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Contents of Classified State Department cable illustrate why Huma Abedin should not be Hillary’s Deputy Chief of Staff

Walid Shoebat

Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge has obtained a classified cable sent by Ambassador Christopher Stevens directly to “the office” of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on August 16th, just a few weeks prior to the attack in Benghazi. In this interview with Greta Van Susteren, Herridge pulls no punches and says flatly that “the State Department has culpability” in the attack and that the cable serves as “the smoking gun warning” because of its specificity, which included naming Al-Qaeda and Ansar Al-Sharia (the group that claimed responsibility) specifically.

Take note, beginning at about the 1:50 mark. Greta asks Herridge for some specificity about who received the letter. Though Herridge doesn’t give names, she provides detailed information about where it went after revealing that Christopher Stevens is the one who signed it:

“(the cable was) copied to her (Hillary) and then it routes out, in this case, probably typically to diplomatic security, their near east Asia desk and others but it is specifically addressed to her office.”


Specifically. addressed. to. Hillary’s. office.

Here’s the video (h/t Right Scoop):

Ok, so it was “route(d)” out of Hillary’s office to an appropriate under secretary / bureau head tasked with heeding the very specific pleas of our ambassador. Yet, no one has been disciplined for not heeding what amounts to a distress signal, an S.O.S., a cry for help.


When someone discusses “Hillary Clinton’s office” does that include her Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin? Did Abedin see any of these cables at any time? Based on her background, that is an extremely relevant question that needs to be answered.

We are not alleging that Abedin saw the cable or had anything to do with it not being acted on. However, her potential access to and influence with Secretary Clinton in such situations, coupled with her familial connections / conflicts of interest when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, demonstrate perfectly why she should have been disqualified from holding the position she now holds.

Here is an extremely important point to consider. Huma Abedin’s parents were put in charge of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) by a representative of the founder of the IMMA – Abdullah Omar Naseef. Naseef also has a history of being an al-Qaeda financier. Huma herself served on the IMMA Board WITH NASEEF from at least 1996 – 2003 and continued to serve on IMMA’s Board until 2008 / 2009, when she assumed her current role.

Based on these unassailable facts, should someone with Abedin’s background be working in Hillary’s “office”, especially when the reach of that office extends to danger spots for Americans in Muslim lands?

Again, we are in no way saying that Abedin had any knowledge of this cable whatsoever but we are saying that the circumstances leading up to the attack on the consulate, as well as who Stevens viewed as a threat (Al-Qaeda and Ansar Al-Sharia), illustrates perfectly why someone with Abedin’s background should not be put in the position. Such a person’s associations matter, not because of guilt or innocence but because of potential conflicts of interest in matters of allegiance.

Here is a compelling interview between Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer and Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. This interview was approximately twelve hours prior to Herridge’s interview with Greta but note how angry Gowdy is. While he is clearly pointing directly to the White House, he is also wanting answers from the State Department:

watch another video here

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Humma and Hellery are both terrorists,  They both should be hung for treason.

You got that right!!!!!!!!

Along with Obama, Jarrett and Panetaa, Steven.  Lined up in front of a firing squad.

So now the light bulb gets lit.  I would have not let her anywhere near anything concerning the actions and security of this country.  She is a Muslim, committed to her beliefs in Islam.  The Politically Correct BS is what has helped us be at the

mercy of our sworn enemies.  The crap continous because no one has the physical fortitude as officers of the administration to follow the laws as they are written,, not as they wish they were.  The apathy of this nation today reminds me of a large

stench from a large pit of a sewer.  You forget quickly the lives of a hell of a lot of our sons, daughters, brothers and relatives paid a very large price for the freedom and prosperity of this nation.  If you cannot see the multi aganda of the Pied Piper then you deserve all that you get from it in misery.  The original aganda started in 1913.  It became a multi layered agenda when the arabic influence adopted the methods and principles of the Third Reich in 1938.  We are presently in the final stages of its overthrow of the Constitution, and the vast majority sits on their buuts and lets it happen.  If it ws up to me, I'd make Genghis Khan lood like a boy scout cleaning up this administration.  You are disgacing those who have passed and those that are living who have served and are serving.  The folks in Ocala, Fla are doinfg something, you can help by voting the crap out of the system.


It is time to quit pussy/footing around and sue the Bast____s.  Actually, it is past time. There is now enough circumstantial evidence to initiate a legal law suit and just as importantly,

“DISCOVERY,” which includes statements under oath that carry felony infractions of the Law, if that person commits perjury!

If they lie, then put them in jail.  If they lie or in this case tell the truth, either way, that opens the door for private law suit from the murdered American citizens!  These families need JUSTICE!

 The law suit should be for treason and murder! As this article states....“the State Department has culpability”.

More than one person has stated as much. And the fact that there are lies upon lies exposes a cover up. Just state it!!!!!!! There was murder, treason, and a cover up!

Why the Congress has not pursued every means of discovery and even allegations of TREASON AND MURDER, if not something slightly less that would lead to TREASON AND MURDER,  is in fact, putting culpability upon CONGRESS, itself. 

The American people should then sue CONGRESS or, something of equal consequence………..

Yes, I attended the Judicial Eligibility Hearing in Georgia. I do know first-hand. I just keep hoping against hope, because the alternative for me as a Christian is death on this earth. My concern is for others. Either we fight against this tyranny or accept the tyranny without fighting and fall prey to those evil forces and die then. Better to die honorably and for the Lord. Those who not accept the mark of the beast will have their heads cut off, (Muslim practice) and those who do accept the mark of the beast will be slain by the Angel of God and not enter the kingdom of God. The Tribulation is very near. I fear for those times. At Church, we feel the rapture will be the fall of 2013, the Jewish Year of Jubilee, on the last festival, which means to us, a terribly lot of events will happen between now and then. And if not next year, the year after. No one knows the hour or the day, but we will know the season, and some say we therefore, will know the week and the month. Which year will it be?

On November 7th, the specific and immediate things we will need to address will be set in motion. Pray for wisdom and be a good steward of your assets, as you are being, Twana.  Thank You.  The time for Christian/Patriots is at hand.

I doubt the loyality of Hillary's gal pal.

The whole family of Huma is involved heavily with the muslim brotherhood!  This is why she should not be any where near our govt.!  She kept well out of the way when  her husband Weiner was being scolded for sending naked pics of himself to females.  Hilary sent her over seas so the press would not talk to her and the spotlight was kept off of her.  Hillary is also part of the Bilderberg group!  So is Hussein by the way.  They both attended the bilderberg meeting when it was held in Virginia!  The bilderbergs want a one world govt and are working towards that goal.  Just look at what Hussein is doing with agenda 21 and all his treaties with the UN.



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