, faithful role of the Levites.  One of the questions I posed to the class was, "What has changed?  Do we still need our ushers/elders to serve as defenders/protectors of our church?"  The answer was a resounding "yes," though there were differing opinions on how exactly that should be accomplished. 

Whatever you gents choose, I will abide with.  I will stress:  Carrying a firearm at church, even in the sanctuary, is not a sin.  I know that some folks have personal feelings about this issue, but these are personal, ethical concerns/feelings.  These are subjective, personal, emotional feelings.  Objectively and theologically, there is nothing sinful about it, and therefore I don't think it is right to impose our personal, subjective concerns upon others who are, in fact, committing no sin.  It's one thing to prohibit sin.  It's quite another thing to enforce my opinion over something "unsinful", but still unappealing to me. 

For example:  I firmly believe that our worship of God is a "full body, full life" thing, meaning that I worship God with my all, and not just my words.  God has richly blessed me.  One of the ways I was always taught to show thankfulness to God for all His benefits to me was to wear my "Sunday best" to church.  I will admit that on a personal level I can't understand why people show up to church looking like they're more suited for a trip to the hardware store or Walmart.  Are they sinning by wearing flip-flops, shorts, sweatpants, and T-shirts to church?  No.  There's just something not "right" about it, but it's not sinful.  What if I were to say, "All people who aren't dressed in their Sunday best have to sit in the narthex for worship.  There's just something not right about being here in God's sanctuary for worship dressed like a slouch"?  What if the congregation took a vote on the matter and the overwhelming majority voted in favor of such a ridiculous, man-made, Pharisaical law?  To quote the old Lutheran pastor, Rev. Matthias Loy, "By the grace and providence of God we have been allowed to make an ass of ourselves." 

The fact of the matter is that some of our members (who are faithful, law-abiding, level-headed, even-tempered, good people) do carry to church.  I know this.  They're not sinning (which would certainly require my attention), nor are they breaking Caesar's law.  This is a matter of them exercising their Christian freedom.  As long as they don't "unconceal" their piece (unless in an absolute emergency), they are doing nothing wrong.  However, to infringe and prohibit based upon my personal likes/dislikes/opinions is wrong, and does trespass into sinful territory.

 Bottom line:  It is my pastoral opinion that permitting a select few trusted men to discreetly carry a firearm at church (including in the sanctuary) for the purpose of serving as "Levitical protectors/defenders" is acceptable.  Again, whatever you gents decide, I will abide with and support.  I do ask that you consider this pastoral counsel before you render decision.  Granting/authorizing permission to a select few doesn't mean that you, as elder, will now be required to carry.  If you don't want to carry, you don't have to.  No one will ever impose such a rule upon you.  However, please don't impose upon those who do desire to carry and worship.  As I said, you can carry and faithfully/rightly worship God at the same time.  Carrying a concealed handgun is not an issue of sin, nor is there an issue of transgressing Caesar's law. 

I will ask you gents, as elders and leaders, to decide on this matter.  You, as elders, take the next couple of weeks while I'm gone and hash this out.  This is why we have elders.  You are to make these sort of command, policy decisions.  This is not a congregational vote item.  This is a policy decision that is to be decided by the called and appointed leaders.  As I've said many times before, the church is (and always has been [ ref. Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council]) a "theological republic," meaning that certain people are called and chosen to serve, care for, represent, decide, and speak on behalf of all the people.  The Church is not a theological democracy.  Simple popular majority vote is acceptable in non-theological, everyday areas such as paint color, etc.  However, this particular issue has theological ramifications (i.e., stewardship, protection of the weak and old and young, service, Christian freedom, and "sin").  For this reason (as in Acts 15) you, as elders and leaders, (and not the whole church) are called to deliberate and decide.  May God grant you faithful wisdom, clarity, self-control, love, resolve, courage, and peace as you exercise your God-given responsibilities to Him and the people you have been called by Him to serve, protect, and defend.

Christ's grace and peace to you,

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We have several people in my Church that carry  concealed. I have been in Churches that have people open carry.  I think it is a good thing.

Only thing I could possibly add to the discussion-- Luke 22:36 Jesus to His disciples th enight He was betrayed..."and he who has no sword,let him sell his garment and buy one." The Romans who controlled Israel/and Judea, If I am not mistaken used a form of gun control (sword control) in the occupied territory. Jesus did not encourage His disciples to defend themselves with  a rock --or with a stave(as the rabble that arrested Him later carried -Luke 22:47-52 c.f.Matthew 26:47-56; Mark 14:43--50;John 18:1-12)The Men who crafted--and who Ratified our Second Amendment understood it to be a Natural right-- one that existed prior to our American Declaration of Independence.In that first Congress they discussed those "religiously scrupulous against bearing arms and  understood no one is commanded by law to bear arms. But they protected the right of those who so chose to bear arms.Incumbent upon those who bear arms is the defense of those who choose not to.Incumbent upon those who choose not to is the reasonableness of allowing others who choose to --to bear arms. I like that Pastor and what he said-he spoke well as a Pastor.

I strongly urge all Christians to listen to pastor Chuck Baldwin's sermon of Jan 13, 2013!!  The scripture of Luke: 22:1-6, 21-36 and Matthew 26: 45-54  at Liberty Fellowship!!

You can sign up for it at the web site

Sounds like he is a member of the Black Robe Regiment

Even the Black Robe Regiment carried concealed.

ROGER THAT!!  My belief in the Black Robe Regiment is why I was tossed out of my house...the "Preacher" was upset about my "Patriotism".

Seems like to me, that at least, the people of Arkansas are AWAKE!!!! I applaud them, when all are allowed to Carry, then the violence will be curtailed. The Courts no longer do anything, but give out light sentences, and then release these people, back on to us. Of course, when Eric Holder is the to Law Officer in the U.S., what can we expect. Therefore, it appears, we are on our own. A sensible population will protect themselves. At all times, in all places..

If one finds it difficult to reason for oneself, then one must accede to the reason of others.

Well, regardless as to whether or not carrying a weapon to a Church is sinful...or not...I ALWAYS carry no matter where I go.  That's why it is called "concealed".  End of discussion.

God bless Pastor Moll and his church!



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