Constitutional Emergency

Simple fact, seeing how all are listed in this UN data base, they all knew, they know each other, And to find Bank Of America, is news to share and start the Boycott against them for treason against America.

Bank Of America @ the UN:

 Russia NGO's:

 Mexico's NGO:

 United Nations Global Compact- Canada:

 United Nations Global Compact- Iraq:

 United Nations Global Compact- Iran:

 United Nations Global Compact- Palestine:

 United Nations Global Compact- Israel:

 This video shows the Bank Of America connection, corrupt banking NGO's.

Rand Paul: US Should Stop Funding Israel- YouTube

 The true issue is that the media is not telling the truth about we are at war with Russia, China, Islam, and I could list all the countries that signed on to The UN Global Migration Pack. So if you want to fight back, Boycott all the companies involved, this includes everyone of them.

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The major credit card companies and mortgage companies are all just as bad. Many of them are the same NGO's listed here.

Mortgage and credit card companies are among the biggest crooks on the planet.

 What is the purpose of this info blog? It is like this all the media crap out there, Russia did this and Islam did that, and Israeli Government did also.

 They all know each other, the building block of what you see is connected to a system. The first posting caused a small glitch in their cash flow. The SM did a dive.

 I am off to a meet up tonight, to study the damage done to the system.

 People are not very happy with what was exposed, this is all I can say for now. Here only 9 views at other places over 300 in no time at all.

UN's Global Compact for Migration Expands to 2030



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